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Game Show Host For U!


Trailer: U Host Will Be Hitting The Wii U eShop In March of 2016! U-host10

U Host is a game show title that revolves around the Wii U Gamepad. The Gamepad user takes on the role of a game show host and can create the game show of his or her dreams. U Host was announced way back in 2014 and the game's developer Bear Box Media has released a new trailer for the game as well as a tentative release window of March of this year!

What do you think of the game based on the trailer? Be sure to checkout the trailer and leave us a comment below!

Source: Nintendo Everything.


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Trailer: U Host Will Be Hitting The Wii U eShop In March of 2016! Rukiafan7

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This looks like an awesome party game! Very Happy
@Pokefreak agreed.
U Host is a game that I'm really interested in. I look forward to the review of the game!
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