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Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

March 18th 2018, 7:42 pm
Hi all, and welcome to The Star Mute One, the third part of the Origin of Zed trilogy. In this chapter, our young hero finds himself in a small township within a kingdom known as Silveria, and once again, his memories are gone.

Roughly one month after Zed’s arrival, a number of townspeople begin to show an interest in him, including Newt, the local alchemist, and Jules, an author of popular fiction, but odd things start to occur around the young wizard, which seem to indicate that there is more to him than anyone thought.

As always, I must warn you all that this series contains spoilers for Crystals of Silveria Remastered, so if you have yet to do so, then please read it by clicking right here. Well, without further ado, I present the first part of The Star Mute One. I hope you enjoy! Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack 631737971

Webisode 01:
Scene: Taylor’s Treasures: Township: Late Morning

The scene fades into the inside of Taylor’s Treasures. Zander is placing a number of tomes into the shop window for display.

Zander: There we go…that should look presentable.

Voice: Zed! Are you down there, my dear?

Zander looks behind him.

Zander: Yeah!

The woman heads downstairs and shakes her head.

Woman: I’m sure I told you not to worry about all that until AFTER your lunch break, which you SHOULD be taking right now.

Zander: I know, I just…I didn’t want to leave it too long.

The woman smiles.

Woman: You’re too good to me, young Zed.

Zander smiles.

Zander: Thanks, I guess…

Woman: I mean it! Since you started working here last month, things have improved by a LOT, and I keep running out of things for you to do.

Zander: I like to keep busy.

Woman: I’ll say. You even worked through the Party Festival instead of celebrating. Now THAT, my lad, is real dedication to one’s work!

Zander blushes.

Zander: Well…

The shop door opens, the little bell jingling as it does so. A young-ish gentleman with straight shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair walks in.

Gentleman: Good morning, Mrs. Taylor.

The woman smiles.

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, Jules! Are you back from your latest adventure?

The man laughs.

Jules: Now, now, you know full well that my adventuring days are behind me. I was merely taking my latest manuscript into Silveria City for publishing.

Mrs. Taylor: Well, writing’s an adventure in and of itself, wouldn’t you agree?

Jules: Very true.

Jules notices Zander.

Jules: And you must be the young man of whom Mrs. Taylor has spoken.

Zander smiles at Jules.

Zander: Yeah, I’m…Zed.

Jules’ eyes widen.

Jules’ thoughts: It cannot be…can it…?

Jules: It is a pleasure, Zed. My name is Jules, but you may know me better as Jay Gold.

Zander shakes his head.

Zander: Sadly, no.

Jules raises an eyebrow.

Jules: But…I am sure you are familiar with my work…

Jules’ thoughts: I must be mistaken…

Zander: Well, I would love to read some of it.

Jules smiles.

Jules: I’m sure I could arrange you some of my classics, including The Twin Knights of Zoku.

Zander smiles.

Zander: I look forward to it.

Jules: Excellent.

Jules looks at Mrs. Taylor.

Jules: I just came to find out if you have heard anything about my daughter.

Mrs. Taylor: Not since before you left, I’m afraid.

Jules: Oh…I see. To think that my own daughter is the-

Jules looks at Zed from the corner of his eye.

Jules: Perhaps we should discuss this another time, Eustace.

Mrs. Taylor: Of course, lad.

Jules: Well then, I bid you both good day.

Mrs. Taylor: To yourself as well, Jules. Oh, love to Julie and the young’uns!

Jules: Will do!

Jules leaves the shop.

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, that Jules…such a charmer.

Zander: He seemed…a little interested in me for some reason.

Mrs. Taylor: Well, you’re a fascinating individual, Zed. You’re now officially the tallest person in town, don’t you know?

Zander: Really? But…what about Thookli?

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, she went back to her home in Kobelia. Apparently her mother’s taken ill, and she needs to help her father with taking care of their tribe.

Zander: Oh…I hope I see her again one day.

Mrs. Taylor: I suppose anything’s possible. You seem so interested in adventuring, Zed. Why not join the Adventurers’ League?

