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Mask of Akanius - A Series by GamerZack87 Empty Mask of Akanius - A Series by GamerZack87

July 26th 2015, 5:19 am
Hey, everyone, and welcome to Mask of Akanius, a series which is set in the same multiverse as Crystals of Silveria! We meet Alph, a young man with "Zednesia" who, together with his allies, is exploring the twelve Drachomus Empires in search of pieces of a mysterious artefact of legend known as the Mask of Akanius, which is said to grant its wearer the properties of a flame-breathing red dragon. This series consists of fourteen episodes, plus three bonus episodes, and may also feature an appearance by Junihoshi's own Zed Starmute and the Crystalbound.

Okay, let's start this brand-new tale in a new land. Happy reading! Mask of Akanius - A Series by GamerZack87 631737971

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Mask of Akanius - A Series by GamerZack87 Empty Re: Mask of Akanius - A Series by GamerZack87

July 26th 2015, 5:39 am
Episode 1 – Akanian Knights, Part I

Meet Alph, a dark-haired young man who has been journeying with his allies for quite some time now, hoping to find his place in a world of turmoil. The twelve Drachomus Empires are eternally locked in a struggle against each other, with each faction despising the others. After healing a red drachomus child from her injuries, Crynock, a cyan drachomus and one of Alph’s allies, is shunned by the girl’s family. When Ocre, another member of the party and Alph’s closest friend, fails to defend her supposed “brother-in-arms”, the two argue to the point of severing their tumultuous friendship. Meanwhile, Amy and Furbendink, Alph’s non-drachomus allies, uncover a plot to overthrow the emperor of Akanius. Problems arise, however, when the pair is sentenced to a horrible fate! Can Ocre and Crynock overcome their differences in time to save their friends?

New Characters

Alph of Akanius – An individual who looks strikingly similar to Zed, and even has a similar case of amnesia. He wears a breather most of the time due to respiratory problems triggered when he arrived in Ocre’s hometown.

Ocre of Akanius – A red drachomus marshal who took in Alph when he needed help, she has fast become his closest ally. She considers Crynock to be both an enemy and a friend, to which Alph uses the term “frenemy”.

Crynock of Soranius – A cyan drachomus paladin, he has a somewhat caring personality. Even though he is often at odds with Ocre, he still hasn’t forgotten the time she saved his life, so he tolerates her to a far greater extent than he admits.

Amy of Munthrek – A human woman with incredible psychic powers, Alph seems to secretly be smitten with her; behind her logical and intellectual exterior, Amy “secretly” has feelings for Alph as well, and hopes to one day get to know the guy behind the mask…in more ways than the obvious.

Furbendink of Wievalia – A gnome who uses magic with incredible skill, Furbendink hides his many middle names and even his last name, preferring to use the title of “of Wievalia” instead. Whether or not his names are embarrassing to him is anybody’s guess.
“You may feel alone in your situation, Alph, yet you are not alone…”

Scene 1: Akanius Plains: Morning

Zed is a young man in a seemingly isolated situation. Alone in an unfamiliar world, with not a single memory to aid him, he has adjusted to life in Junihoshi, becoming one of the Crystalbound.

Yet, he is not the only one in this situation. In another corner of the multiverse, on the world of Dracromia, a young man much like Zed in many ways has adjusted to his new life. He has made many friends – not to mention enemies – and now travels with a party as eclectic as Zed’s. Now, at last, Alph is finally about to reach a location which will begin his own quest…

Five individuals walk through a vast plain of brownish dirt and greyish-green grass. The sky is covered by dark clouds, and the air is mostly cool, except for near the puddles of lava scattered about. Leading the party are two drachomi, individuals which resemble humanoid dragons. The one on the right has red scales and wears golden armour, whereas the one on the left has bright blue scales and wears gleaming armour with a tinge of mint green. Following behind are three other individuals: a male human with rounded ears, dark, spiky hair and red clothing; a female human with slightly-pointed ears, long, dark brown hair and blue clothing; and a male gnome with purple hair and green clothing. The three individuals at the back wear special masks to help them breathe due to the thick, acrid air outside.

Gnome: Oh, how long until we reach the city?

Red Drachomus: We should arrive soon.

Gnome: But you said that an hour ago.

Cyan Drachomus: You must forgive Ocre, Furbendink. You know that she has a lot more patience than the rest of us.

Ocre: Thank you, Crynock.

Crynock: Of course you could still be thinking about your boyfr-

Ocre punches Crynock hard in his upper arm.

Ocre: I told you not to talk about him!

Crynock: I’m sorry, I just thought that it was so roma-

Ocre punches Crynock hard in his loin.

Ocre: You know where I’m punching next, right?

Crynock gulps.

Crynock: Yes. I’m still bruised from the last time you punched my butt.

Ocre: Good. Then we have an understanding.

Crynock: It seems so.

Ocre laughs loudly. Crynock chuckles nervously. Meanwhile, the male human stares up into the sky. The female human looks over at him.

Woman: What are you thinking about?

Man: Oh, I was just thinking about…nothing. It sounds silly.

Woman: No, go ahead. Tell me.

Man: Well, I know it sounds silly, but…I was trying to think of my family. You know, like do I even have a family?

Woman: Well, you must have a family out there. You couldn’t possibly exist without a mother and father.

Man: I was thinking more about siblings. I keep thinking about how awesome it’d be to have a brother or sister. And…I guess I feel like something’s missing, you know?

Woman: I wish I did. I know my family’s back in Munthrek City, running their small business.

The woman sighs.

Woman: I miss my sisters.

Man: I didn’t know you had sisters!

Woman: May and Mya. We’re triplets.

Man: Wait…so your names are Amy, May and Mya?

Amy: I know, we may as well be called the “Anagram Sisters”!

Both people laugh. The man stares at Amy.

Amy: Are you blushing?

Man: How can you tell?

Amy: I can’t. I’m just assuming because of the way you’re staring at me. It’s the shape of your eyes.

Man: My eyes?

Amy: Yes. You always squint when you smile.

Man: Well, maybe you’re right about-

A loud roar echoes through the plains.

Furbendink: WHAT WAS THAT?!

Ocre: Oh no…we must hurry if we don’t want to become lunch for the echomite!

Furbendink: WHAT?!

Ocre: Alph, get your spitter ready!

The man detaches an object resembling a high-tech water gun from his belt.

Alph: Ready! Wait, why am I the one who needs to do this?

Ocre: Because you’re the only one with a spitter that subdues foes rather than harms them!

Alph: Hold on a minute! Are you saying that this thing is impervious to harm?!

Another roar bellows outward, this time much closer to the party.


Opening Credits

The party stands ready as another roar echoes towards them. Ocre and Crynock turn to face the others.

Ocre: You should remove your breathers for maximum clarity.

Amy: Is that safe?

