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Bear Box Media

Genre: Quiz
Players: Up to 4 Players or Teams and 1 Host

EU Launch: 2016-03-03 Price: 9,99€
NA Launch: 2016-03-17 Price: $9.99

Website / Trailer

Tested: EU / PAL-Version

Review: U Host (Wii U eShop) WiiUDS_UHost_01_mediaplayer_large

U Host isn't just a quiz game for up to 4 players or teams. In this Wii U exclusive, the Wii U GamePad adds a new multiplayer main feature for another player in a different role: He or she can be the host of a quiz show, his/her own custom quiz show to be exact.

In the main menu you can select one of four different options: Start a Gameshow, Set Up a Gameshow, Quick-Start, and Question Creator. Since you can't start a gameshow until you have created one you wanna check out the other options first. If you have friends and/or family around and just wanna have a good time instantly with 1000+ preset questions, pick "Quick-Start".

The "Question Creator" gives you access to 2 custom sets. Using the touchscreen it's easy and comfortable typing in questions with the virtual keyboard quickly. Of course  you have to put in 3 wrong answers and 1 correct answer as well before you can create the next question. You can easily edit or erase questions or jump to the last one to add more, and according to the developer you can add 100.000+ of your own questions. You never have to worry about hitting a limit creating new questions so that's pretty amazing.

Review: U Host (Wii U eShop) WiiUDS_UHost_02_mediaplayer_large

"Create a Gameshow" is an editor that is easy to use. In it you can add rounds by selecting the game you want to play. You don't have to always pick the quiz game as there are eight tv show party minigames to select from as well. Most of them aren't very long or difficult, some of them are luck-based. It's a nice addition, they manage to spruce things up a bit and everyone will have their favourites. However, quiz is the main one. You can select from the categories Art, Computers/Technology, Food/Beverage, Gaming, Geography, History, Literature, Medicine, and Science. There's also a special kind of question set as the self-explanatory "True/False", as well as the obvious "Random" option, and your own Custom Set 1 and Custom Set 2. Choose how many questions you want for each quiz round individually. You can even pick a name for your show, and choose from 6 backgrounds and 3 intro songs.

When playing a Gameshow the Wii U GamePad is the management tool for the host. It's for his eyes alone, and the other players are only invited to look at it or use it when the game says so (in a couple of the additional games). The host gets three question choices to choose from, as was selected in the setup, but he can always randomize them, or change the category, or skip the question entirely. He can choose the order in which the answers pop-up on the tv screen. He can view and hide the correct answers on the touchscreen by the tap of a button, he can add bonus points, and he can automate several events or have control over them. It's also a nice addition that the host can be or rather has to be the BUZZER presser for players that don't have a Wiimote or a Wii U Pro Controller. And he is entitled to ban/unban players from the game and to change their names. In short, the host sets the pace, and the amount of freedom you have playing as him is unexpected and only adds to the gameplay.

Review: U Host (Wii U eShop) WiiUDS_UHost_03_mediaplayer_large

Unfortunately the game runs a little slow in the quiz rounds and minigames compared to the menus and editors, which is evident when tapping around on the touchscreen. It's not a big problem in this kind of game though, but adding to the somewhat laggy feel the loading times between rounds take longer than they should since there doesn't seem to be much to load at all, the loading screen also tends to have a graphic glitch in the later rounds. Other than that the game sports a clean and functional presentation that lacks some charm. That's probably where the host comes in to add his own flavor, but I personally don't remember having ever seen such a sterile main menu in a party game.

U Host says what it does and does it quite good. It's perfect for partys and offers anything that is really important plus a few surprises, making it a really unique quiz game. It's without glitter and sparkle and rather goes for a functional, easy-to-use, but sometimes empty feeling look. That's where it would be nice if there was more customization to the overall presentation and the ability to add photos from the players just like in the trailer. The biggest problem U Host has is that it's only in English which escapes many European markets but it's possible to workaround that somewhat by adding lots of questions in your own language.


Written by SKTTR, 2nd April
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on April 3rd 2016, 1:00 pmTowafan7
@SKTTR Awesome review milkdud! My review of the game should be published in the next week or two. Wink
on April 4th 2016, 1:21 pmRagnarok
@SKTTR you can create 100,000 plus custom questions? Shocked
on April 4th 2016, 3:47 pmSKTTR
@Ichigofan: Milkdud?? Shocked What's that?

@Ragnarok: Yes, Bear Box Media confirmed it on Miiverse.

on April 4th 2016, 4:46 pmRagnarok
@SKTTR I think it's a glitch with the word censoring on this website. He most likely said d.u.d.e!
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on April 6th 2016, 5:43 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
@Ragnarok @SKTTR Yes for some reason the word d.ude is censored on this website and @Ichigofan keeps temporarily fixing the issue, but it always seams to return a few weeks after getting fixed lol. Rolling Eyes

Nice review lol. Smile
on April 9th 2016, 6:16 pmGuest
Beautiful review @SKTTR! I love you
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