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The long awaited Mario Kart 8 is coming to Wii U at the end of this month, and where would Mario Kart be without items?  So to get ready for Mario Kart 8, here is a list of the top 5 items in the Mario Kart series

5. Koopa Shells

Top 5 Items in Mario Kart Green_Shell_NSMBU

Basically the missile of Mario Kart, the koopa shells are a classic item that is more common than any others on this list. I’ve had many races where I was in second place, and getting one green shell helped me win the race. Another factor I like about koopa shells is that you can hold them behind your kart and block another shell that is fired at you. There’s a reason you see koopa shells in every Mario Kart game, it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

4. Blue Shell

Top 5 Items in Mario Kart Mk8bs

If koopa shells are the missiles of Mario Kart, the blue shell is the atom bomb. Widely considered the most hated item in Mario Kart, the blue shell has robbed victory from countless gamers; there’s nothing worse than getting hit by a blue shell when you’re seconds away from victory. The blue shell is the only item that ensues fear in racers, when you hear it coming you know you’re in trouble. Even though we all hate it, you can’t deny that the blue shell has an important role in races.

3. Starman

Top 5 Items in Mario Kart Starman

The Starman has been a pinnacle of the Super Mario series ever since its introduction in the original Super Mario Bros. It gave you invincibility, making it the most sought-after item. The Starman might not be the most sought-after item in Mario Kart, but it’s still one of the best. Not only do you become invincible when used, you also get a speed boost. This duo of powers continues to keep the hopes alive of people in fifth place, while not being as unfair as the Blue Shell.

2. Mushroom

Top 5 Items in Mario Kart Triple_Mushrooms_Artwork_-_Mario_Kart_Wii

The mushroom has always existed in the Mario Kart universe, and for good reason. Ask yourself, how many racing games have you played that don’t have a booster of some sort? Chances are you haven’t played many. The mushroom is a great item, and considering they’re not uncommon, they can be extremely useful. Want to cut a corner but it would normally slow down your cart? Use a mushroom, and you can take an easy shortcut to victory. If used properly, the Mushroom can have a serious effect on the outcome of the race. It is also more common than the Starman, which is why it is one of my favorite items.

1. Lucky Seven

Top 5 Items in Mario Kart Lucky_7_Artwork_-_Mario_Kart_7

Am I cheating on this one? Maybe, but what else is better than seven items at once? In Mario Kart 7 this new item, titled lucky 7, was introduced. In one item are seven items to use, hence the name. The seven items are chosen at random, but no matter what you get, you’re sure to cause some havoc. Imagine having the previous four items plus another three items to add. The lucky seven is the rarest item in Mario Kart, you will only get it if you’re in last or close to last. If you do get it, use it wisely; chances are you won’t get it again for a few races. The lucky seven will return in Mario Kart eight with the title “crazy eight” so keep an eye out for this powerful item.

What do you think about this list? Is there something you would change? Are you excited about Mario Kart 8? Join the discussion in the comments below!
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May 20th 2014, 11:12 amGuest
Beautiful feature Gamergy, but where's the Mega Mushroom?
The pictures in your feature are too big.
May 20th 2014, 1:47 pmKeAfan7
Thanks for posting yet another amazing feature @Gamergy. Wink
May 20th 2014, 2:02 pmStaroceancrazy
I hate the spiny blue shells.  Mad 
May 20th 2014, 2:26 pmRWBY_Red
Good list, but isn't Koopa Shells a little too broad? There are like 4 different varieties of the item. Rolling Eyes
May 20th 2014, 2:54 pmClαππαd
Nice article Gamergy.
You are a fantastic news anchor and reviewer. Smile
Yusei Fudo
May 20th 2014, 4:26 pmYusei Fudo
I would say that my top 5 are.

5 Mega Mushroom
4 Starman
3 Chain Chomp
2 Yoshi Egg
1 Bullet Bill

Your article is great and I can't wait to see your next one!
May 20th 2014, 4:51 pmRyanNerdyGamer
"Maybe, but what else is better than seven items at once?"
Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! Um...eight items at once! Very Happy
May 20th 2014, 6:42 pmGamergy
@Natsume I consider the koopa shells as the green or red ones.

@kushina The Mega Mushrooms were close behind the koopa shells, but sadly didn't make it on the list. (pictures have been fixed)

@Yusei Fudo another good bunch of items. I almost included Bullet Bill in my list, but I didn't want to fill my list with items that weren't strategic. I wanted to include only one non-strategic item, and the blue shell ended up beating bullet bill for that title.

@GamerZack7 well played…

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Even though I had to eliminate a few items I liked, I enjoyed writing this, as I do with all of my work!
May 21st 2014, 1:34 pmShounenMania
Soundwav would approve if he were still here! Top 5 Items in Mario Kart 631737971
Great article man!
May 23rd 2014, 1:55 pmChickgoboom
Nice list gamergy! Very Happy
May 23rd 2014, 3:48 pmFM_Alchemist
Good list and amazing feature!
May 24th 2014, 4:37 pmSuperVash
Great list.
May 26th 2014, 12:13 pmFuManchu
I'm surprised about some of the item choices, but I enjoyed reading the feature.
May 27th 2014, 12:44 pmLink_i_am
This is a good list of items and I agree with most of your choices.
June 1st 2014, 5:32 pmSneaker
Always loved the feather. Being able to jump over the gap in the ghost levels on the SNES was amazing. Good memories.
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