Ocre: The vegetation in this area, combined with the altitude, makes it relatively safe to breathe the air.

Furbendink rips the breather from his face and breathes deeply, while Amy removes hers much more calmly. Alph keeps his breather on.

Furbendink: Hm…it still kinda stinks here. Alph, I’m glad you don’t have to put up with this stench.

Alph: Is it really that bad?

Furbendink: Oh, you have no idea how bad this smell is. It’s like…rotten fruit mixed with a steaming pile of cra-

Crynock: Furbendink! Watch your tongue!

Furbendink: I was gonna say “crab bisque”! I HATE bisque!

Ocre: Here it comes…

Furbendink: EEEP! I’ve never been so scared!

Amy: Well, there was the time you-

Furbendink: Oh yeah.

Ocre: And the time that-

Furbendink: Well, I was pretty scared that day too.

Crynock: And let’s not forget the time I-

Furbendink: OKAY! I think the viewers get that I’m the coward in this show!

Alph: And the fourth-wall demolitions expert, it seems.

Furbendink: Oh, haha. Very funny.

Alph: Can we please just deal with whatever this monster is and stop picking on Furbendink?

Furbendink: *Sniff* You really are my bestest friend…you know that, don’t you, Alph?

Alph: And you’re mine as well, Furbendink.

Amy’s thoughts: Well, just you wait until we’re together, Alph! Then WE’LL be best friends, for better or worse!

Amy smiles happily. Crynock looks at her.

Crynock: Why are you so happy all of a sudden?

Amy panics.

Amy: What?! No, I’m fine! Me, happy? Never! I’m never happy! HAHAHA!

Crynock: Very well.

A loud roar indicates the creature is almost at the party.

Furbendink: Oh…it’s here! It’s here! It’s- wait, where is it?

Ocre: Right there.

Ocre points a clawed finger at a flying beetle, about the size of a ping-pong ball. It lets out a bellowing roar.

Furbendink: Oh, it’s just a defence mechanism!

Ocre: Alph, if you would be so kind?

Alph: Oh…right.

Alph steps in front of the party and sprays mist from his spitter at the echomite, which closes into a ball and falls to the ground.

Alph: Alph and his sleep gun to the rescue.

Ocre: Oh, that’s MUCH better! Those roars really go through your ears!

The others stare at Ocre.

Ocre: What? Drachomi have super-sensitive hearing! Tell ‘em, Crynock!

Crynock: Oh, my helmet cancels out noises which are too loud for drachomus hearing.

Ocre: WHAT?! Well, thank you for telling me! I could’ve used that thing right about now!

Crynock: If I’d known, I would have shared my spare with you.

Ocre: YOU HAD A SPARE?! Ooh, you’re infuriating!

Crynock: As I implied, I would have shared mine if you’d asked.

Ocre: How could I ask when I HAD NO IDEA YOU EVEN HAD A-

Alph calls from a short distance away.

Alph: I think I see Akanius City! Whoa, it’s huge…

The others run over to Alph, who’s standing at the top of a not-too-steep slope. In the distance is an enormous city consisting of multiple domes which are connected together.

Amy: It’s magnificent! We have no such city in Munthrek!

Furbendink: Or Wievalia!

Crynock: It’s equally as impressive as Soranius City.

Alph: Which I would love to visit someday. For now, let’s go to Akanius City!

Ocre: We should arrive within the hour.

Furbendink: WOO! Let’s party!

The party begins carefully descending the slope.

Alph: So is crab bisque really that bad?

Furbendink: Oh, don’t get me started…

Alph: No, I wanna know.

Furbendink: Well…

Scene 2: Akanius City: Late Morning

The party, once again wearing their breathers, enters the airlock at the entrance to the city. The doorway seals behind them as they walk over to the gate.

Furbendink: …and that’s how I created the rainbow fart spell.

Alph: How did a conversation about soup turn into that?!

Furbendink: Ah, it’s just one of the mysteries of our time, Alph. Like, how do I know you’re not a girl under that thing?

Alph: My breather?

Furbendink: No, your…yeah, let’s go with that.

Ocre: I’ve seen Alph’s face, Furbendink. Rest assured that he is definitely male.

Amy: And soooooooo cute!

Alph looks over at Amy, who starts panicking.

Amy: I mean…I would assume you’re at least moderately attractive.

Amy fantasises about how irresistibly handsome he must be. Her fantasy is broken by a single alarm sound.

Voice: Airlock purified. You may now enter.

Amy and Furbendink remove their breathers and clip them to their belts. The gates swing open, leaving everybody except Ocre standing in awe.

Furbendink: It’s magnificent!

Amy: Incredible…

Crynock: It’s so…Akanian…

Ocre scowls at Crynock.

Ocre: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Crynock: N-Nothing, I swear!

Ocre: You better not be mocking my people, Crynock!

Crynock: No, no! I’m on a journey to see the world, and I love learning about new cultures!

Ocre: Well, you don’t usually lie…okay, I trust you.

Furbendink: Wow, Crynock. That’s the first time she ever said she trusts you!

Ocre: Shut it, grape-top!

Furbendink: My bad.

The party begins entering the city.

Alph: Of all the places we’ve been, this is by far the best one yet. I hope the people here are friendly.


The party freezes as two red drachomus guards, a male and a female, walk up to the party.

Male Guard: And what do we have here?

Furbendink: Oh, just the tightest-knit group of travelling friends in Akanius, that’s what!

Ocre wraps her right arm around Crynock’s right shoulder and pulls him next to her. Both drachomi pull large, cheesy grins.

Female Guard: A red drachomus who’s friends with a cyan drachomus? Hm…seems suspicious to me.

Ocre: Oh, we really are-

Crynock: -good friends!

Ocre: Yeah, see? We even finish each other’s-

Crynock: -pudding!

Ocre glares at Crynock, though both drachomi still grin.

Female Guard: Well, okay then. It’s nice to see two drachomi from different backgrounds getting along so well. Go on thr-

Male Guard: Hold it!

The party members tense up again.

Male Guard: This gadget-y thing-a-ma-bob of mine is picking up an unusually high concentration of psychic activity.

Amy: Oh, that’s me. I’m a powerful esper.

Male Guard: A powerful what-what?

Amy: I can use psychic powers. Watch.

Amy focuses on the male guard’s clipboard. The pen unclips from it and floats through the air, enveloped in blue energy, before landing in the female guard’s hand. The energy dissipates.

Male Guard: Wow, that was incredible! Okay, I’m convinced! You folks enjoy your sta-

Female Guard: Just a second!

The party is fed up and groans this time.

Ocre: What now, officers?

Female Guard: Why is that human woman still wearing her breather?

Alph: Actually, I’m a guy.

Female Guard: My apologies, ma’am. Why is this “guy” woman still wearing her breather?