Zander: I’m…not sure it’s such a good idea right now. I’d rather get this amnesia-thing sorted first.

Mrs. Taylor: Well, I suppose that’s only fair, then.

Mrs. Taylor’s thoughts: The Hippocamp said that Zed’s true journey would begin soon…and the first sign would be the pendulum…but what does he mean by “pendulum”…?

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Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

March 21st 2018, 7:18 pm
Webisode 02:
Scene 1: Town Outskirts: Late Morning

Zander stands outside a house. There is a wooden sign nearby that reads “SOLD”.

Zander’s thoughts: This is where Mrs. Taylor said to wait…but-

Suddenly, the three orbs appear before Zander. A small white orb moves from the larger azure orb into the middle cyan one, causing the azure one to shrink and the cyan one to grow.

Zander: What the…?

The orbs disappear, leaving Zander speechless. After a few seconds, a large blob of water splashes into view before Zander.

Zander: What?! I mean…what?!

The blob changes into a humanoid form.

Zander: What…are you? What do you want?!

Entity: Stella mutus…

Zander: I’m sorry?

The entity vanishes with a splash.

Zander: What does “stella mutus” mean…?

Newt’s voice: Zed?

Zander looks to his right. Newt is standing there.

Zander: Oh, Mr. Newt! What…uh…what are you doing here?

Newt: Are you quite alright, lad?

Zander looks at the large mud puddle in front of him.

Zander: Yeah…I think so…?

Newt: Well then, perhaps you should follow me.

Zander: Uh…right.

Newt begins to walk away, with Zander soon following.

Zander's thoughts: Where did that…thing…go…?

Scene 2: The Budding Alchemist: Late Morning

We see a view of the inside of The Budding Alchemist, the local magic and alchemy emporium. The door opens, and Newt walks inside, followed by Zander.

Newt: Well, here we are.

Zander: I don’t get it…why did Mrs. Taylor want me to wait on the outskirts of town?

Newt: I am sure she has her reasons, Zed.

Zander scratches his head.

Zander: I suppose so…

Newt: Now then, to business. I was wondering why you have not visited my humble shop before now.

Zander: Well…to be honest, I don’t think I’d be able to use magic.

Newt raises an eyebrow.

Newt: Are you absolutely certain?

Zander: Well…yes.

Newt: How so?

Zander: Well, I’ve been reading up on it, and I understand that you have to study from a very young age. I’m in my 30s now, which means it’s too late for me to learn magic.

Newt: I suppose you’re right…still, feel free to browse.

Zander: Oh…okay then.

Zander looks around and sees a display of books.

Zander: These books look interesting…

Newt: Why not take a look?

Zander: But…these are books on magic, aren’t they?

Newt chuckles.

Newt: So they are, lad. However, it will not hurt to at least read a single blurb, will it?

Zander: I guess you’re right…

Newt watches as Zander chooses a book and picks it up.

Zander: “Cantrips for Beginners”…hm…

Zander turns over the book and begins reading the back cover.

Zander: “The perfect guide for any budding young wizard, this book contains a vast selection of cantrips, from the illuminating “Light”-

An orb of light appears above Zander’s head and illuminates the entire shop, though he doesn’t seem to notice.

Zander: -to the amusing “Prestidigitation”-

Zander’s hair suddenly turns to a bright shade of azure, which surprises Newt.

Zander: -and everything in-between.

Newt: Oh, Zed?

Zander puts the book back on the display.

Zander: Yeah?

Newt: You…might care to look up for a moment.

Zander: Okay then.

Zander looks up and sees the orb of light.

Zander: Wait…how did the orbs find me?!

Newt’s thoughts: “Orbs”…?

Newt: Actually, Zed, that is the light cantrip you successfully cast.

Zander looks at Newt and points straight up.

Zander: I did that? But…how?

Newt: I suspect that…well, perhaps we should discuss it shortly. For now, though, would you care to look in the mirror near the door?

Zander: Uh…okay then.

