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Bonkers Prehistoric Adventure.

Virtual Console: Bonk's Adventure Likely To Release On The Wii U Virtual Console Service This Week In North America Bonks-10

Bonk's Adventure for the TG-16 has been ESRB rated for release on the Wii U Virtual Console service meaning that a North American release of the game is very likely this week. If true, this will mark the first third party console to be added to the Wii U Virtual Console service in the western hemisphere.

As always feel free to leave your thoughts in our comment section below.

Source: Nintendo Everything.

I'm in love with love! ♥️
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i dont wanna burst any bubbles, but this also got an NES version... I doubt its that, but dont be disappointed if it turns out to be the NES version. I know TG16 games are out in Japan as well, but who knows at this point
@passioNATE Wasn't the NES version only released in Japan?
@Ichigo IDK? i'm not saying it will be, i do hope its TG16, but i'm saying its possible its the NES version
I used to own the third Bonk game (before the Zack's First Wii U Debacle... Sad ), and it was pretty fun. If this makes it Down Under, it might be worth checking out. Happy )
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