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Harvest Rune Factory For U Confirmed!


E3 - E3: Stardew Valley Is Set To Hit The Wii U eShop In Q4 2016! Starde10

The independent game developer ConcernedApe has announced that their retro-style farming simulation title Stardew Valley will indeed be hitting the Wii U eShop during Q4 of 2016! The game also features Rune Factory style battles and dungeons which is pretty cool since the Rune Factory series is in limbo since its developer went bankrupt. Chucklefish and Sickhead Games will be handling the publishing of the Wii U port of the game!

ConcernedApe has stated that they'll try to add exclusive features to the Wii U version of the game and take advantage of the Gamepad's second screen! Be sure to watch the trailer and leave us your thoughts in our comment section below!

Source: Nintendo Everything.




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E3 - E3: Stardew Valley Is Set To Hit The Wii U eShop In Q4 2016! Rukiafan7

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Our article is now live. Wink
As a kid from the SNES era this has exactly the color and detail that makes me drool. Razz

And it's not just the nostalgic charming art and animation. The gameplay looks great as well.
The farmwork in Stardew Valley seems exciting and simple (as opposed to being boring and tedious) with fastpaced controls and easy item use.
It's not just a farm-sim though. Just like Harvest Moon there is a story and events, NPCs, sidequests, and collectibles, so it's an adventure/RPG as well.
And there's plenty of customization, at least in your own farm area. So it's also a creative game where you can edit a chunk.

Seems we have another highlight for Wii U this year. I don't know about the developer or publisher (they never released something for a Nintendo home console before) but I hope the studio that ports this game to Wii U puts as much care into this as the original creators.
This looks so fun. Smile
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