Zander begins to walk toward a large, oval-shaped mirror. The orb of light follows him.

Zander: Is this a magic mirror?

Newt: No, just an ordinary one, I’m afraid. I’ve had it ever since my first apprentice gave it to me. An exquisitely-crafted antique of Luminelven origin.

Zander: It’s a beautiful piece.

Newt: Indeed.

Zander looks at his reflection.

Zander: I thought you said this is an ordinary mirror.

Newt: Indeed I did, Zed.

Zander: But…my hair is ginger, not azure.

Newt: Indeed.

Zander touches his hair as he stares at his reflection. His eyes suddenly widen.

Zander: Wait…you said I created that light ball when I cast the light cantrip…

Newt: Correct.

Zander: So I must’ve cast prestidigitation as well…which means…

Zander begins to panic. He looks at his hands.

Zander: But…how?! How can I use magic?!

Newt: I am sure that there is a-

Zander: And what about the blue light balls?! And that weird water entity…thing?

Newt appears puzzled.

Newt: What on Junihoshi are you-

Zander: This must have something to do with my past! I…I need to try and remember!

Newt: Well, there is a travelling oracle who happens to be staying in town. I am sure I could arrange for you to see her.

Zander looks at Newt.

Zander: Oracles exist?

Newt: Indeed. This particular oracle is a base magic adept, just as I suspect you to be.

Zander: “Base magic adept”?

Newt smiles.

Newt: You have much to learn, my lad…

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Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

March 23rd 2018, 9:46 pm
Webisode 03:
Scene: Oracle’s Tent: Afternoon

Mrs. Taylor and Zander walk up to a tall fuchsia-coloured tent in the town plaza.

Mrs. Taylor: Well, here we are, lad.

Zander: I don’t know about this…

Mrs. Taylor: Whatever is the matter, Zed?

Zander: Well…those other two oracles last month couldn’t help me. Why would this one?

Mrs. Taylor: It’s a new month, Zed. A new chance to learn about yourself.

Zander: Well…

Mrs. Taylor raises an eyebrow.

Mrs. Taylor: Are you really going to give up so easily?

Zander: Not a chance!

Mrs. Taylor laughs.

Mrs. Taylor: Well then, in you go!

Zander: Uh…right.

After a brief pause, Zander ducks his head and enters the tent.

Mrs. Taylor’s thoughts: Please…by the Twelve Stars, PLEASE let this oracle shed just a tiny glimmer of light on his origins…

Zander enters the tent and waits.

Voice: I will be right with you. Please, take a seat.

Zander looks at the seat in front of him and sits down. He notices a large gemstone in the centre of the table.

Zander’s thoughts: Could third time be the charm…?

A figure in a white hooded robe steps from a small room in the back of the tent and sits in the seat opposite Zed.

Figure: I have been awaiting your arrival, mon cher.

Zander’s thoughts: That voice…

The figure pulls down her hood, revealing her to be Emerald.

Emerald: Bonjour, monsieur. (Good day, sir.)

Zander’s thoughts: She’s…a luminelv…

Zander: Oui, bonjour, madame. (Yes, good day, ma’am.)

Emerald’s thoughts: He fails to recognise me…his repeated false awakenings are beginning to take a toll on him…

Emerald: Now, what may I do for you on this day?

Zander: Well…I was hoping that…

Emerald: Yes?

Zander: …you could shed some light on my past.

Emerald smiles.

Emerald: Well, I suppose I could attempt to achieve your request.

Zander: The last two oracles couldn’t tell me anything, though.

Emerald: Ah, but they do not have more than three centuries of experience.

Zander: I guess that’s true…

Emerald places her right hand on the gemstone and closes her eyes. The gemstone begins to glow with white light.

Emerald: Yes…

Zander: You see something?

Emerald: Indeed…there is not much, but…

Zander’s eyes widen.

Zander: Please, I must know!

Emerald: You…are not from this place…you hail from a land far from this town of Silvertooth…this kingdom of Silveria…where, I cannot place, but…

Emerald’s brow furrows.

