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We “interview” the so-and-so who spent months trying to track down our next group of diminutive guests… Hoo boy…

WiiWareWave: Hello, ‘Wavers, and welcome to an adequate (and brief) episode of “Good Day, Nintendo!”, the show where we were supposed to have interviewed a gaggle of microscopic guests… wait… is “gaggle” the right word?

Gerry: Well, what would you say is the generic term for a group of things?

WiiWareWave: Hm… how about group?

Gerry: …oh yeah, that makes sense.

WiiWareWave: (Loudly facepalms)

Gerry: What d’you say?

WiiWareWave: If I repeat myself, I’ll end up with a mild concussion at best… ugh…

Gerry: How can you get a concussion from talki-

WiiWareWave: So instead of our intended guests, we’re gonna discuss the freshest of topics in the WiiWareWave community with our very own Gerry the Cameraperson!

Gerry: Uh… that’s “Cameratoad,” actually.

WiiWareWave: Wait… you’re a Toad?!

Gerry: Only my whole life.

WiiWareWave: I… “we hear at WiiWareWave”… assumed you were… well… human.

Gerry: Oh, that is such a homocentric assumption!

WiiWareWave: Homo… centric?

Gerry: Yes! Human-centred! You know how many of your kind automatically assume that all intelligent life bears even a remotely similar appearance to you?

WiiWareWave: Well… you look identical to a human.

Gerry: That’s only because of the hex placed upon me.

WiiWareWave: You’re hexed?!

Gerry: Yeah, but it amn’t all that bad.

WiiWareWave: Wow… we really knew nothing about you before giving you this job.

Gerry: Didn’t you do a background check?

WiiWareWave: Well… no. That was our PR intern.

Gerry: But… I was the PR intern!

WiiWareWave: Huh… no wonder there was no background check…

Gerry: Classic Mary Stu… (shakes head)

WiiWareWave: Well, since you’re a Toad an’ all, that technically makes you a worthy guest!

Gerry: Oh… I never thought of that!

WiiWareWave: So tell our primarily human audience about what it’s like to be a Toad.

Gerry: Oh, it’s ger-reat!

WiiWareWave: (Laughs)

Gerry: Every morning, I get to wake up and splash in puddles outside… unless it hasn’t been raining, which is almost every day… come to think of it, why’d I move to a desert…?

WiiWareWave: Ergonomics?

Gerry: Well, I suppose it is a much shorter trip to the studio every day…

WiiWareWave: How about dietary habits?

Gerry: Oh, I’ll eat anything(bites into a blueberry muffin)

Cranky’s voice: Where the Fronk is my last muffin?! Mad

WiiWareWave: Is that why the studio’s Super Happy Tree is always fresh out of fruit?

Gerry: Well… heheheh… y-yeah…

WiiWareWave: Understood.

Gerry: Well… I should mention that I hate veggies!

WiiWareWave: You do?

Gerry: Yes, especially turnips. Blyeurgh!

WiiWareWave: Why “especially” turnips?

Gerry: Allergy. My father’s brother’s uncle’s cousin’s former roommate had the same issue.

WiiWareWave: Well, good thing there are no turnips in the Mushroom Kingdom, eh?

Gerry: I’ll say, unlike my original homeland.

WiiWareWave: Original? Aren’t you a Toad?

Gerry: Yeah…?

WiiWareWave: And Toads are the native people of the Mushroom Kingdom, yes?

Gerry: Oh… I see the confusion. I guess that explains why you slapped yourself earlier…

WiiWareWave: I’m way beyond confused…

Gerry: I’m not a Toad, I’m a Toad.

WiiWareWave: …okay?

Gerry: Our species’ names are very similar.

WiiWareWave: …alright?

Gerry: I’m a member of the Mamu family line.

WiiWareWave: As in… Wart Mamu of Subcon?!

Gerry: Ger-yep! My full name and title is Geraldo Mamu, Earl of Cath-Erin-Eggl.

WiiWareWave: We had royalty in our technical team all this time?! Why didn’t you tell us?!

Gerry: Because I’m not so shallow that I’d allow title and status to dictate others’ opinions of me. I’d rather be my own weird wonder.

WiiWareWave: Well, things are gonna be different around here now that the frog’s outta the pond.

Gerry: No it isn’t.

WiiWareWave: What do you mean?

Gerry: This has already happened nine-thousand times before.

WiiWareWave: I think we’d remember a secret this huge, Geraldo!

Gerry: Evidently not…

WiiWareWave: But-

Gerry: (Throws amnesia dust in the air)

WiiWareWave: …hm? What the…?! Gerry, there’s dust everywhere!

Gerry: Well… yeah. The studio’s been empty for months, eh?

WiiWareWave: But what about the janitorial team?

Gerry: They quit. Don’t you remember?

WiiWareWave: I think I’d remember something like that… and what’s the ETA of our next guest?

Gerry: Sorry, no can do. Recent game releases have them swamped in PR stuff, gero-gero.

WiiWareWave: All because of three Pikmin games?

Gerry: No. Tears of the Kingdom. (sobs)

WiiWareWave: Aw, cheer up, bud… look, you try your best, and that’s what counts, right?

Gerry: Y-Yeah… you’re right.

WiiWareWave: And who knows? The perfect idea may just drop in from the sky, eh?

(Suddenly, the cardboard standee of Falco Lombardi drops from the ceiling onto Gerry’s head)

WiiWareWave: What the Fronk?!

Gerry: Oh… I wondered when that’d happen…

WiiWareWave: Are you alright, dude?!

Gerry: Actually, yeah… ‘cos I just got an idea…
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