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This is a tip guide on how to be successful in the free to play game Warframe for PlayStation 4. These tips and guides can be used on PC and Xbox 1 as well. Knowing these should help you to be a better player. Keep in mind things happen to change in this game due to updates.

Survival tips

1. Pressing L1 to do a roll is a great way to move a bit faster and the enemy misses quite often if they are shooting at you,  do not forget this mechanic if you're in a firefight.

2. Do not be afraid to use your abilities. Use them when the opportunity arises.

3. Always have Redirection and vitality on your Warframes. This is will increase your chances of survival early game.

4. Be mindful that many players are not in the beginning areas such as Earth, Mars, and Phobos. You'll find way more players when you get to Saturn and beyond.

5. Never get discouraged when a player talks trash about your Warframe. All Warframes are great and can be used in many scenarios and perform epic feats. It's all about the player skill and customization.

6. People do not want to help with Limbo quest. For many reasons. Limbo is not liked amongst the community. A poor Limbo player can easily screw up an entire mission without even trying and Limbo has the ability to stop time. Thus rending everyone's primary and secondary weapons for not functioning properly. It honest sucks to see the bullets that you fired at an enemy to be stuck in mid-air...  Just a fair warning, people will normally leave if they see a Limbo in the party.

7. Go to Options on your controller. Next head to Options, after that scroll all the way down till you see Experimental flight and make sure that's turned on indicated by the green light,  next press R1 till you arrive at the interface and look for the option Show Player List and turn that on. Hit confirm and these changes allow you to see player health, shields and energy on your screen. (Amazing for support characters) And the experimental flight is to keep you from getting dizzy/sick from playing Archwing. You won't be flying upside down or anything crazy.

8. Make sure you max out a equip at rank 30. If you like the equip keep it. However, if you hate it, sell it. You can sell items and Warframes by heading to options on your controller,  select equipment, head to inventory then press R1 to go into the category you want to see.  Select the item(s) you want to sell by pressing X. Once your ready hit R2 to sell and it will show you a confirmation screen. Hit X to finalize.  

9. Whenever you get prime parts make sure you make the equip first before selling it. I hear a lot of people making that mistake. Never sell anything you don't have extras of.  This will save you from a headache.

Recommended Warframes

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Rhino10

Rhino- A great Warframe if you are the type of player who just likes to jump on a mission headstrong through enemy lines and do care not one bit. This Warframe boast in high defense and health. He has Ironskin that makes him immune to damage as long as he has it up and it's affected by power strength. Roar which gives a increased damage to all allies, and Rhino stomp if you want to stop all the chaos. All enemies affected by his foot stomp would be suspended in the air.

His abilities are affected mostly by power strength and duration. If you want to play as a walking tank of destruction pick him. You can obtain him early by heading to Venus, Fossa and fighting the Jackal. You may also pick up the Howl of the Kubrow quest (Dog Companion) here.

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Nekros10

Nekros - He is rather difficult for beginners to get their hands on. However, he is the best farming Warframe in the game. If you need resources his desecrate ability forces fallen enemies to drop extra loot. Other than being a great farmer he can scare enemies away from you running in terror and summon enemies you personally killed to fight for you for a limited time. After all, this is Grim Reaper.  

His abilities are affected by duration and range. Great for farming resources and crowd control. You can obtain him from the Orokin Derelict Assassination mission. WARNING Bring high levels/skilled players with you to fight him he is not to be underestimated by early players.

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Loki10

Loki-  The King of Spy missions.  This sly Warframe plays like a master thief. His Decoy distracts enemies into fighting a fake version without realizing what's going on,  he can turn invisible,  Switch teleport with enemies and allies this is great for causing confusion and getting out of harm's way.  And his ultimate disarm all enemies weapons for a period of time.

He normally works on duration and range. He is Magnificent for spy missions and often a top pick for raids. You can obtain his parts from Planet Neptune, Psmathe by fighting The Hyena Pack.

