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Wii U HD Thread of Tips, Tricks, And Troubleshooting! Empty Wii U HD Thread of Tips, Tricks, And Troubleshooting!

on October 10th 2014, 11:45 am
Share tips and tricks to get the most out of a Wii U Hard-Drive as well as helping other users troubleshoot various issues regarding their Hard-Drive in this universal Wii U HD thread! I'll start off by sharing a tip that is essential to saving your save data of your games should your hard-drive fail you. You'll need two hard-drives for this method so if you have a spare hard-drive even if it isn't fully compatible this method should work!

First hook the spare hard-drive to your Wii U "keep the one you normally use hooked in as well" go to system settings and format the new hard-drive, afterwards go to your save data and copy all of your game data to the spare hard-drive "don't use the move command since you'll lose the data on your primary hard-drive". And then check to see if the data has successfully been copied! If it has you won't have to fear losing your precious save data should the unthinkable happen!

I hope this tip proves to be helpful and I look forward to seeing tips from other members of this community! Wink

Wii U HD Thread of Tips, Tricks, And Troubleshooting! Rukiafan7

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