Ocre: Oh, he has breathing difficulties, so he needs to wear it almost all the time.

Female Guard: Oh?

Alph: I can take it off for short amounts of time to eat and drink, but most of the time-

Female Guard: Okay, I’ve heard enough. I’m going to have to ask you all to come with us to the station so we can examine you properly.

Furbendink: WHAT?! But…I wanted to explore the city!

Male Guard: All suspicious individuals must be assessed before we allow them into the city proper.

Furbendink: This is an outrage! I demand to see a lawyer!

Alph: No, it’s fine. I’ll be happy to go with you, officers.

Male Guard: You’re actually cooperating with us?!

Female Guard: If he’s cooperating, then he clearly isn’t a criminal. Okay, you’re free to go.

Crynock: Just like that?

Female Guard: Indeed.

The party sighs, then starts walking. The male guard stops them.

Male Guard: WAIT!

Furbendink appears furious.

Male Guard: We’re sorry for holding you up. It’s just that we’re hosting the Akanian Tournament this year and, well…we need to be on the lookout for spies from other factions. Here.

The male guard hands a flyer to Ocre.

Ocre: What’s this?

Male Guard: Coupons for Crimson Curie’s All-You-Can-Eat. It’s just down the road there. It’s my way of apologizing.

Furbendink: A free buffet?! Let’s go!

Furbendink races down the street, a trail of dust kicked up behind him.

Male Guard: He seems unusually excited about one free beverage.

Amy: Oh dear…he’s not going to be happy.

Female Guard: You see the future too?! Amazing…

Amy: Uh…I’m not that kind of psychic.

Amy’s thoughts: If I were, I could see myself removing Alph’s mask and gazing into his beautiful green eyes, his chiseled jaw, his perfectly-sculpted cheekbones…

Amy suddenly cries out.

Amy: Why do I keep missing the chance to see his stupid fa-

Amy looks over at Alph, who’s staring at her. She throws her arms in the air and cries out, before racing down the road, a trail of dust behind her.

Crynock: What do you see in that girl, Alph?

Alph shrugs his shoulders and makes an “I dunno” noise.

Commercial: It’s Crimson Curie’s All-You-Can-Eat! We have the best food in all of Akanius! Now with 300 convenient locations empire-wide! Right now, claim your coupons for one free drink! It’s our way of giving back to you, the customer! Crimson Curie’s, where you can stuff yourself full of the finest chow in the land*!

*DISCLAIMER: May not be the finest chow in the land. You have been warned!


Scene 3: Crimson Curie’s All-You-Can-Eat: Early Afternoon

The party sits at a table in Crimson Curie’s All-You-Can-Eat. Furbendink is stuffing his face with all sorts of food, from steak and noodles to chicken pie and stew. Crynock stares at him, mouth agape.

Ocre: What’s the matter, Crynock? Never seen a gnome on a food binge before?

Crynock: I can’t work out how one as small as Furbendink could fit in so much food.

Ocre: He’ll pay for it later, believe me. Gnomes may have lightning-fast metabolism, but there is a limit, if you catch my drift.

Crynock: No, I believe I do not.

Amy looks over at Alph, who is not eating anything.

Amy: Are you sure you don’t want anything?

Alph: I’m not hungry right now, thanks.

Amy attempts to tantalise him with some tasty treats.

Amy: Are you sure you don’t want some spicy cheese bread? Or a slice of super-secret recipe chicken pie?

Alph: I’ll manage.

Amy: What about some strawberry truffle-balls? Ocre says they’re your favourite!

Amy holds one in front of Alph’s face. Alph closes his eyes.

Alph: As I said, I’ll eat when I’m hungry.

Amy: Oh…fine.

Amy’s thoughts: He’s playing hard-to-get, I just know it! That just makes it all the more exciting to crack the mystery!

Amy suddenly hears a voice in the background.

Voice #1: Our plan is foolproof! The Emperor won’t know what hit ‘im!

Voice #2: What better way to overthrow the Empire than by taking out its figurehead? Haha!

Voice #1: Victory to the Aoinian Empire!

Voice #2: May our Empress Aoin reign over these Akanian fools!

Voice #1: Let’s slip out quietly before anybody notices.

Amy watches as two cloaked figures slip past the table.

Amy: Uh…if you’ll excuse me, I must be going.

Furbendink: WHAT?! You’re really going to fol-

Amy grabs Furbendink’s hand.

Amy: And I’ll need Furbendink’s help.

Ocre: Okay, we’ll meet up at the agreed location at sunset.

Amy: Of course.

Amy stands up, pulling Furbendink along as she follows the two cloaked figures.

Furbendink: Are you crazy?! We can’t stop-

Amy: Sh!

Furbendink: Fine…

Ocre: I have no idea what she’s doing, but she’s a mature, capable girl, so I trust her to look after herself. Furbendink, on the other hand…

A rumbling sound is heard.

Alph: Oh, heheh…I guess I’m hungry now.

A hissing sound is heard as Alph removes his breather. He picks up a strawberry truffle-ball and eats it.

Alph: Mmm…so good!


Amy and Furbendink continue to follow the cloaked figures out of the restaurant.

Amy: Hm…I feel as though I’m missing out on something important…nah! It’s just my imagination!

Furbendink: Maybe you need to use the restroom? I know I do!

Amy: You’re that afraid of a little adventure?

Furbendink: I’m a gnome. It’s only natural for me to be weary of…well, anything.

Amy sighs.

Amy: If you want to use the restroom-

Furbendink: Never mind. It’s passed.

Amy: Good, then we can focus on our mission.

Furbendink: Which is what, exactly?

Amy: Those two goons obviously wish to assassinate the Emperor. How they slipped past security is beyond me, though.

Furbendink’s thoughts: Oh, I think the security around here could use a bit of training.

Amy: Why would you say that in a public area?!

Furbendink: I said that out loud? Huh…I need to control my thoughts a little better.

Amy: Anyway, we’re trained adventurers. I’m sure we could find a way to stop them.

Furbendink: Look, Amy, you’re only 25 years old. I have YEARS more experience than you!

Amy: Which makes you how old, exactly?

Furbendink: Well, by the standard gnome years-to-human years conversion…exactly the same age.

Amy: Really? You’re 100 years old?

Furbendink: Oh come on! You’re psychic! You could have just read my mind!

Amy: Again, I’m not that kind of psychic.

Furbendink: So you keep saying, but so far the only thing I’ve ever seen you do is move objects with your mind.

Amy: Because I’m an esper, and that’s what espers do.

Furbendink: Oh. Well, that’s still subpar to magic.

Amy: Psychic powers are one of the seven varieties of magic.

Furbendink: Well…regular magic is better!

Amy: Keep down your voice! We do not want to alert the assassins to our presence!

