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One Word Sums Up This Week! Big!


(Updated Again!) NA ~ Nintendo Weekly Downloads: April 14th 2016 ~ April 20th 2016 04210

Once again some of this week's North American eShop releases have been confirmed a bit early. This time our source is the North American eShop itself! Since it's still early in the week, it's likely that more games will be confirmed by tomorrow evening "especially Wii U VC titles"! Anyways these are the games currently confirmed for release on the North American eShop this week:

Update: All of this week's downloads have now been confirmed! Recheck the list below to see the complete list of Wii U and 3DS eShop downloads for this week in North America!

Updated Again: As luck would have it two additional titles have been confirmed for release tomorrow on the North American eShops moving the total number of new releases for the week up to a whopping 15 titles!


Wii U eShop Releases

Asdivine Hearts ~ Kemco ~ JRPG ~ $9.99

Draw 2 Survive ~ Unit DTH Studio / Christian Sanders ~ Physics-based drawing platformer ~ $1.99

Lost Reavers: Beta ~ Namco-Bandai ~ Multiplayer / Action-Adventure ~ Free

Dodge Club Party ~ James Montagna Games ~ Party ~ $1.99

Paranautical Activity ~ Code Avarice / Saturnine Games ~ FPS / Roguelike ~ $9.99

Slots - Pharaoh's Riches ~ Skunk Software ~ Simulated Gambling ~ $4.99 for a limited time then $9.99


Wii U Virtual Console Releases

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (DS) $6.99


3DS Digital Retail Releases

Bravely Default 2: End Layer ~ Square Enix ~ JRPG ~ $39.99

Langrisser Re: Incarnation ~ Aksys Games ~ JRPG ~ $39.99


3DS eShop Releases

Excave III: Tower of Destiny ~ Bergsala Lightweight ~ Action / RPG ~ $9.99

Super Strike Beach Volleyball ~ Natsume ~ Sports / Volleyball ~ $4.99


3DS Virtual Console Releases

Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES) ~ RARE ~ Platformer ~ $7.99

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES) ~ Nintendo ~ Adventure ~ $7.99

Super Metroid (SNES) ~ Nintendo ~ Platformer / Adventure ~ $7.99

Star Tropics (NES) ~ Nintendo ~ Adventure ~ $4.99


What do you think of this week's upcoming eShop downloads that have been confirmed so far? We'll be sure to update this list as new games are confirmed, in the meantime be sure to tell us what you think in our comment section below!


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(Updated Again!) NA ~ Nintendo Weekly Downloads: April 14th 2016 ~ April 20th 2016 Rukiafan7

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I wonder what VC titles we'll get, and what platform it'll be... DS? we need more DS titles
@Minato your wish has been granted. Wink
well thats a start, I was hoping for Kirby or Zelda. Star Tropics on 3DS is a bit odd, but awesome though.
@Minato two new games have been confirmed! 15 games in one week?! I must be dreaming! Anime Sweat
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