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Socialising Has Never Been More Thrilling!


While not a system seller Miiverse is, in its own right, for some at least, a major part of the console that can take up as much time as some games. By using some of the popular features from a number of social platforms with its own "communities" structure, Nintendo has setup a thoroughly enjoyable and charming network full of zany comments and amazing illustrations. Once Miiverse goes mobile, it should become a powerhouse in the social media industry.

In a rather clever decision by Nintendo with this platform's creation was to set it up as a web browser-based service on the system, rather than a closed server app, that basically means that they can update Miiverse easily and at will, which is certainly what they've been doing.

Since launch we've seen plenty of improvements such as the abilities to select favourite communities, the emergence of authorised developer accounts and official region-specific users that announce new updates.

The latest set of changes that were added to the service yesterday are designed to ensure that browsing is speedy and more convenient. Posts with lots of responses will only show 100 comments at a time, and communities are now structured into new categories and are easier to find using the search function.

A YouTube member and Twitter regular, has created a short video that showcases the new tweaks you can find on the service which can be viewed above.
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Rena Ryuugu Fanboy
on April 5th 2013, 12:40 pmRena Ryuugu Fanboy
Cool update, but who are you? I have never seen you post here before.
The video popout thing is weird it doesn't always load the video and when it does the screen doesn't get dark around the popup like it does at other websites.
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