The cloaked figures suddenly stop walking and turn to face Amy and Furbendink. Their faces identify them as blue drachomi.

Drachomus #1: Well well, looks like we have a couple of worms following us, don’t we, Voltran?

Voltran: It would seem so, Azulian.

Azulian: What should we do with them?

Voltran: I say we let them have the first move. Then, we strike!

Azulian: Good idea.

Furbendink: Oh, we can go first? In that case…

Furbendink holds out his wand.

Furbendink: “Furbendink’s Rainbow Fart!”

Both assassins suddenly let out a massive fart, and rainbow coloured mist emerges from their lower bodies.

Azulian: What the…?

Voltran: What did you just do, you little…?!

Furbendink: It’s my own special recipe. Like it?

Azulian: Why, you little…

Voltran: …purple-haired punk!

Furbendink: Amy! Now!

Amy: Uh…right!

Amy holds out her hand, manipulating the fart into the assassins’ faces.

Azulian: This is…*COUGH*…torture!

Voltran: It’s so…*ACK*…colourful!

Furbendink: And guess what? It’s gonna last for a full ten minutes! Haha! You’ve had it now!

Voice: “Dispel!”

The rainbow mist clears from the assassins’ faces. A third, female cloaked figure emerges from the shadows and stands in front of the other two.

Figure: Azulian, Voltran, I’m very disappointed in the both of you.

Azulian: We’re sorry, Bronzika.

Voltran: Sorry, Boss.

Bronzika faces Amy and Furbendink. She has a bluish-tinged scar on the right side of her face.

Bronzika: You should not have tried to stop us. Now, you will both pay!

Bronzika throws a small black orb to the ground, engulfing the immediate area in a dark shroud. Once it clears, the three drachomus assassins, Amy and Furbendink are gone.

Scene 4: Plaza: Evening

Alph, Ocre and Crynock stand in a plaza in the middle of the city. They seem to be looking out for Amy and Furbendink.

Ocre: Where are they? They were supposed to be here half an hour ago.

Crynock: I’m very worried.

Alph: Well, I’m sure they’re just-

Suddenly, an explosion erupts from a nearby building. Humans and red drachomi run around, screaming. The party runs over to the scene of the explosion. A young drachomus child sits propped up next to a building, holding her arm and crying.

Ocre: Oh no…

Crynock runs over to the child and kneels down to her level.

Crynock: Hey there. What happened?

Child: I was playing over there with my pet drake Peppers, and then…next thing I knew I was over here!

Crynock: Can you move your arm?

The child shakes her head.

Child: Nuh-uh. It hurts too much.

Crynock: Can you tell me your name?

Child: *SNIFF*…Ruby.

Crynock: Hi, Ruby. My name’s Crynock.

Ruby giggles.

Ruby: That’s a funny name!

Crynock: Well I think your name is beautiful.

Ruby smiles.

Crynock: Now, I’ll heal your arm using some of my special magic. Is that okay?

Ruby nods.

Ruby: M-hm.

Crynock: Okay then.

Crynock holds his hand over Ruby’s arm.

Crynock: “Cure wound!”

Crynock’s hand engulfs Ruby’s arm in bright cyan light. After a moment, the light dissipates.

Crynock: There. Now how’s that?

Ruby moves her arm. A big smile spreads across her face.

Ruby: You fixed my arm! Thank you very much, Mr. Crynock!

Crynock smiles.

Crynock: You are most welcome, Ruby.

Crynock holds out his clawed hand. Ruby takes it, and Crynock helps her to her feet.

Voice: Ruby!

Ruby: Daddy!

Two red drachomi, a male and a female, rush over to Ruby. Ruby runs into their open arms.

Woman: We were so worried about you! Our precious gem!

Ruby: I’m okay!

Man: What happened to you?

Ruby: I broke my arm, and that man made it better!

Ruby points to Crynock. The man lets go of Ruby and walks over to Crynock.

Man: You healed my little girl?

Crynock: Indeed.

Man: You jerk!

The man shoves Crynock.

Man: How dare you poison my daughter with your magic!

Woman: Wurmius!

Man: Stay out of this, Drasilla!

Crynock: I merely did my duty to one who was injured.

Wurmius: You corrupted her and turned her over to your side!

Crynock: I take no side. I am friend to all.

Wurmius: Not me. I would never accept a Soranian as a friend.

Crynock: That…I…

Wurmius: You don’t belong in this place. Go back to whatever cesspool you come from!

Ocre: Hey! Nobody talks to my friend like that!

Wurmius: You’re taking the Soranian’s side?

Ocre quickly holds her hand to her ear.

Ocre: Uh…well, you tell that jerk to stop being a jerk to my friend!

Ocre points to her ear.

Ocre (whisper): (I’m on the communicator.) Yeah, I hate his guts too!

Crynock: Ocre…

A tear rolls down Crynock’s cheek.

Wurmius: We’re leaving. Come along, Ruby.

Wurmius takes Ruby’s hand and starts walking her away. Ruby turns back to face Crynock, before turning her head in the other direction. Drasilla walks up to Crynock.

Drasilla: For what it’s worth, thank you.

Crynock: You are most welcome.

Drasilla: You’re very brave. You should be careful in a place like this.

Crynock: I’ll keep that in mind.

Drasilla turns and walks up to her family again. Crynock looks at Ocre, a sad look on his face.

Ocre: Oh, don’t give me that look! I have a reputation to maintain!

Crynock: I thought you, of all people, were above this prejudicial discrimination between our cultures.

Ocre: While that’s true, I would still rather keep out of any dispute.

Crynock: You initiate most of our battles.

Ocre: I said “any” dispute, not “every” dispute. And starting disputes is very different from keeping out of them.

Crynock: I can’t believe this. I thought we were friends.

Ocre: We are friends, you pale-blue dummy.

Crynock: And yet you didn’t stand up for me.

Ocre: Well, I-

Crynock: There’s more. You’re always insulting me, hitting me…I am the butt of almost every joke you make about us.

Ocre: Well, I wouldn’t turn myself into a joke, so the rest of you have to deal with it! Haha!

Crynock: Well, it’s obvious that our friendship is nothing but a joke.

Ocre: Crynock, I-

Crynock: I need some time to cool off. I’ll be heading over to the Soranian Embassy to replenish my magic.

Ocre: But I-

Crynock: Enough. I’ll meet up with you once I know the best course of action.

Crynock calmly walks away. Alph turns to face Ocre.

Alph: I’ll keep an eye on him. I’ve never seen him so angry.

Ocre: That was anger?! He was so calm that I thought he was-

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: Now I see his point. Maybe I should try to be a bit…nicer to him.

Alph: For now, just give him some time.

Ocre: Agreed. Go. Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Alph: I’ll meet up with you later.

Ocre: Very well.

Alph: Hey, Crynock. Wait up!