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Nova10

Nova-  She's rather complex. So here is the short version this girl has two very popular builds Slova and Fast Nova. As Slova she can slow the enemies down drastically with her Molecular Prime ability any enemies affected with this takes more damage and will explode upon being defeated this also causes a chain reaction to any enemies nearby to explode as well.  Her Wormhole ability lets her travel long distance  by stepping through a makeshift mirror portal and her Antimatter Drop (Spirit Bomb from Dragon Ball Z)  Where she launches a small bomb and if any ally/ enemy bullet hits it, the bomb will absorb it  increase it's damage until it collides with something solid or an enemy.

Her Fast Nova build Increases the movement speed of the enemies this is a risky build but hit helps clearing missions like defense a whole lot faster which is great for farming. However, her other abilities become extremely weakened.  She's wonderful for Defense, Interception, Boss fights, Crowd Control. She's great for any mission. You can obtain her parts from planet Europa on Naamah by fighting the Raptor

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Trinit10

Trinity- The dedicated healer in the game, She is welcomed in every team composition and is loved by many players. Her most notable abilities are Energy Vampire which targets an enemy and drain their life to give energy to herself and allies nearby.  Link when active while attaches itself to nearby enemies any damage you take the enemy takes and any damage you deal with the enemy they keep.  Blessing instantly restores health, shields and decreases the damage you and your allies take that are in range of the ability. Her abilities affected mostly by Power strength and Range.  You can bring Trinity anywhere. You can acquire her parts from  Planet Ceres, Exta by fighting both LT. Lech Kril & CPT. Vor

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Frost10

Frost. This guy is all about locking things down. He's the best defense Warframe you can have. His crowd control abilities are amazing he freezes enemies to stop in their place, high damage abilities.  He's well known for his Snow Globe which is a protective barrier that slows/freeze enemies who come inside of it and the globe protects against outside attacks such as lasers, bullets, explosions, from harming the players inside. His Avalanche is a high damage attack that freezes enemies and breaks them in a cone spread attack. A must-have for Defensive missions! Many of his abilities are affected by power strength and range. You can obtain his parts from planet Mars, War  by fighting LT Lech Kril

Lets talk about Damage

This can go very long and complicated but here is the short list of what you need to know. To make this easier  I'm going to group the enemy into types.

Grinner Soldiers

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Grinee10

These guys are weak against Puncture based weapons such as spears, arrows, bolts,  Just think of something piercing through armor which is what all these guys wear.  Now to deal more damage to these types of enemies you will need to use toxic along with a puncture weapon. This will increase your damage output significantly against them.  

Now if you want to further increase your damage against these types you will have to combine elements. Toxic and Electricity will give you corrosive which has an added effect to decrease enemies armor to 0 for as long as the duration lasts. Making Grinner soldiers not even stand a chance.


Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Infest10

These ugly aliens are weak to slashing type weapons. So anything like swords, war fans, bladed weapons will tear this guys limb from limb. Adding heat mods to your weapons against them will give you a fair advantage. However, if you want to really dish out the pain combine the elements Heat and Toxic to create Gas. When using gas elemental on them they will just either instantly die or melt thus making your job a bit easier. Make sure you stay mobile you don't want to be swarmed to death.


Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Corpus10

These nerds. There are three versions of these guys. Impact weapons such as hammers, maces, a two by four,  generally do a lot of damage against these guys. The guys in the hazmat suits are weak against cold element while the robots are weak against electrical attacks. However, if you mix both Cold and Electrical you will get Magnetic which does tremendous damage against both. It screws up the robots and the hazmat guys instantly lose their comfy shields they so love to have.  The third oddball comes in with bosses and Oximum bots. Many of the Corpus bosses share the same elemental weakness as the Grineer soldiers.

Special Note

Oxium can only be obtained by Oximum robots that spawn in medium to high-level Corpus maps. You have to kill them before they do a suicide dive.

