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Biorn the Viking
Biorn the Viking
Looks like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land may be joining New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop if this rumor is indeed true.

Rumormill: Mario Kart 7 & Super Mario 3D Land May Be Heading To eShop Mario_Kart_7

"Well I was running my weekly scan of Nintendo's CDN (the server where Nintendo hosts eShop Titles), and the EUR version of Mario Kart 7's title ID was added, sometime between now and last thursday.

You might call me wrong, but if you look at the TMD, it says the title has a manual and DLP Child, just like Mario Kart 7. And the NCCH files on CDN are very close to the size of the NCCH files from the EUR version of the ROM:

Executable NCCH: CDN/ROM = 609/611mb
Manual NCCH: CDN/ROM = 2.69/2.52mb
Dlp Child Container NCCH: CDN/ROM = 26.5/26.5mb"

Source: Click here

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The digital age is here! ^-^
Yeah I remember seeing iwata talk about digital retail, and MK7, SM3DL, and PilotWings were shown in the demo, so I believe it is true, I just hope I can some how transfer the data from my original cards to the 3DS
Well, it would appear that I might soon be replacing my copy of Super Mario 3D Land with the digital version. I wonder what I should do with my old one... Smile
I'll be even more likely to purchase a copy Super Mario 3D Land, if Nintendo offers a discount on the downloadable version.
I wish I can make my copy of Mario Kart 7 digital to have with me at all times..
Retail digital downloads are slowly becoming the preferable method of purchasing videogames. This is especially so in my case, because I've been informed by multiple 3DS friends that they've somehow lost a cartridge somewhere. It's usually their most popular games too, for some reason.

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I rarely lose my games. Yet, it's always the gems.. Like Club House Games... I really miss that game.

The neat thing about digital is that you can always retrive it by redownload if you ever lose your system (goddess forbid) and you can back-up data. Some people even share save data with others which was common for PSP games.
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