Emerald: It is a world in deux…two realms as one…your allies…I see a dragon…who walks as a human…a gnome…who treads your path…and…another…

The gemstone shifts to a shade of cyan.

Emerald: The Twelve Stars…do not shine on you…you were not born under them…you are…stella mutus…

Zander’s eyes widen.

Zander’s thoughts: Stella mutus…that’s what the water entity called me…?!

Emerald: Indeed…you are the Star Mute One…successor to the one before…

Zander’s thoughts: “The one before”…?

Emerald: One who is followed by water…who chases the wolf…and…and…

Zander’s eyes widen.

Zander’s thoughts: I must know…I need to know…

Emerald: …who…is sought by-

Emerald’s eyes open.

Emerald: I’m afraid that is all I can glean from you, mon cher.

Zander: Oh…

Emerald: Still, I trust that you have more information than what the other oracles were able to provide?

Zander: I guess so. Merci beaucoup! (Thank you very much!)

Emerald smiles.

Emerald: De rien, mon cher. (You’re welcome, my dear.)

Zander steps out of the tent and walks up to Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: Well? How did it go, lad?

Zander: Apparently, I’m something called…the Star Mute One.

Mrs. Taylor: “Star Mute One”, eh? Sounds familiar…

Zander: It does?

Mrs. Taylor: Of course, lad. You might like to speak to Jules about it.

Zander: Jules?

Mrs. Taylor: I’m sure he mentioned something about it in his thesis.

Zander: Hm…fair enough.

Zander’s thoughts: I sure hope he has some info for me…

We cut back to a view of the inside of the tent. Emerald stares at the gemstone.

Emerald: I cannot believe it…the Water Pendulum is tethered to Zed…? Which can only mean…oh, Hippocamp, what are you not telling me?

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Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

March 24th 2018, 8:19 pm
Webisode 04:
Scene: Goldenclaugh Estate: Afternoon

Zander walks up to the front of a large, rather lavish-looking house.

Zander: Wow…this place looks fancy…

Zander steps up to the front door and rings the doorbell. After a few seconds, the door opens, revealing Jules, who is wearing glasses and carrying a book.

Jules: Oh, Zed!

Zander: Hello. How are you?

Jules stares at Zander for a second, before snapping back to reality.

Jules: Yes, yes, fine, thank you for asking. Mm…oh, do come in!

Zander and Jules stand in what appears to be a library, its shelves lined with a vast collection of leather-bound books of every size and colour. Jules is staring at one of the shelves.

Jules: Really…?

Zander nods.

Zander: M-hm.

Jules slowly turns to face Zander.

Jules: You…are the Star Mute One?

Zander shrugs his shoulders.

Zander: That’s what the oracle told me.

Jules examines Zander.

Jules: Hm…I didn’t expect the Star Mute One to be so…

Zander: What?

Jules: …tall.

Zander grins.

Zander: Well, some of the townspeople think I’m a giantborn.

Jules laughs.

Jules: I see what they mean.

Zander: So…you know more about this…Star Mute One?

Jules: I know of the original Star Mute One. Apparently, he existed more than two centuries ago, in another part of the continent we now know as Ornoposia.

Zander: Ornoposia…that’s this continent, right?

Jules appears puzzled by Zander’s words.

Jules: Yes…anyway, it was said that the Star Mute One was not of this place, like yourself. The Twelve Stars didn’t shine on him, which meant he was unbound by any constellation.

Zander: Interesting…

Jules: It was also said that the Star Mute One had some sort of connection with dragons, and that he ruled the ancient dungeon known as the Silver Dragon’s Tower. Some people amusingly refer to him as the “Master of the Dungeon”.

Zander’s thoughts: Master of the Dungeon…

Jules: There are many other tales throughout history that speak of individuals much like the Star Mute One, though there is not much evidence to tie these people together.

Zander: That makes sense, I guess.

Jules: One scholar theorises that these folks are all manifestations of the original Star Mute One, and that he revealed himself every so often over a period of 1,000 years. If the theory proves to be true, then the original Star Mute One must have been a luminelv, as no other beings besides the fae folk have such long lifespans.

