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More Kart racing content on the way?


Nintendo of Europe recently posted a tweet on their Twitter account that has caused speculation of the continuation of Mario Kart 8 DLC, as seen below

Mario Kart 8 is a fantastic game, as mentioned in my review here and the DLC we have so far is very well made and at a good price, which I gave a detailed look at DLC here

Considering it's been a while since Mario Kart 8 has gotten DLC, Nintendo may have another batch up their sleeves as the Wii U is slowly going to fade as the NX approaches release next year. Although Nintendo is focusing on the new home console Zelda at E3 this year, here's hoping we'll get a direct around the same time.

source from NoE Twitter


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Thanks for posting this important news article @Gamergy! Wink
Wait...what?! Shocked
This is such nice news to hear #MK8 #DLC. Smile
More #MK8 #DLC would be awesome. Smile
I hope Nintendo isn't just trolling us. Sad
#MK8 #DLC.
I would love that, loved the DLC in the past and it would be a great way for people to keep playing Mario Kart.
If there really is new DLC, then I hope it includes [INSERT COURSE NAME HERE] and [INSERT CHARACTER NAME HERE]. It sucks that they weren't part of the game in the first place, so now's the chance for [INSERT DEVELOPER NAME HERE] to redeem themselves! Breaking News: Nintendo of Europe tweet teases at Mario Kart 8 DLC 631737971
This would make sense considering that the NX launch was delayed until next year.
@LizofDoom NX wasnt delayed at all, Nintendo never said it would release, nor did i believe it would release this year, it was all rumors and speculations
Please make this a reality Nintendo! #MK8 #DLC
@Sneaker I agree.
If this is true I'll be a happy Ninty fan! Very Happy
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