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Japan had a Pikmin 3 focused Nintendo Direct this morning and it had Mario and Pikmin creator, Shigeru Miyamoto giving some details into the game as well as inviting Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto so that he can play the game as Miyamoto is giving him the details about the game.

The video also shows the intro of Pikmin 3 in the beggining of the game, showing the story of the 3 new characters while also showing the tutorial later on, but if you don't want any spoilers about the intro and how it's story begins, here are the gameplay-focused details mentioned in the video translated by GoNintendo:

- There's an object like the GamePad in the game called the GPAD, can be used as a map and as some sort of communicator.
- Throw Pikmin with the A button (Wii remote + Nunchuck being used).
- Call them with B.
- Pikmin can be tossed toward the aimed on-screen target.
- Pikmin can still carry enemies, pellets, etc. to their onion.
- Use the Z button to change the camera.
- The Pikmin can build a bridge out of the piled tiles located in certain areas.
- A map is on the GamePad, where you can see remaining Pikmin, allies, etc.
- More Pikmin can carry an object faster.
- Plucking Pikmin has been simplified, just press A on one of the grounded ones to pluck them all.
- Optional missions are available, they are used for practice.
- Rescue Pikmin captured by a jellyfish-like creature by tossing rock Pikmin at it.
- Optional Missions have a time limit, once the time limit is up, your score is tallied, counting current amount of pikmin, amount of objects obtained, etc.
- Flying Pikmin can retrieve objects from otherwise inaccessible spots.
- Missions can be cleared in about 10 min but you can do your own strategies on how to beat them faster and better.
- A replay feature is included in the Gamepad which allows you to see everything you did in that mission, tracing every steps that you did.

That is all for the gameplay details, so what do you think of Pikmin 3 so far ? lets us know in the comments !

Source: GoNintendo

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June 26th 2013, 4:53 pmRyanNerdyGamer
I don't speak much Japanese.

"Arigatou Gozaimasu!" - Thank you very much!
"Doitashimashite!" - You're welcome!
"Hajimemashite!" Nice to meet you!
"Douzoyoroshiku!" - Nice to see you again!
"Watashi no Momo wa Oishii desu!" - My peach is yummy!

That, plus a few other phrases, are all I know. Neutral
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