Zander’s thoughts: A luminelv…like the oracle…

Jules: We humans usually live for a little over one century, so for you to become the successor could ultimately disprove that scholar’s theory, as each individual could indeed be part of a legacy.

Zander: A legacy?

Jules nods.

Jules: Zed, you may not be the first Star Mute One, but you are almost certainly the successor to one or more before you.

Zander: Then…I could-

Suddenly, the three orbs appear before Zander. Jules’ eyes widen.

Jules: By the stars…

A tiny orb of white light moves from the large cyan orb to the aqua orb, causing the cyan one to shrink and the aqua one to grow. The orbs disappear.

Jules: The Penduli Aqua…?

Zander: Wait…you know what those things are?

Suddenly, a thin layer of seawater washes across the floorboards, leaving a strong smell of brine within the library. Jules is dumbfounded.

Zander: What…just happened?

Jules: Zed…you just proved my theory.

Zander: Your theory?

Jules: Please, seek out Newt and tell him of what just happened.

Zander: But-

Jules: Please, Zed! This is most important!

Zander: O-Okay then…

We cut to a view of Jules closing his front door.

Jules: Things in this town just became much more exciting…

Voice: Father? Is everything the matter?

The scene cuts to a view of a young woman with long, perfectly-straight honey-coloured hair slowly descending a staircase. She is staring at Jules.

Jules: Of course, Laura honey. Everything is fine.

The woman sniffs.

Laura: Do I smell seawater?

Jules: Uh…yes! I was…making a seafood banquet.

Laura: But you know Mother doesn’t like you using the kitchen. You always leave a big mess.

Jules: Yes. Yes I do.

Laura smiles.

Laura: Is that what you did? You spilled brine all over the floor again?

Jules smiles.

Jules: Okay, I get the point. Get changed, because I’m taking you and Kendall out for dinner tonight.

Laura: Okay then!

Laura turns around and heads back up the stairs. Jules’ expression softens a little.

Jules’ thoughts: Zed must not meet Laura…it is too risky…I suppose it is time for her to join Stormshroud Academy…

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Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origin of Zed: The Star Mute One - A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

August 3rd 2018, 10:40 pm
Webisode 05:
Scene 1: The Budding Alchemist: Early Afternoon

Newt finishes serving a customer.

Newt: There we go...one pendant of Aoatrak.

Customer: Excellent. How much do I owe you?

Newt: No charge, my good fellow.

The customer's eyes widen.

Customer: R-Really?! A-Are you sure you wish to give me something so valuable with nothing in return?!

Newt: Ohoho, my dear fellow! It is a mere trinket, I assure you. Please, take it.

The customer picks up a book entitled Top Tips for Midakaoi: A Beginner's Guide.

Customer: Oh...th-thank you, sir!

The customer bows. Zander walks past the customer as he leaves the shop.

Zander: Who was that?

Newt: Just a new patron of mine.

Zander: He seems...nice.

Newt: Indeed. Now, tell me, young Zed, why you have not set foot in this shop in weeks.

Zander: Oh...sorry, Mr. Newt. I've...been busy.

Newt nods.

Newt: M-hm...seeking more information on the Stella Mutus, no doubt.

Zander: Yeah...wait...how did you-

Newt: I had suspected for some time, young master. From the moment I saw no aura surrounding you, in fact.

Zander: No...aura?

Newt: Everyone in this world and beyond possesses a colourful aura, which serves as a marker of sorts. My people refer to this aura as "chromairo".

Zander: "Cro-MY-roh"?

Newt nods.

Newt: Indeed. In an ancient tongue, it means "colour within hue". I was born with the innate ability to see the chromairo of others. You are an oddity in this realm, one who lacks aura. Thus, you were not born under the Twelve Spires.

Zander: Twelve Stars, you mean?

Newt closes his eyes.

Newt: Indeed. I suppose I am not as young as I once was...

Newt opens his eyes and smiles.

Newt: Your lack of aura suggests that you are indeed the Stella Mutus, and a grand journey awaits you...but-

Newt pauses.