Recommended Mods

Starter mods for beginners


Vitality - Increases health by X amount depending on level
Redirection- Increases shields by X amount depending on level
Streamline - Increase  Warframe Ability efficiency by X amount depending on level

Intensify-  Increases Ability strength by X amount depending on level
Continuity-  Increases ability Duration by X amount depending on level
Flow- Increases energy  by X amount depending on level
Stretch-  Increases range by X amount depending on level

Master Theif-  Chance of opening locked lockers
Intruder-  Increases time to hack consoles
Thief's Wit- Highlights mods and items on the map range is depending on level


Serration- Increases damage by (X) amount depending on level. ( You will be putting this mod on every primary max first)

Elemental mods- These mods are silver tier such as Cryo Rounds (Col), Hellfire (Heat),  Infected Clip (Toxic),  Stormbringer (Electricity)

Point Strike- Increase Critical Chance
Vital Sense-  Increases Critical Damage
Split Chamber - Multishot.  Instead of shooting one bullet you shoot either two or three it's a high chance of this happening.


Hornet Strike- Increases damage depending on level
Pistol Gambit-  Increases critical chance depending on level
Target Cracker- Increases critical damage depending on level

Elemental mods- Heated Charge (Heat), Pathogen Rounds (Toxic), Deep Freeze (Cold),  Convulsion (Electricity)

Barrel Diffusion-  Increases multishot depending on level. Instead of shooting one you shoot two or three. High chance
Lethal Torrent-  Increased  fire rate and multishot combo mod
Steady Hands-   - Weapon Recoil. Used on weapons that have a high recoil (Kick to it).

Melee Weapons

Pressure Point-  Increased damage depending on level
True Steel - Increased Critical Chance
Organ Shatter- Increased Critical Damage

Elemental mods- North Wind (Cold), Fever Strike (Toxic), Molten Impact (Heat), Shocking Touch (Electricity)

Fury- Increased attack speed depending on level
Life Strike - Steal life by using channeling attack to heal user
Reach - Increase the distance of your melee weapon.

Understanding the Language

In this game, we use many terms and abbreviations to communicate with one another. This may seem daunting to new players since they may not be familiar on what on earth we are talking about. Here are some common terms that you will often see.

WTB - Want to Buy,  Used to purchase things from other players using premium currency platinum.

WTS- Want to Sell, Used to sell things to other players to obtain premium currency

WTT- Want to Trade, to trade items to other players for (X) item of equal value or higher.

LOR-   Law of Retribution this is a raid that you can do daily and give out really good rewards for how challenging this is.

Tennogen-  Fashion  for Warframes the  True End Game

Riven Mods-  Purple mods rerollable stat mods for weapons you can get only from Sorties or trading.

Red/Orange Crit - Just think of your critical hits doing double damage

Hosting  (X) Relic Radiant or Intact, = What this means that player is looking for other players who have that exact same relic so they can have a higher chance to get a particular prime part.

EV Trinity-   This is Energy Vampire Trinity. It's basically a must have mod for anyone who uses a Trinity to give players so much energy that the leftover energy gets transferred to their shields becoming overcharged.  Extremely popular and a must on LOR!

Sortie-  A difficult daily three-part daily mission. You'll get different rewards from the list. It's random what you will receive

Vaulted - This means you can not (X) character/weapon anymore on Warframe drop table. Your only options are to have a vaulted relic (Which you still keep regardless if something is going to the vault)  or to purchase from other players.

Unvaulted- This is when the developers decide to re-release a Warframe with his and her equipment back into the game for a limited time only so players can obtain them. This happens rarely around three or four times a year.

Conclave - Player vs Player

PC- Price Check

Frequently asked questions I receive.

