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One Ultra Lucky Winner!

 photo 49104159-1a7c-4a39-9e5c-255083de5a72_zpsd7273670.jpg

WiiWareWave will be holding a new type of contest, from April 17th - May 1st. A "Log In Alot" contest! Instead of just bloating the website with a ton of posts that nobody is actually interested in posting, WiiWareWave will be rewarding one of our lucky member's for the total amount of time they have spent logged into the website. In preparation for Mario Golf: World Tour, we'll be handsomely rewarding said member with a North American redemption code for Mario Golf (64). Our foreign member's are still eligible. Even if you don't reside in North America, you could always give the code to a friend from the region.

As always, you may express your opinion's in the comments section below.

 photo 1-67_zpse259f2b1.jpg
Update: With just 36 hours to go the current leaderboard is as follows!

1st: GamerZack7. 59.6 hours.
2nd: Romantaku. 18.2 hours.
3rd: Tech101. 14.8 hours.
4th: StarOceanCrazy. 7.2 hours.
5th: SuperVash. 5.1 hours.

As you can see it's official GamerZack7 will be the winner of the contest since nobody can possibly catch up to his time! We might have to change this contest before we do this again since you're technically logged in as long as you have our site open on a window whether or not you're actively viewing the site, but regardless it was an oversight on my part and the contest will be honored!

Regards: Rukiafan.

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The contest begins in 3 short hours! Good luck everyone. Wink
April 17th 2014, 9:35 pmTheGingerDoctor
Wow, this is a great incentive for people to visit WiiWareWave! Smile
This is a game that I would like to win so count me in Exclamation
There's only a couple more days until the winner will be announced!
April 29th 2014, 12:29 amTheGingerDoctor
Ooh, I'm on the edge of my seat! Whoa!


Ouch! I fell off! Neutral
I wish y'all the best of luck! victory
Congrats @GamerZack7. Contest Update: Log In Alot Contest! (4/17/14 - 5/1/14) 631737971
April 30th 2014, 5:56 pmTheGingerDoctor
A winner is me?! Surprised
GamerZack7 wrote:A winner is me?! Surprised
Yep. It's an American code though, but you can give it to a friend of yours from America. Wink
Speaking of which I'm working on receiving some EU codes for an upcoming contest. Wink
April 30th 2014, 7:46 pmTheGingerDoctor
Yay! I already spend quite a bit of time on WiiWareWave daily (I have plenty of free time), but I didn't think I'd win! Now comes the tough decision: to whom do I give the code...? Question 

...I've got it! I know who will receive my code! Smile
Congratulations Zeddy Chan! I love you
April 30th 2014, 8:58 pmTheGingerDoctor
Thank you, Kushi-chan! Smile
GamerZack7, let us know who the lucky recipient is. Very Happy
April 30th 2014, 10:13 pmTheGingerDoctor
Well, I decided that I should give the code to one of the runners-up, and my decision was easier to make than I expected! Since Romantaku already owns Mario Golf (I still visit your BL from time to time Contest Update: Log In Alot Contest! (4/17/14 - 5/1/14) 631737971) and Tech101 recently won a prize, I thought it only fair to give my code to Staroceancrazy. Enjoy your new game with my compliments! Smile
Congratulations, StarOceanCrazy! By the way, I believe Rukiafan is actively trying to acquire some EU redemption codes for our European members to purchase from the Coin Shop.
April 30th 2014, 10:32 pmTheGingerDoctor
Do European eShop codes work on Australian consoles? Smile
GamerZack7 wrote:Do European eShop codes work on Australian consoles? Smile
I'm not sure?
April 30th 2014, 10:50 pmTheGingerDoctor
Rukiafan wrote:
GamerZack7 wrote:Do European eShop codes work on Australian consoles? Smile
I'm not sure?
I just tried Googling it and got loads of results...none of which answered my question. Neutral
Since the NNID was implemented, I don't believe there is anyway for you to redeem a code ment for a foreign region.
Has somebody contacted Staroceancrazy to let him/her know that s/he has received the code? Smile
GamerZack7 wrote:Has somebody contacted Staroceancrazy to let him/her know that s/he has received the code? Smile

If you sent him the code, he will probably receive a notification in his email.
I have yet to receive the code.
@GamerZack7 Give the code to Romantaku I just downloaded it before I saw your post Exclamation
Thanks though Very Happy
No problem, Staroceancrazy. Smile
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