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Contest: WiiWareWave's 8th Anniversary Contest Kicks Off Now! ~ Update: Winners Announced ~ Header10

In celebration of WiiWareWave's 8th anniversary, we're holding a open contest for all members for a chance to win one of eight prizes! To enter just comment on this article "no spam please" and on March 11th at 12:00 PM Arizona Time we'll choose the winners! The prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize: $100 eShop code. ~Winner @RWBY_Red~
1st Prize: $75 PSN code. ~Winner @Kain~
2nd and 3rd prizes: Song of Memories (PS4) codes ~Winners @Talesfanatic & @StarOceanCrazy~
4th and 5th Prizes: Hell Warders (PS4) codes. ~Winners @Tinglemaster & @ZatchBell~
6th Prize: $10 PSN code ~Winner @Digidestined~
7th Prize: Super Pixel Racing (PS4) code. ~Winner @Amufungal~
8th Prize $5 eShop code. ~Winner @Grumblevolcano~

Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to doing this again next year!

Game Codes Provided By PQube, PSN And eShop Codes Provided By Us!


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Contest: WiiWareWave's 8th Anniversary Contest Kicks Off Now! ~ Update: Winners Announced ~ Rukiafan7

Funniest WiiWareQuote of August 2020!

GeekyGamerJack wrote:The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV... saur?
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I'll comment, but I doubt I can enter. Also, I can't use the codes anyway, so I'm commenting purely for fun. ☺️
I'd love to win that $100 eshop code! I love you
Happy anniversary WiiWareWave!
Congrats on your 8th anniversary!
Can’t hurt to try????
Im confused by the rule do we just comment anything or write the comment "no spam please " xD?  Also for those who love monster hunter, happy 15th anniversary for MH. I made video on youtube if you wana see it. I would like the psn75$ since i dont use eshop or the ps4 games be nice to
@armerocks I think we should just comment about WiiWareWave's 8th anniversary. Congratulations eight years is quite the accomplishment!
@armerocks It's pretty much as @Grumblevolcano says. @GeekyGamerZack You do realize that the Switch isn't region-locked right? If you win the $100 eShop card code all you have to do is create a North American alt account and use the code and presto #HappyeShopping! Wink
@Towafan7 Oh yeah... Contest: WiiWareWave's 8th Anniversary Contest Kicks Off Now! ~ Update: Winners Announced ~ 1625187496

Woo! Lucky number 8! Octolings everywhere are no doubt overjoyed by this celebration. Happy

(I should really craft some Octo emoji...)
Congratulations on reaching the eight year milestone!
Congratulations WiiWareWave!
GG on your 8th year Anniversary.

Interested in any of the PSN prizes, if I win.
@andelbam Welcome to WiiWareWave Exclamation
@Towafan7 @GeekyGamerZack Congratulations Exclamation
@andelbam Welcome to the community!

On topic - Congratulations to the staff of this community, eight years is a long time in internet years and most websites never reach that milestone! Birthday Wishes
Booyaa! Just two more years before WiiWareWave is a decade old! Congratulations! Super Saiyen
@Staroceancrazy I keep forgetting that I'm co-owner of WiiWareWave, which is a little embarrassing. I still feel like I'm "just another member", even after all these years. Laughing
Happy 8th WiiWareWave! =)
Congratulations for your 8 long years of greatness! Megatron Happy
Way to go team WiiWareWave! Smile
D'oh! I completely missed the fact that a new member made a post. Surprised

Anyway, welcome to the friendliest gaming community on the World Wide Interwebs, @andelbam! Contest: WiiWareWave's 8th Anniversary Contest Kicks Off Now! ~ Update: Winners Announced ~ 631737971
@andelbam Welcome aboard! I hope that you enjoy our community! Wink
Oh neat I won a prize! Thanks for the game @Towafan7. Smile
Congratulations to the winners!
Congratulations, everyone! victory
@GeekyGamerZack I won? Surprised
Awesome and congratulations to the other winners Exclamation
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