Zander: What is it?

Newt: It is nothing, I am sure. Now, how are your arcane studies progressing?

Zander: Well...I can do this...

Zander stretches out his hand.

Zander: "Light!"

An orb of white light appears in front of Zander.

Newt: Most impressive. You have mastered yet another cantrip, I see.

Zander dispels the orb and lowers his hand.

Zander: Yeah, but I haven't been able to make it blue, like I did before. Also, I can't figure out how to make three at once, and no books will help me.

Newt: Hm...have you tried the StarThread?

Zander: StarThread?

Newt: Indeed. It is a network of information fuelled by the very magic of this realm. You should be able to access it from the Silvertooth Library.

Zander: Okay, I'll give it a look.

Newt smiles.

Newt: Excellent. Off you go, then.

Zander closes the door to the shop and walks down the street.

Zander's thoughts: This...StarThread thing...it sounds kind of familiar...

We cut back to a view of the inside of the shop. Newt furrows his brow.

Newt's thoughts: It is most strange...though Zed has no aura...it is as though he is from the wandering world...perhaps the Hippocamp will provide some answers...

Newt chuckles.

Newt: Perhaps not.

Scene 2: Cityscape: Night

Erik leads Tad, Siren and a homonid human girl with blue hair walk through a futuristic-looking city. It appears to be a paradise of geek culture.

Tad: Whoa...what IS this place, Erik?

Erik: Patience, Tadpole. I will reveal in time.

Siren: So why exactly did you bring us here?

Tad: And why is Lissi here too?

The girl flips out.

Girl: Hey! What's that supposed to mean, "Tadpole"?!

Tad: Nothing, Alyssandra. Nothing at all.

Siren: Come on, Tad. You KNOW she hates it when you use her real name.

Girl: Yeah, Tad! It's LISSI, okay? Lissi Farthington!

Tad: Okay, okay, I won't use your full name if YOU stop calling me "Tadpole".

The girl grins.

Girl: Deal!

Erik: The reason I brought you here-

Siren: Is it to do with that creepy guy who came into the shop?

Erik: ...yes.

Tad: You...uh...took a while to answer there, Erik.

Erik's eyes widen.

Erik: Wh-What?!

Tad: Yeah, like a second or two too long.

Lissi: Tad, get a grip! Sure, Erik MAY have secrets, but-

Erik stares at Lissi.

Lissi: What?

Erik: Are we not getting too personal here, Alyssandra?

Lissi: Oh...sorry, Dr. Hollows...

Tad: Hey, how come HE'S allowed to call you by your full name?!

Erik: Because I am, Tad.

Tad stares at Erik, before he shrugs his shoulders.

Tad: Fair enough.

Siren: So you're one of Erik's students, Lissi?

Lissi: Oh...yeah, I've been studying literature. It's actually really fascinating.

Tad: Aren't you training to be a martial arts sensei?

Lissi: Well, yeah, but sensei hone body AND mind, Tad.

Tad stares at Lissi, before shrugging his shoulders.

Tad: Fair enough. Hey...

Tad runs up to a shop window. A poster for a fantasy game called Midakaoi Online is displayed.

Tad: This game looks fun...

Erik: Oh, you fancy this game, do you?

Tad: Yeah! How come I haven't heard of it before?

Erik: Well...

Tad: I mean, I keep up-to-date on EVERY new MMO that comes out...

Siren: It's...probably best to not think about it, Tad.

Lissi: Yeah, Tad! There's more to life than games.

Tad glares at Lissi.


Lissi holds Tad's arm behind his back.

Tad: OW! Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-

Lissi: Be VERY careful what you call me, Tad!

Tad: Okay! Okay! I give!

Lissi: Good.

Lissi lets go of Tad, who rubs his forearm.

Tad: I didn't know you could be so mean...

Lissi: Well, when you push the right buttons...

Erik looks at the poster and ponders.

Erik's thoughts: Perhaps it would be safest to keep them in LockDown...just until the danger passes...

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