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Farewell to a great 3DS app

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One of the most useful features of the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Letter Box (aka Swapnote), has been discontinued with only a few hours' notice. The SpotPass feature has been removed to many fans' dismay. It's unfortunate that Nintendo has decided to take this course of action due to people misusing it by sending inappropriate letters and photos to strangers.

Are you disappointed by the removal of one of the most important features of the app or the fact that there was only a few hours' warning that it was going to lose said features? Be sure to let us know!

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That would be horrible since that's the main way I've been communicating with my cute Japanese friend Crying or Very sad
@Otaku: Can you still chat with her on Miiverse?
Yes, but it's not the same :'( on the 3DS we shared photos of stuff we bought and I got to show her what I looked like and she said I looked pretty. She enjoyed the photos I sent to her (none inappropriate) I felt happy and I think she did to
I know what you mean. It's unfortunate that this has come about by a handful of people misusing the service. Perhaps Nintendo could simply have enforced the Parental Controls by making the app unusable by people of a certain age group.
They took down Flipnote studio 3D in Japan to, I wonder if miverse 3DS is coming soon. That would be a great way to send photos to friends and write messages and would also make Swapnote and Flipnote pointless in the long run
Instead of disabling the entire SwapNote service, why couldn't Nintendo have just disabled that version of SwapNote. Then only allow adults 18 years of age or older to download an updated version on the eShop, by designating it as rated "Mature". Mature adults shouldn't have to suffer, because of some young pervert's wrongdoing's. I don't see how Nintendo could be held liable, if SwapNote was rated "Mature" on the eShop.
There are numerous ways to block abusive users so why was this even necessary?
This is really unfortunate and has me wondering why the app is still available even though its most important function has been cut from the app?
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I'm not to happy about this, but what can I do? No
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