1. What's the strongest Warframe in the game?

My Response: Why can't you ask me an easy question? Well, that all depends, cause as of now the King of Damage goes to Chroma and the Queen is very odd. It could be Ivara, Nova, Equinox, or Banshee. They all can do an insane amount of damage output and don't even ask me how Ivara works. I have no clue.

2. I have X amount of Plat what do you recommend buying?

My Response:  Okay do you have a lot of Warframe slots and weapon slots? If answered No, go buy some.  If answered yes. Well, you can buy some weapons and warframes or some pieces to finish your collection. I almost never get a no for this. But if I do.  Go get some game-breaking mods for your weapons would be my next response.

3.  What are some good weapons you recommend keeping?

My Response:  If you like shotguns try out the Tigris and the Hek family line. Those are great! if you like rifles I recommend a Sybaris, Boltor, and Soma. However, if you want to blow stuff up pick up a Zarr and Kulstar (Be very careful you don't kill yourself).  Lex is great if you want that Destiny Hand Cannon feel.  And for melee is whatever you feel most comfortable with.

4.  If you can only use one Warframe out of the many who would it be?

My Response: Trinity Prime. Cause no one ever says " No"  to a Trinity

5. What are the most expensive items in this game?

My Response:  Ember Prime.  Cause not only is she a Poster Girl but her ultimate attack World on Fire is exactly what it sounds like. You never going to have a problem with her unless you're doing level 70+ higher endless mission where she becomes useless. But she can solo the entire game.  Also for some reason, people charge extra just cause she has a big butt.

6. How do you kill Lt. Krill?

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Lt_kri10

Okay, he's always been a rather difficult boss fight since shooting him in the face doesn't work. This fight goes in phases.

Step 1.  You can only attack him after he slams his hammer into the ground creating an ice spike that goes forward. You need to be a certain distance from him in order for him to use that attack.

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Lt_kri11

Step 2. Once he's doing the ice attack circle behind him quickly and shoot him in the back. If successful a pipe will burst.  And once he uses his hammer slam attack it should freeze him. Once he's frozen circle around and shoot him.

Step 3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2.  

Guide: Warframe tips! (PS4) Engluf10

Step 4. Once done enough times he will be engulfed in flames. After this, you can attack him normally until he's defeated.

6. How do you kill Sgt Rukus?

My Response: Simple any body part that starts glowing sky blue shoot it. It only starts glowing after he does big flame attacks. Keep doing it until he is defeated.

7. How to obtain Dragon keys they are not in the store?

My Reponse: Yeah, they made some changes to that. You will find the dragon keys in your clan dojo in the solar rail room. Inside that room walk up the stairs and go to the left most computer. Purchase all the dragon keys. Dragon keys are used to go on vault runs to get corrupted mods (Yes it's worth it!)
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Wow! Nice guide @Pennsage, thanks for continuing to support our website! Wink
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What a wonderful guide!
February 7th 2018, 1:52 amthemcnoisy
Great guide, warframe is a very complex game so all the advice is welcome. Lets start a clan!
February 8th 2018, 11:07 pmAnime_Gurl
Any longer and this would be a proper gamefaq! ^-^
@themcnoisy your comment had a baby!! Baby Jake
February 9th 2018, 8:19 amKeAfan7
Anime_Gurl wrote:Any longer and this would be a proper gamefaq! ^-^
@themcnoisy your comment had a baby!! Baby Jake

Hahahaaaa! You're hilarious @Anime_Gurl
February 9th 2018, 8:21 amKeAfan7
@themcnoisy I deleted the duplicate post. Wink
February 9th 2018, 2:24 pmPennsage
@themcnoisy I am currently in the clan of Rude Tenno on Warframe.
February 10th 2018, 2:19 amShanaNoShakugan
Such lovely guide. Smile
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February 10th 2018, 2:41 amAqua Cherry Blossom
@Pennsage What a detailed guide lol. Smile
February 10th 2018, 8:43 amKain
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February 10th 2018, 9:38 pmToughGamer
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