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We Need Your Help!

Update! WiiWareWave Will Keep its Custom Domain Name For 6 More Months! WWWdonatecopy

In just six short weeks our custom .com domain will revert to .forumotion.com if we don't receive donations from you, our dedicated fans.

What will this mean for you?:

If we lose our custom domain the number of visitors will decrease along with the number of new members who could potentially become an active part of our community.

This could also reduce the number of potential staff who can add content, moderate the forums to prevent spam outbreaks, and make changes to our design.

How to donate?:

Click the Donate button on the header "the one with the coin" or click the logo in this article, and choose your method of donation and donate! Even if it's only a single dollar it will help us out greatly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article please feel free to comment below!

WiiWareWave member ToughGamer has donated enough points for the 6 month basic domain renewal package so we can keep our domain! The only catch is that we'll have to keep the WiiWareWave moniker for those 6 months, so no name change folks.

Thank you for your support of our website!

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Update! WiiWareWave Will Keep its Custom Domain Name For 6 More Months! Rukiafan7

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This article needs a pic! Wink
If you must renew are we still keeping wiiwarewave.com or updating to Nintendowave.com??
I would help if I could afford to Neutral
@Marioman18 wrote:I would help if I could afford to Neutral
This. Sad
Sakura chan
Have there been any donations yet?
Sadly no and worse yet we only have 17 days before the domain expires. Sad
How much do you need?
Our domain has been renewed for 6 more months thanks to ToughGamer!
Thanks ToughGamer!
Nice work, ToughGamer! Wink
You're awesome @ToughGamer! Exclamation
Aqua Cherry Blossom
This is pleasant news. Smile
Our domain cleared the processing and has now been officially renewed!
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