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Divisive Update.

Miiverse: The Summer Miiverse Update Goes Live On July 29th 630x10

Love it or hate it the upcoming Summer redesign of Miiverse has many people talking. Today a representative of Nintendo announced that the Miiverse update will go live on July 29th which is next Wednesday. There's also a rumor that the next Nintendo Direct will also go live on that day.

We would love to see your thoughts in our comments below!

Source: Nintendo Life.

I'm in love with love! ♥️
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I hope the direct is true, although it'll be strange without iwata... I'm not all that worried of the update though to be honest
on July 25th 2015, 12:37 pmsamurairu
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The update pretty much kills how I have used MiiVerse. Like the final nail in the coffin. Sad to see, but nothing lasts forever. It will suck to lose touch with my activity feed friends. I met some awesome people in the beginning. None lately.

As for the Direct and no Iwata. In all honesty, he has been too sick to be more than a figure head for some time. You could see in with the new direction Nintendo has been taking ever since he first became ill. Again sad, but Nintendo lasted longer than most from becoming just another greed oriented company with no care for what their customers want.
@samurairu Some of the things their PR have been saying are just terrifying. No
@Staroceancrazy wrote:@samurairu Some of the things their PR have been saying are just terrifying. No
No joke, but hopefully it's just because they've lost their leader and once they get new leadership things will improve. Otherwise Nintendo has become even more greedy than most North American corporations now. Mad
The update looks great, but the post limit is too strict imo.
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