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Gen I Pokémon Parties Empty Gen I Pokémon Parties

September 30th 2017, 1:01 am
I thought I'd start a thread for posting Pokémon parties in Red, Green Blue and Yellow. Which ones do you have in your party? Be sure to share them right here!

Charmander Pokémon Red (JACK)
Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_006Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_034Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_044Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_079Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_068Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_115Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_145
ZARD (Charizard), NIDO-KUN (Nidoking), RUFF (Gloom), YADO (Slowpoke), GORI (Machamp), GARU (Kangaskhan) and THUNDAR (Zapdos)

Squirtle Pokémon Blue (JOHN)
Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_009Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_031Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_037Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_052Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_103Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_094Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_144
ZENI (Blastoise), NIDO-SAN (Nidoqueen), ROKO (Vulpix), NYAR (Meowth), TAMA (Exeggutor), GOSU (Gengar) and FREEZOR (Articuno)

Pikachu Pokémon Yellow (ASH)
Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_025Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_001Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_061Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_143Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_131Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_049Gen I Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_148
PIKA (Pikachu), SAUR (Bulbasaur), POLI (Poliwhirl), SNOR (Snorlax), NESS (Lapras), VENO (Venomoth) and TINI (Dragonair)
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