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Sonic The Hedgehog is back along with his new friend tails in this second installment of the series and must once again stop dr. eggman "aka dr. robotnik" from trying to conquer the world using his robot army!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (gen) Sonic2


STH2 adds alot to the original formula such as new items,and much faster platforming action and the wii vc version's emulation of this game is nearly perfect as there is nearly no slowdown while going at fast speeds,or any audio issues at all!
This game is actually quite long as it has nearly 10 zones with 2 levels each,and may take over 4 hours to beat,so you may not finish it in one sitting unless you have plenty of free time!

This game also features a terrific multiplayer mode where 2-players can play through 4 zones from the main game competing for the most defeated enemies,rings,items,score,and quickest time the player who wins in the most categories is the overall winner of the level!

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (gen) Sonic2-8

Graphics and Music

The graphics in sonic the hedgehog 2 are vastly improved over those seen in the first sonic game,as the resolution is better,and the levels are more detailed and colorful!

The soundtrack in this game is superb as most of the music is pleasing to the ears,and is quite memorable and the sound effects aren't annoying either!

Bottom line-with some of the best gameplay in the series,and an awesome multiplayer mode,as well as a top tier soundtrack sonic the hedgehog 2 is a dream come true for any fan of the platforming genre! rukiafan.

Price-800 points
Score ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9/10

9- Awesome This game has little in the way of flaws, and is a highly enjoyable experience.

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (gen) Rukiafan7

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on June 24th 2011, 11:13 pmAmufungal
I can't wait for your review to be posted! I'm very much looking forward to it Smile
on June 26th 2011, 7:06 pmTowafan7
My review is finished Wink

@kingrex could you please add 3-4 pics on this review and 2-3 for dr. robotnik's mean bean machine?
on June 26th 2011, 8:43 pmShounenMania
This is one of my favorite Sonic the hedgehog games as well and I'm as picky as Mad
on June 27th 2011, 1:43 amDigiDestined
Another nice unbiased review victory
on June 27th 2011, 5:57 pmTowafan7
I added pics from photobucket Wink
on June 30th 2011, 1:29 pmShounenMania
I like the format this review is in better it looks more professional Very Happy
on July 6th 2011, 8:35 pmSonicKnuckles
Sonic 2 is a great game with few flaws great review Rukiafan!
on January 6th 2012, 1:45 pmMs_Kinomoto
Um....good review Rukiafan Smile
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on March 18th 2012, 9:43 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Superb review considering you hadn't perfected your reviewing style quite yet. Too bad this might not be available for much longer. Sad
on March 19th 2012, 2:54 amMarth
I agree (almost) fully with the review. Probably my favorite of the classic Sonic games, even more so than Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

The only thing I question is where you say the length of the game can be more than four hours. I'm not exactly the best, but I still beat the game in a bit over half an hour or so and I believe there are people who can do it in around 20 minutes. I can't imagine even two or three hours if you died a lot. Shocked
on March 19th 2012, 12:15 pmAmufungal
It can be longer if you try to obtain Super Sonic Smile
I usually beat the game in 2 hours if I try to get all Chaos Emeralds Smile
on March 19th 2012, 1:16 pmFuManchu
This is a nice review, but lol at taking 4 hours to beat. Razz
on July 23rd 2012, 1:43 amClαππαd
I have never seen anyone take more than 3 hours to beat this game. Shocked
on May 9th 2013, 2:50 pmSonicKnuckles
This is the best game in the 2D series. sonic
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