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GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Empty GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties

November 8th 2015, 4:12 am
I'm a huge fan of the Pokémon series, and I like to take different approaches to building my party in each game. This thread is a database of each Pokémon I have in my parties in all of the Pokémon games I currently own, and it includes bonus information which details the who, what, when, where and why of my party-building. Games are grouped by generation for easy reference.

Generation I

Pokémon Blue Version

My character in Blue is Aoi, and together with his Squirtle, he aims to challenge the eight Gym Leaders, and his rival, Blue.

AOI's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_1b_007
Starter Pokémon: Squirtle

Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition

My character in Yellow is Amarill. Together with his Pikachu, he hopes to become a great Pokémon Trainer.

AMARILL's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_025 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_001 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_1y_004
Core Trio: Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander

Generation II

Pokémon Silver Version

My character in Silver is Silver, who is sent on a quest to complete the Pokédex by the legendary Professor Oak.

SILVER's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_2s_155
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil

Pokémon Gold Version

My character in Gold is Gold, who aims to bring to justice the one responsible for stealing a Chikorita from Elm Pokémon Lab, a boy named Bronze.

GOLD's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_2g_158
Starter Pokémon: Totodile

Pokémon Crystal Version

My character in Crystal is Kris, a girl who is given a mysterious Egg from Professor Elm, and decides to study the recently-discovered concept of Pokémon breeding.

KRIS's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_2c_152
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita

Generation III

Pokémon FireRed Version

My character in FR is Red, a passionate Pokémon Trainer who seeks to challenge many opponents, and to defeat his rival, Blue. Red's Pokémon all have nicknames based on different types of exotic dishes.

RED's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_003 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_136 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_145
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_055 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_143 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_148 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_105

Pokémon LeafGreen Version

My character in LG is Leaf, a wizened traveller who seeks to make many friends, and hopefully befriend her rival and onetime BFF, Blue. Leaf's Pokémon are all named after different kinds of snackfoods.

LEAF's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_005 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3r_134
Core Trio: HOTWING, GELATINE and Articuno
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_071 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_096 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Spr_3f_056
Support Pokémon: SPRINGROLL, PANCAKE, TRUFFLE and Female Pokémon

Generation IV

Pokémon Diamond Version

My character in Diamond is Chronus, and his starter Pokémon is Turtwig.

Chronus' Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 387
Starter Pokémon: Turtwig

Pokémon Pearl Version

My character in Pearl is Astra, and her starter Pokémon is Chimchar.

Astra's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 390
Starter Pokémon: Chimchar

Pokémon Platinum Version

My character in Platinum is Plato, and his starter Pokémon is Piplup.

Plato's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 393
Starter Pokémon: Piplup

Generation V

Pokémon White Version

My character in White is Stark, and his partner Pokémon are Tepig and Pansage.

Stark's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 498GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 511
Partner Pokémon: Tepig and Pansage

Pokémon Black Version

My character in Black is Jet, and her partner Pokémon are Snivy and Panpour.

Jet's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 495GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 515
Partner Pokémon: Snivy and Panpour

Generation V-2

Pokémon Black Version 2

My character in Black 2 is Grey, and his partner Pokémon are Axew and Pansear.

Grey's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 610GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 513
Partner Pokémon: Axew and Pansear

Pokémon White Version 2

My character in White 2 is Rainbow, and her partner Pokémon are Oshawott and Munna.

Rainbow's Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 501GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 517
Partner Pokémon: Oshawott and Munna

Generation VI

Pokémon X

My character in X is Maximus, or "Max" as his friends call him. He is a creative young lad who enjoys drawing and writing, though he tends to procrastinate, often beginning a new project before finishing the previous one. Max has three separate parties, with his main one containing sixteen Pokémon led by his Greninja, Foamy; his Venusaur, Scaly; and his Pansear, Chimp. His other parties are Fossil Squad, a group of eight Pokémon either restored from fossils or bred from restored Pokémon; and Team E.V., all eight evolutions of his favourite Pokémon, Eevee.

Maximus' Pokémon have a peculiar naming pattern: females have long names which begin with the letter "P", whereas males have five-letter-long names which start with letters other than "P".

Maximus' Party Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 658GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 003GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 513
Core Trio: Foamy, Scaly and Peppercorn
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 181GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 697GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 450-f
Coastal Trio: Glowy, Baron and Powdonna
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 667GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 684GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 065
Central Trio: Furry, Fluff and Mahou
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 212-fGeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 713GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 533
Mountain Trio: Pincher, Popsicle and Thunk
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 108GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 142GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 426
Support Pokémon: Gummy, Pterestria and Zeppy

Pokémon Y

My character in Y is Evelynn, or "Evy" as her friends call her. Evy has three separate parties, with her main one containing fifteen Pokémon led by her Chesnaught, her Charizard and her Panpour. Her other parties are Chu Force, a group of eight Pokémon resembling Pikachu; and Fairy Garden, a selection of eight classic Fairy-type Pokémon.