Alph runs over to Crynock. Ocre stares into space.

Ocre: I have the worst feeling…that something bad’s happened to Amy and Furbendink.

Ocre looks in a certain direction.

Ocre: Guess I’d better follow my gut.

Ocre’s belly growls.

Ocre: Or at least feed it! Haha!

Ocre walks in the direction she’s facing.

Scene 5: Prison Cell: Akanius Palace: Night

Amy and Furbendink sit in a cell inside the palace.

Furbendink: You know, this wouldn’t have happened if you’d just kept your nose out of other people’s business, right?

Amy: I was merely trying to save the Emperor.

Furbendink: Well, let me walk you through what you did wrong:


We cut to a scene inside a dark room.

Furbendink: Firstly, you let us get captured by those assassins…

Bronzika: Hold still while I tie you up! There!

Furbendink: No! Now I’m all tied up! Whatever will we do, Amy?

Furbendink: Then you untied the ropes with your weird mind magic…in front of the assassins…

Amy’s eyes begin to glow, and the ropes which bind her and Furbendink’s hands unravel and fall to the ground.

Amy: There.

Furbendink: And then you caused explosives to go off in the room which blasted a hole in the wall…and caused panic in the plaza!

Amy leaps in front of barrels marked “fire powder”.

Bronzika: Witch! Eat my elec breath!

Bronzika opens her mouth, releasing a bolt of electricity from it. Amy leaps out of the way, and it strikes the barrels.

Azulian and Voltran: FUUUUUUU-

We cut to just outside the building. The explosion bursts through the wall, sending Ruby flying and causing a red iguana-like creature to flee.


Furbendink: So naturally, we wound up arrested and thrown in the slammer.

Amy: And now the assassins will execute the Emperor. If only the guards had believed our story.

Voice: Right. Come with us, you two.

A guard opens the cell door.

Furbendink: Oh no! Are we going to be boiled alive for our crime?

Guard: Yeah, that’s right. Come with us.

Furbendink: No!

Amy: You can’t!

Guard: Come with us now.

Furbendink: “Us?” You’re the only one there.

Guard: Just for that, you’re being boiled in hot oil!



Commercial: Drink and Ride, You’re a Stinky Fool! This message brought to you by the Akanius City Council.


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Mask of Akanius - A Series by GamerZack87 Empty Re: Mask of Akanius - A Series by GamerZack87

July 26th 2015, 5:55 am
Episode 2 – Akanian Knights, Part II

Scene 6: Akanius Palace: Night

The guard walks Amy and Furbendink to just outside two large, wooden doors.

Furbendink: So is this the “boiler room”? Pfft…haha! Get it? Amy? Captain “Us”? No?

Amy: Really? You’re making jokes NOW?

Furbendink: Oh, come on! That’s funny!

Amy snickers.

Amy: Well, maybe a little…

The guard sighs and swings open the doors, revealing a huge, elaborately-decorated room. A long, red carpet begins rolling across the room to the far end. Furbendink whistles.

Furbendink: For a boiler room, this is swa-a-anky!

The guard begins walking across the carpet, with Amy and Furbendink following closely behind.

Furbendink: Wait a minute…I think we’ve been set-up.

Amy: Of course we have, you prawn! The Akanians haven’t had a death penalty in over 200 years!

Furbendink: Then why were we threatened and locked up?

Guard: Security measures, I’m afraid. We cannot be too careful about the Emperor’s guests this close to the Akanian Tournament.

Furbendink: Fair enough. Oh, by the way, thank you for the chocolates you left in there. They were deeeeeeelish!

Guard: Um…those were not “chocolates”.

Furbendink: Come again?

Guard: We didn’t leave you chocolates to consume.

Furbendink: But that means…I must’ve eaten…AAAAAAAH!

Guard: Ha, just kidding! They were chocolates. I just like messing with people.

Furbendink: Why would you do that?! And furthermore, why do you keep using the royal “we” to refer to yourself?

Guard: The palace guards are trained to-

Furbendink: You know what? “We” do NOT want to know!

Guard: As you wish.

The group reaches the other end of the room. A red drachomus in simple clothing sits upon a throne of red crystal. The guard stands to the right of the throne.

Guard: Emperor Akan, I present Miss Amy Mitchell of Munthrek and Master Furbendink of Wievalia.

Amy: It is an honour, Your Majesty.

Amy curtsies.

Furbendink: Hi, Akan. So what’s with the wardrobe? Are all your other clothes in the laundry or something?

Amy gasps.

Amy: Furbendink!

Emperor Akan laughs.

Akan: It’s quite alright, Miss Mitchell. I’m actually a rather laid-back emperor.

Amy: Oh, I did not expect such a response.

Akan: I understand that royalty in human lands is very…posh. The emperors of drachomus lands, meanwhile, tend to be much more down-to-earth and…let’s say “normal”.

Furbendink: Which explains your casual outfit.

Akan: Yep, all I need is a pair of shades and I’m set. But I don’t usually wear shades unless I’m outdoors…or at a party.

Furbendink: Wait…you party too?

Akan: Sure. I’m throwing a party tonight, as it happens!

Furbendink: Sweet!

Amy: Pardon me, Your Majesty-

Akan: Please, drop the formality. Just call me “Emperor”. Or “Akan”.

Amy: Very well…Emperor, three assassins from the Blue Drachomus Empire are plotting to eliminate you.

Akan: What?! Why would Aoin send assassins?!

Amy: I…take it you know her, then?

Akan: Of course! Our cultures are experiencing a time of peace, a “ceasefire”, as it were.

Furbendink: Or a “cease-elec”, perhaps?

Akan: Hey, nice pun. I like it!

Amy: I doubt that she sent them personally.

Akan: I suppose I’ll have to contact her and find out.

Akan holds his left wrist level to his face. He presses a button on his communicator. After a few moments, a full-colour projection of a female blue drachomus appears.

Aoin: Ah, Akan. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Akan: Hey, Aoin. Long time.

Aoin: It has been too long. How’s your exercise regime going?

Akan: Pretty good. I managed to lose five-

Akan pauses.

Akan: Look, I’m in trouble.

Aoin: Oh no…don’t tell me your sister lost her drake again.

Akan: No…well, I mean, she might’ve, I don’t know.

Aoin: Then what?

Akan sighs.

Akan: I have two guests who say that three assassins are coming to get me. They said they were blue drachomi.

Aoin appears worried.

Aoin: Oh dear…it’s…

Akan: Yes?

Aoin: Well, quite recently a group of Aoinian rebels has emerged. They appear to be devoted to their empire, and especially to me.

Akan: Fanatics?

Aoin: Probably. They keep claiming that they intend to eliminate the other eleven Emperors and Empresses so that all the drachomus lands belong to me. What they fail to realise is that-

Akan: -all the empresses and emperors actually try to get along.

