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    @KokorOtaku You are the man of the hour!!!! W00t!!!!

    KokorOtaku KokorOtaku KokorOtaku KokorOtaku
  • 20110727
    Global announcement:

    Forum Rules

    KeAfan7Comments: 16Views: 6169
    Here are our updated forum rules so read them carefully


    #1 Be nice! Don't flame, bash other people, or troll on the forums

    #2 Don't post any videos, pics, or links to illegal sites that show porn, nudity, drugs, or criminal behavior!

    #3 Don't spam a topic that has already been created, if you can find it on...
  • 20210115
    Sorry guys, I did all I could to support the browser for as long as humanly possible, but with our webhost's current encoding it's now no longer possible to keep the browser supported at a usable level. In memory of our over 7 years of supporting the browser I am writing this global message on my Wii U browser. This may well be my final post using the browser as it is a nightmare to navigate our site with and most features no longer work with the app. Who here has used their Wii U browsers to browse our website and post messages? When did you stop using the Wii U browser on our website? As always,...
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  • 20190920
    My Time at Portia, developed by Pathea and published by Team 17, has been struggling since its release.  From infinite loading bugs to slow updates, the game has been a struggle to play for some but will it be enough to draw the masses back?

    PlaystationWave Exclusive Features Image112

    I wrote earlier this year about the joy that is My Time at Portia, but it had its flaws then. I personally knew several gamers that were blocked...
  • 20190330


    Gotta Catch 'Em All!


    PlaystationWave Exclusive Features Sirali10


    We hope you guys and gals have been enjoying your weekend so far and we've got a special treat for you all as we recently interviewed Thylacine Studios about the then upcoming Siralim 3 and are now publishing the feature, which is our first developer's interview in more than...
  • 20180312
    Impressions: Tera Beta for PlayStation 4
    PennsageComments: 8Views: 1810
    Tera PlayStation 4 Impressions

    PlaystationWave Exclusive Features Title_11

    This game was released on the PlayStation 4 consoles only for a short limited time from March 9- 11, 2018 for free through PlayStation Network.  This was the first open beta for the game  It first started out with two servers being OB-PSNA 1 and OB-PSNA-2 for Friday and then they started with the Velika Test on Saturday. So of course in Open Beta there will be some bugs. These bugs really screwed up the story for me since I would get disconnected from...
  • 20180130
    Pennsage's Favorite Game of 2017
    PennsageComments: 12Views: 2073
    My favorite game of all is a free to play  MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) third-person action game called Warframe. Created by a company called Digital Extremes. This game is on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1.  This review is going to be longer than all my other reviews. This game is really huge and still growing!

    PlaystationWave Exclusive Features Warframe

    The Story.  

    You play as an ancient warrior who has been asleep and now you are being forced awaken by a powerful who goes by...
  • 20180114
    PlaystationWave Exclusive Features 00115

    Game: NieR
    System: Playstation 3 / Xbox 360
    Genre: RPG (Action / Open World)
    Version Tested: Playstation 3
    Release Date:
    Japan: 22nd April 2010
    US: 27th April 2010

    What is it about?
    Your daughter Yonah is diagnosed with an unknown deadly disease called the Black Scrawl and as the caring loving father, you try to find a cure for...
  • 20171224
    Recommended games from PlayStation Network
    PennsageComments: 4Views: 1192
    These are a few games I recommend for the holidays to new gamers and veteran gamers. All of these games are currently on the Holiday Sale on the PlayStation network store so there is no reason to go outside, deal with that crazy traffic and sold out at stores. You can just order these games right from your console or device that can go online. Yes, you can play these games without having the physical copy.

    Heads up for those who are not tech savvy and have no idea what  File Size GB (Gigabyte) is.  Here is all that you need to know. All modern day PlayStation 4 consoles come with either...
  • 20170124


    Stayin' Alive...


    PlaystationWave Exclusive Features Eeea1-10

    To say that the PS3 has had remarkable longevity is an understatement, the system just keeps on going with hit after hit, admittedly the pacing slowed down significantly after Trails of Cold Steel II and Attack On Titan released...
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