Evelynn's Pokémon have a peculiar naming pattern: males have long names which begin with the letter "M", whereas females have five-letter-long names which start with letters other than "M".

Evelynn's Party Pokémon:

Core Trio: Chesnaught, Charizard and Panpour

Coastal Trio: Kangaskhan, Heliolisk and Corsola

Central Duo: Meowstic, Spritzee and Lucario

Mountain Trio: Gengar, Noivern and Sneasel

Support Pokémon: Rhydon, Abomasnow and Accelgor

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

My character in AS is Sean, a bright young man with a vast knowledge about Pokémon, though sadly his attention span is a little lacking. In fact, he failed to add his third core Pokémon to his team until well after he became Champion, making do with his Treecko and Latias as the backbone of his party. Sean has also swapped out and replaced Pokémon in his party on a regular basis, indicating that he wants his team to be just right. Although he dabbles in Contests, his passion is Pokémon Battles, in particular battles against other Trainers.

When nicknaming his Pokémon, he chooses human names which are partial anagrams of the species' name; the exception is his Contest Pokémon, whose nicknames instead contain alliterative words.

Sean's Party Pokémon:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 254GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 380GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 262GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 160GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 392
Core Team: Rove, Tiana and Chet; Post-Game: Toto and Fyona
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 214GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 020
Inner-Strength Duo: Herc (Premier Ball) and Arti
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 597GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 324GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 073
Elemental Trio: Thor, Karl and Talia
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 302GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 306
Mega Duo: Blye and Arlo
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 365GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 282GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 472
Support Trio: Leon, Diane and Gilda
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 405-fGeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 018
DexNav Duo: Nyxie (Quick Ball) and Pippa (Great Ball)
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 227GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 037GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 039GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 269-fGeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 321
Contest Quintet: Tintalon (Cool), Flarefur (Beautiful), Marshmelody (Cute), Pollenpunk (Clever) and Brinebelly (Tough)

Pokémon Omega Ruby

My character in Pokémon OR is Terra, an inquisitive young girl who wishes to travel and explore the world, though she tends to be a little picky about things. She has researched her party extensively, planning out every Pokémon she wishes to catch and train before she sets foot into the world, to the point where she won't even begin her journey without a female Mudkip at her side. Though she is curious about battling, Terra is more interested in the idea of Pokémon Contests, hoping to attain the highest rank with her specially-selected team of Pokémon.

Terra's Party Pokémon:

Core Team: Swampert, Latios and Swellow; Post-Game: Cyndaquil and Turtwig

Inner-Strength Duo: Pinsir (Premier Ball) and Drapion

Elemental Trio: Qwilfish, Tropius and Magcargo

Mega Duo: Mawile and Manectric

Support Trio: Flygon, Glalie and Chandelure

DexNav Duo: Hitmonchan (Nest Ball) and Lopunny (Ultra Ball)

Contest Quintet: Pikachu (Cool), Beautifly (Beautiful), Skitty (Cute), Bellossom (Clever) and Donphan (Tough)

Mystery Dungeon

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

My rescue team in Red Rescue Team is Team Bulbaquil, and includes Quinn, a human who turned into a Cyndaquil, and Bulbasaur, Quinn's best friend, whom he calls "Bulby".

Team Bulbaquil:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 155 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 001
Team Leaders: Quinn and Bulby

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

My exploration team in Explorers of Time is Team Mudtwig, and includes Trick, a human who turned into a Turtwig, and Mudkip, Trick's best friend, whom he calls "Muddy".

Team Mudtwig:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 387 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 258
Team Leaders: Trick and Muddy

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

My expedition team in Super Mystery Dungeon is Team Tepubble, and includes Frank, a human who turned into a Froakie, and Tepig, Frank's best friend, whom he calls "Teppy".

Team Tepubble:
GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 656 GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties 498
Team Leaders: Frank and Teppy

Big thanks to Serebii.net and Bulbapedia for the sprite images!

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GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties Empty Re: GeekyGamerZack's Pokémon Parties

November 27th 2015, 7:03 pm
Just a quick update regarding my teams. I've added a section detailing my various Mystery Dungeon teams, and I've started work on building Team Bulbaquil in Red Rescue Team. Smile

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Once... Always... Forever...
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