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New Console Ahoy!


Virtual Console: The TG-16 Console Is Being Added To The North American Virtual Console Service Tomorrow! Bonksa10

It's been a longtime coming, but the wait is finally over in North America as TG-16 games are now starting to roll-out on the Wii U Virtual Console service! The first three TG-16 games will be hitting the eShop tomorrow. Here's the full launch lineup:

◆ Bonk's Adventure.
◆ R-Type.
◆ New Adventure Island.

The games will be priced at $5.99 with a discounted price of $1 if you already have the titles via Wii Mode! What do you think of this week's VC lineup? Are you excited that a new system is finally hitting the Wii U Virtual Console service? As always be sure to let us know in our comment section below!

Source: Nintendo Everything.


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Virtual Console: The TG-16 Console Is Being Added To The North American Virtual Console Service Tomorrow! Rukiafan7

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interesting, especially with the discount since they wernt discounted in Japan IIRC, not that it matters to me since i dont have any TG16 games yet
@Minato Get Neutopia and its sequel when they are released. Smile
They are Zelda clones that are just as good as the real 2D Zelda games. Smile
It looks like Japan might be getting SMS and Megadrive games soon.
The Wii U versions of these games will not have save states or Miiverse so they probably run through Wii mode. Smile
RWBY Yellow = Yang
@Minato I think it was revealed in the latest issue of Coro Coro.
It's awesome to see all these classic consoles finally being added to the Wii U eShop! Very Happy
i still see no info for MS or Genesis coming though Sad
@Minato I'm looking at getting some Mega Drive games from the Wii Shop Channel for my Wii before @BurstDashV8's visit next month, since he's a massive Sonic fan. My picks are Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Spinball, plus maybe Sonic 1 (for Blue Sphere) or Sonic 4.
I hope NeoGeo comes before years end. I do wonder if something will change on the 3DS in Sept. since thats when the DSi Shop closes in Japan, so maybe they're getting ready for the Wii Shop to?
Yay! We finally have a third party vc system for Wii U! ^-^
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