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System Update Incoming?

Rumormill: Wii U Themes Will Be Available Starting June 1st? Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTO3s6r-Pjy7rCs0Sq8IDnjOfDkZzRV2ZpDB5d7HZbNXiwTA53xtCvB8t4

The 3DS and Wii U eshops will be down for maintenance on June 1st so many people are naturally hoping for some sort of system update for the Wii U and unsurprisingly rumors have already begun to emerge! Possibly the most noteworthy is from Ace2Dee2 from Neogaf who posted the image above stating that a new system update for the Wii U will add new features including a Wii U theme shop on June 1st!

The thread was quickly closed, but we did manage to save the image he posted beforehand. What do you guys and gals think? Let us know in our comments below!

Rumormill: Wii U Themes Will Be Available Starting June 1st? Rukiafan7
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on May 14th 2015, 8:07 pmKokorOtaku
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That would be great to have some sorta Crossbuy (not nessicarly VC titles, but maybe themes and photos) before E3
@passioNATE that would be so neat! I love you
on May 14th 2015, 8:32 pmGeekyGamerJack
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That image looks fake, but it'd be neat to have customisable themes on Wii U. Smile
@passioNATE I agree crossbuy for home menu themes would be a perfect way for Nintendo to start off their crossbuy feature. Wink
That and it doesn't make sense to have WiiU game themes on 3DS... And we're getting a Splatoon theme 2 days before this update
I hope this turns out to be true.
this would be nice. I can change the themes on my PS3, but not on my WiiU. It would be cool to see something other than that white background all the time.
It seems the maintenance has been cancelled for June 1st and will be a couple days before E3 instead. All aboard the hype train! W00t!
Darn have to wait a bit longer... Hopefully it is something really food... Surprised wait could they do something similar to E3 2011? What I mean is they launched the eShop the day before to promote the VC at E3... What if something big isin the works like an account system and or Crossbuy and they'll spend like 3-5 minutes talking about how it works and it's benefits
That would be awesome! Very Happy
It would make sense too since Nintendo usually does major updates around major releases and they're treating Splatoon as such... But the one that makes me even more curios is Mario Makers System update, since that releases around the time Nintendos DeNA partnership kicks off... Hmmm
Update Incoming! I just got a system update that tried to download, but failed! Wink
Already?! Surprised
I hope this IS a good update, I'll be dissapointed if it's JUST themes
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