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Wave riding for charity!

WiiWareWave is sponsoring a gaming marathon of sorts for charity! Mario-Party-9-Principals

EDIT: The marathon is over! I enjoyed it and hope to do another one again sometime! I will not be taking donations for charity on my Twitch channel for charity until next marathon but if you still want to help the cause I did this marathon for go to www.umdf.org thanks to all who watched!

I (Gamergy) am doing a gaming "marathon" for charity with a friend and WiiWareWave has agreed to help sponsor it! Here are more details:

--It starts today (Friday, Sept. 25th) at 1pm US Eastern time and will continue over the weekend (most likely through Sunday)

--Please note that we will be taking a break for rest as it gets late as I literally can't stay awake for a whole night for health reasons but we will pick back up in the morning (this is why I put "marathon" in quotes)

--We will be playing a lot of Multiplayer games and some single-player games as well, all Nintendo.

--Awareness and money will be raised for the United Mitochondria Disease Foundation (http://www.umdf.org )  every 30 minutes a child is born who will develop the disease by the age of 10 and the illness has effected me for my 20+ years of life. Learn more on the previous attached link to the official website

--Even if you can't donate, it would be nice to see support!

HERE is the link to the marathon page!

Hope to see you there!

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What a beautiful gesture! I love you
Excellent idea, @Gamergy! WiiWareWave is sponsoring a gaming marathon of sorts for charity! 631737971
I watched some of your Dokopon Kingdom footage. @Gamergy I tried to donate ¥500, but I wasn't able to thanks to my currency not being accepted. Sad
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on September 28th 2015, 5:40 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Good luck with your charity stream lol. Smile
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