Aoin: Our governments, however, have other ideas. That’s why these disputes break-out so frequently.

Akan: Our governments and armies would rather keep themselves busy than allow us to coexist.

Aoin: After five years of both our empires being at peace, I don’t want three rebels to undo the ties we’ve both strived to forge.

Akan: Agreed.

Aoin: I hate to admit it, but…I think the best course of action is for your guests to stop the assassins…by any means available.

Akan: Very well.

Aoin: Try to be careful, Akan.

Akan: …I will.

Aoin: Now, I must go. I have matters to which I must attend.

Akan: Oh?

Aoin: My bath is ready.

Akan: Okay, until next time, then.

Aoin: Until next time.

The communicator switches off.

Akan: Well, you heard the lady. Let’s stop those assassins!

Furbendink: And how do you propose we do that?

Akan: Well…

Scene 7: Soranian Embassy: Morning

Alph enters the Temple of Soranius. Crynock is not wearing his armour; he sits with his legs crossed and his eyes closed, facing the opposite direction in a state of meditation.

Alph: Uh…Crynock?

Crynock opens his eyes and looks back, still facing the opposite direction.

Crynock: Good morning, Alph.

Alph: Good morning.

Crynock carefully climbs to his feet and turns to face Alph.

Alph: How are you feeling?

Crynock: Much calmer, thank you. A good night’s sleep was all I needed.

Alph: That’s good.

Crynock: I dreamed about the moment when Ocre saved my life, and when I awoke I realized that she does indeed care about me. I guess anger really does make one ignorant.

Alph: True that. So…we have a bit of a situation.

Crynock: Oh?


Alph and Crynock, who is now dressed in his armour, stand over a red, iguana-like creature which is tied to a post.

Crynock: A red drake?

Alph: Its name-tag says “Peppers”.

Crynock: Then that means…

Alph: This drake is the pet of the little girl.

Crynock: But how…what’s it doing here?

Alph: Honestly, not a clue. But I think you can patch up your differences with her father. Or rather, have him patch up his with you.

Crynock: But how can we locate the girl’s family within the city walls?

Alph: Already taken care of. Apparently, there’s only one resident in the city with the name “Ruby”, and guess what?

Crynock: She is the sister of the Emperor.

Alph: Nope, she-

Alph’s eyes widen.

Alph: Wait, how did you know?

Crynock: That billboard…

Crynock points to a nearby billboard, which Alph reads aloud.

Alph: “Lost Pet. Answers to the name “Peppers”. Belongs to Ruby, Princess of Akanius. Reward offered. If found, please contact any nearby guard.”

Crynock: We must find a guard at once.

Alph: Also taken care of.

Alph gestures to a city guard who’s standing next to Crynock.

Guard: Please come with me.

Crynock: I must say, Alph, you are one sharp individual.

Alph: Really?

Crynock: Indeed. I’m quite impressed.

Alph: Well then, let’s go make a little girl happy!

Scene 8: Akanius Palace: Morning

Amy and Furbendink stand guard outside the palace entrance.

Furbendink: Oh, why do we have to stand here like this?

Amy: We must keep an eye out for the assassins.

Furbendink: You seriously think they’ll just walk through the front door?

Amy: Well, no, but we’ll be able to see anybody who gets anywhere near this entrance before they arrive.

Furbendink: Hey, yeah! Nobody’s coming through here unless we say otherwise!

Crynock and Alph walk between Amy and Furbendink up to the entrance. Crynock carries Peppers in his hands.

Alph: Hey guys.

Amy: Hey…

Amy continues to stare at Alph as he walks past, little pink hearts floating around her head as she does so.

Furbendink: Uh, Amy…not doing a good job, are we?

Amy: Oh yeah…you need to do a good job…guarding the love…falling in guards…

Furbendink: Oh, for cryin’ out…

Furbendink zooms in front of Alph and Crynock.

Furbendink: Names and purpose of visit.

Alph: Uh, Furbendink…it’s us.

Furbendink jots down some notes on his clipboard.

Furbendink: Okay then, Itsus and Furbendink…hey, we have the same name!

Amy: I like names…like Alph…heehee…sounds like a funny name…

Alph: Uh…is she feeling okay?

Furbendink: I’ll be asking the questions, “Furbendink”…if that IS your real name! Now, what’s with the lizard?

Crynock: It is the pet of the Princess. We merely wish to return it.

Furbendink: Uh-huh…uh-huh…a likely story. I’m afraid I’m gonna need to interrogate you.

Amy: I’ll interrogate the one in the mask…I bet he’s so handsome…like a doctor or an actor…

Alph: Did either of you sleep at all last night?

Furbendink: *YAWN*…huh? Why do you ask?

Alph: Because you always act all weird when you’re sleepy, and Amy’s hardly focusing on anything at all!

Amy: So…handsome…*YAWN*…face…

Furbendink: If you must know, we’ve been up all night guarding the Emperor, and I must admit, we did a splendid job!


A male human dressed in palace attire runs up to the group. He appears furious.

Amy: Dunderhead…”under his”…mask…I mean…what?

Amy snaps back to reality, and the hearts float away.

Amy: Missing? But…how?!

Furbendink: And who are you?

Human: I am Freddie, the Emperor’s nursemaid.

Furbendink: A male nursemaid? HAHA!

Freddie: ENOUGH! Do you realize how much hot WATER you two are in right now?

Furbendink lets out a long, squeaky, high-pitched scream.

Amy: But we guarded the entrance all night long!

Freddie: The EAST entrance! Reports said the assassins were heading towards the main entrance, which is TO THE SOUTH!

Furbendink: Oh…heheh…my bad.

Freddie: If the Emperor’s been captured, or worse…

Alph: Don’t worry, we’ll find him.

Freddie: And you are…?

Alph: Oh, Alph and Crynock. We’re here about the missing drake.

Freddie speaks calmly.

Freddie: Oh, of course. Please, head through there and it’s the second door on the right.

Crynock: Thank you.

Alph and Crynock walk into the palace, Freddie calmly watching them with a smile on his face. He then turns to face Amy and Furbendink and becomes enraged again.

Freddie: You better fix this, or so help me…

Furbendink: So help you WHAT?! We’ve been awake ALL NIGHT LONG guarding your precious Emperor, and THIS IS THE THANKS WE GET?!

Freddie: I…I…

Furbendink: Oh, that is IT!

Furbendink furiously readies his wand.


Amy swiftly snatches the wand with her psychic power, holding it up in the air out of Furbendink’s reach.

Furbendink: Hey!

Amy: You’re very tired and irrational right now, Furbendink.

Furbendink: Says the love-struck esper!

The wand floats into Amy’s hand, and she puts it into her satchel.

Amy: You’ll get this back once you’ve rested.

