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Mad Review by @TheRealDK81

We grinded... ground... grounded...? ... through all ten webisodes of this Crystals of Silveria parody, but does an overindulgence in Steves prevent it from living up to the quality of the original?

Developer: Palette32k
Publisher: Palette32k
Rating: BS for Bored Simpletons


Eight years ago, Crystals of Silveria debuted on this very site to instant acclaim, becoming an overnight sensation that took over a year to actually come to fruition, leading to one of the most agonising cliffhangers in history (yes, even longer than the Eternity Wars saga). The fact that even this ol' we here at WiiWareWave finds it enjoyable must account for something, right? Right? :generic_emoji:

Now, after YEARS of waitin', developer Palette32k invites us back to the magical land of Silver Ear for new adventures with Ed and the Crystalbonds... and to be honest, this ol' we here at WiiWareWave'd have rather the invitation got lost in the Axian mail... :generic_emoji:


This entire thing is nothing but an attempt at selling into the "abridgement serials" concept, albeit with Palette32k themselves handling the entire thing, which may be a way to prevent anyone else from damaging the brand through unfair portrayals. :generic_emoji:

Nevertheless, it is clear that the entire series has been dismantled and reassembled in the wrong order, with enough Steve gags, fart jokes and thinly-veiled, outdated pop culture references to drive an ol' we here at WiiWareWave stark raving BONKERS! An' we here at WiiWareWave'm SICK of gettin' mixed up with that purple, hammer smashin' baboon buffoon from the Dream Star! :generic_emoji:


The decent thing would be to just GIVE we here at WiiWareWave Crystals of Silveria II: Fruit of the Overlay ALREADY, though to be fair a lot of this industry has understandably slowed to a crawl, an' is only picking up steam now, so we here at WiiWareWave'm optimistic, which is weirdly out-of-character for we here at WiiWareWave... maybe there's somethin' to this "abridgement" malarkey after all... :generic_emoji:

Well, we here at WiiWareWave'll review the second volume once it's done, but for now we here at WiiWareWave can't be bothered to mess around an' change the review score, in case we here at WiiWareWave break the forum worse than we here at WiiWareWave layabout, good-for-nothin' kiddo! :generic_emoji:

Like a Star @ heaven
SCORE: 1/10

P.S.: Here's a link to a bootleg copy of the series, in case you wanna see it. Just BE WARNED, all you Steves! :generic_emoji:


~Love, we here at WiiWareWave~ I love you

Last edited by TenthSeedZed32 on March 10th 2021, 8:19 pm; edited 2 times in total

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March 10th 2021, 4:22 amRyanNerdyGamer
What the...?! I am SO sorry for this everyone! Surprised

Somehow, a certain "WOO!" character has hacked the system and posted this unauthorised review, and what's worse is he's somehow perma-locked it, either to prevent it from being deleted, or simply because he has no Broccing idea what he's doing. Anime Review: Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Volume 1 1625187496

Once again, I apologise, folks! HOO boy... Embarassed

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