Furbendink: Aw…

Amy: For now, we must find the Emperor.

Freddie: You better, or else-

Furbendink growls at Freddie like a dog.

Freddie: Hm…if you’ll excuse me, I must prepare the Emperor’s bed-chamber.

Freddie enters the palace. Furbendink looks at Amy, a smile on his face.

Furbendink: What a nice young man.

Amy sighs and facepalms.

Amy: Unbelievable…


Crynock walks into a dining hall. Ruby and her mother and father sit at a table. Alph stands in the doorway. Wurmius scowls at Crynock.

Wurmius: What are you doing here?

Crynock: I merely wished to return-

Ruby: Peppers!

Ruby runs up to Crynock, who hands her Peppers. Ruby smiles at Crynock.

Ruby: Thank you so much, Mr. Crynock! You did three nice things for me now!

Crynock: Three nice things?

Ruby: You fixed my arm, you said my name is pretty, and you found my pet!

Crynock: I am glad, Ruby.

Ruby: Come on, Peppers! Let’s go and play in the palace courtyard!

Ruby runs out of the room. Wurmius stands up and reaches for a large sack of money.

Wurmius: I suppose you’ll be claiming your reward, then…

Crynock: Oh, that won’t be necessary.

Wurmius: Oh?

Crynock: I did a good deed. That, in itself, is reward enough.

Wurmius: Hmph…you really are remarkable, aren’t you, sir?

Crynock: I was merely doing my duty.

Wurmius: You turned down a reward for helping a member of my family, and you didn’t even enquire about its contents.

Wurmius approaches Crynock and holds out his left hand, placing it on Crynock’s shoulder.

Wurmius: I thank you, sir.

Both drachomi bow their heads for a moment, then return them to a normal position. Wurmius removes his hand.

Wurmius: I guess I was the one in the wrong this time. I was so quick to judge you because of racial prejudice. I guess you’ve helped me grow a little.

Drasilla: Oh, Wurmius…

Wurmius: The funny thing is that our daughter never once reviled you. She said nothing but kind words the whole way home yesterday. Maybe it’s we who are immature, not our children.

Crynock: Wisdom is present in everyone, but only the chosen few, and the young at heart, know how to utilise it properly.

Wurmius: Well said…for a Soranian.

Both drachomi smile. Alph looks out of the room.

Alph: Okay, be right there. Uh, Crynock?

Crynock: Yes?

Alph: Amy said something about a possible lead on Emperor Akan.

Wurmius: My son? He has been found?!

Alph: Not yet, but we know the area he’s located in.

Wurmius and Drasilla look at each other.

Alph: Oh…and Furbendink said something about making those assassins choke in a rainbow cloud for ten minutes straight.

Wurmius: Then we must go to him at once!

Crynock: Allow us to assist you.

Wurmius: I wouldn’t have it any other way…brother.

Everybody races out of the room.

Commercial: The Akanian Tournament is almost here! Witness as athletes and adventurers from across the Empire compete in tests of strength, endurance and skill. Which of your favourites will emerge victorious? Reigning Champion Ocre of Akanius will be joined by her young protégé, a new entrant in this year’s tournament! Will he be able to keep up with her? Or will he drag them both into a losing streak? Don’t miss the Akanian Tournament, televised across the entire Empire!


Scene 9: The Dragon’s Flame Tavern: Late Morning

Ocre sits a table, a mug of some kind of red liquid in her hand. She takes a mouthful and slams it to the table.

Ocre: Oh yeah…that’s a gooooooood beverage! Barkeep! Another over here!

The bartender, a male human, walks up to Ocre.

Bartender: Um…ma’am…don’t you think you’ve had enough?

Ocre: What? This is strawberry purée!

Bartender: Oh, my apologies. I must have mixed you up with that woman over there.

The bartender points to a male red drachomus at a nearby tale.

Ocre: That’s a man!

Bartender: Oh dear…my humblest apologies, sir.

Ocre: No, I’m a woman!

Bartender: Oh…I should leave before I make another mistake…

Ocre: Not before you pour me another strawberry purée!

Bartender: O-Of course, ma’am…

The bartender walks away. Ocre gets the attention of the male drachomus. She raises her mug in the air in good spirit; the male drachomus grins and waves awkwardly. Ocre stands and walks over to him.

Ocre: Hey there, handsome!

Male Drachomus: Oh, hi.

Ocre sits down, finishes her strawberry purée and slams the mug onto the table.

Ocre: What’s your name?

Male Drachomus: It’s Bob.

Ocre: Bob? Isn’t that…a human name?

Bob: It’s a nickname I acquired in human lands.

Ocre: You’ve been to Munthrek? What’s it like?

Bob: Very different to Akanius, that’s for sure.

Ocre: Fascinating…

Ocre begins flirting with the drachomus.

Ocre: I love an adventurous, well-travelled, attractive man.

Bob: You do?

Ocre: Sure. Let’s sync our communicators, Handsome.

Bob: Uh…okay.

Ocre and Bob sync their wrist devices by touching them. A beeping sound is heard.

Ocre: Thanks. See you around.

Ocre winks. She stands up and returns to her table. The bartender walks up to Bob.

Bartender: Your strawberry purée, ma’am.


Ocre is thrown out of the tavern by two bouncers. She stands to her feet and dusts herself off.

Ocre: Well, excuuuuuuuuse me for having an opinion, Your Majesty!

Ocre begins walking down the street.

Ocre: *SNIFF* Crynock would have defended me. Now I’m starting to see why he was so hurt that I didn’t defend him…

Crynock’s Voice (Distant): Ocre!

Ocre: I can almost hear his voice.

Crynock’s Voice: (Distant): Ocre, I forgive you!

Ocre: It’s as if he’s forgiving me despite our great distance.

Crynock’s Voice (Closer): Ocre? Hey, Ocre!

Ocre: Hey, that bright-blue drachomus over there almost looks like him, right down to his stupid helmet…wait a second…!

Crynock is standing at the far end of the street.

Ocre: Crynock?!

A big smile spreads across Ocre’s face.

Ocre: Crynock!

Crynock: Ocre!

Crynock and Ocre begin running towards each other. As they get closer, they both spread open their arms. Just as they are about to embrace each other with a friendly hug, a human pushing a cart filled with manure walks between them. A look of horror spreads across Ocre’s face as she tries to grind to a halt, but to no avail. At the last moment, Crynock leaps over the cart and knocks her to the ground.

Ocre: You saved my hygiene!

Crynock: We can’t have you meeting the Emperor smelling of manure, can we?

Ocre and Crynock stare at each other for a long moment. Crynock breaks that moment.

Crynock: Uh…I should…

Ocre: Yeah.

Crynock: Climb off…you.

Crynock stands, helping Ocre to her feet.

Crynock: So…

Ocre: Meet the Emperor?

Crynock: Of course. I’ll explain everything on the way.

Scene 10: Dark Room: Late Morning

Emperor Akan is tied up in a dark room, with Azulian, Voltran and Bronzika standing guard.

Akan: What’s goin’ on? Why am I tied up here?!

Azulian: Will you stop asking that question?

Voltran: It’s beyond annoying!

Akan: Okay, then let me ask you this: why am I hidden in a room with a huge gaping hole into a busy marketplace?!

We cut to a shot of a blast hole in the wall, signifying that the assassins are using the exact same room that they were before.

Azulian: We rented this room, so we intend to use it.

Voltran: Yeah, use it!

Bronzika: I can’t believe I listened to you idiots…

Akan: Well, anybody could just walk in.

Azulian: Yeah, right!

Voltran: Suuuuuuuure they could!

Ocre: Shoulda listened to your captive.

Ocre, Crynock, Alph, Amy and Furbendink are standing in the room.

Bronzika: But…how…?

Ocre: See that hole? We walked through it!

Bronzika scowls at Azulian.

Bronzika: Fool!

Azulian: What?

Voltran: Yeah, what?

Bronzika faces the party.

Bronzika: We are the Fans of Aoinias, a new order which will unite all the Drachomus Lands under our Empress, the great Aoin!

Akan: I told you already, Aoin and I are good friends!

Bronzika: Feh! Our Empress would NEVER be friends with the likes of an Akanian, especially not you!

Crynock: Perhaps we could settle this peacefully…

Bronzika: Why is a Soranian here? Is this some kind of new alliance between the Akanians and Soranians which has slipped under the radar?!

Ocre: Him? No, he’s just travelling with us.

Bronzika: Why would he do so willingly?!

Ocre: Because…he’s my friend.

Bronzika: Then…what about these three?

Ocre: Also my friends. This psychically-empowered woman…this annoying little freak-

Furbendink: HEY!

Ocre: -and this adventurous young man.

Alph: No.

Ocre gasps.

Ocre: What?!

Alph: You and I are family, and so are Crynock, Amy and Furbendink. I don’t need a brother. I have all the family I need right here.

Crynock: Well said, Alph.

Bronzika: You’re all a bunch of…of…whackjobs! Drachomi of two cultures working together?! It can’t be done!

Crynock: I believe the proof is in the pudding.

Bronzika: That is IT! Azulian! Voltran! Attack!

Azulian: Well, actually…

Voltran: …these people have a very good point.

Bronzika gasps.

Bronzika: What? You’re siding with them?!

Azulian: Well, yeah. We didn’t want to be part of this stupid organisation anyway.

Voltran: We thought it was just something three siblings were doing for fun, but you took it way too far.

Bronzika: My own brothers…betraying me?! Fine! I don’t need you! The organisation will be just fine without you!

Azulian: But you’re the only one left, sister.

Bronzika: Oh no, you no longer have the right to call me “sister”. You are both traitors.

Azulian and Voltran: Traitors?!

Bronzika: Traitors! To both the Aoinian Empire…and to me!

Bronzika leaps at Azulian. A wave of blue energy stops her and holds her in the air.

Bronzika: What…?!

Amy is using her psychic power to hold Bronzika in place. Alph approaches her and readies his spitter.

Bronzika: What are you going to do? Fry me with a burst of flame?

Alph: No.

Bronzika: Zap me with electricity?

Alph: Of course not.

Bronzika: Freeze me with a beam of frost?

Alph: I’m a pacifist.

Bronzika: Then wh-

Alph fires his spitter at Bronzika, spraying her with a mist which knocks her unconscious.

Akan: What happened?

Ocre: As you know, spitters typically come equipped with cartridges designed to replicate the breath of a drachomus. Flame, lightning, frost…and many more varieties.

Crynock: However, Alph uses the underrated sleep cartridges in his spitter. Drachomi typically don’t see the point in wasting the use of their spitters with something that only temporarily incapacitates a foe, but Alph…

Amy: He is wonderful. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone another person.

Amy’s Thoughts: And one day…he will be mine!

Alph: Who will be yours?

Amy: I said that out loud?! Ehehe…never mind!

Scene 11: Akanius Palace: Night

The heroes are all in Akanius Palace’s party hall. Humans and red drachomi are dancing to the beat as colourful lights dance around the walls of the darkened room. Akan walks over to the heroes.

Akan: I must thank you once again for helping me.

Alph: No problem.

Furbendink: Happy to do it.

Ocre: I guess security will need to be ramped-up around here.

Akan: Nah!

Ocre: Really?

Crynock: Is that wise?

Akan: It turns out that in the end, the Fans of Aoinias had just one member.

Amy: Bronzika?

Akan: Yep. But she’s being deported back to Aoinias, where she’ll be sentenced and, hopefully, imprisoned for a loooooooong time.

Alph: That’s good.

Akan: But you, Alph and Amy. You both single-handedly stopped her from hurting her own family. Why?

Amy: I have siblings of my own back home. I know the importance of familial bonds.

Alph: And as for me, I always felt like I was missing a sibling.

Akan: Really? Just “a sibling”, and not “siblings”?

Alph: Well, I can’t remember my life before arriving in Ocre’s hometown, but there’s a little…something which says that somewhere out there, I do have a brother. I wonder where he could be…

Akan: Well, in any case, you are both heroes. Is there anything I can do for you?

Alph: Well…perhaps you could tell us about the grand prize of this year’s Akanian Tournament?

Scene 12: Akanius Palace: Late Night

Akan leads Alph and Ocre through a darkened part of the palace.

Akan: As you know, the Akanian Tournament holds a grand prize of immense value each year, which ultimately goes to the victors.

Ocre: Of course. It’s part of the reason I compete every year.

Akan: Gold…rubies…a solid gold statue of yours truly. Each year, the grand prize is different, and kept secret from the contestants until the opening ritual.

Akan stops in front of an immense vault, and turns to face the party.

Akan: So how in all of Akanius’ realm did you find out about it?

Alph: Well, I was charged with a mission to collect the twelve pieces of an artefact known as the “Mask of Akanius”.

Akan: Ah, yes…the legendary lost mask of the Twelve Dragons.

Ocre: We have reason to believe that the prize this year is one such piece.

Akan: Well, I assure you that it is locked up safely behind this vault. However…

Akan sighs.

Akan: I am not allowed to show it to you until the unveiling, nor am I permitted to simply hand it to you unless you rightfully earn it through competing.

Ocre: Understood.

Akan: I wish I could, but-

Alph: -it would escalate tensions between the twelve competing factions to the point of war.

Akan: Exactly. Now, perhaps you could tell me why it’s so important you assemble the fabled Mask of Akanius?

Alph and Ocre look at each other, then back at Akan.

Alph: It’s a long story…

End Credits

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