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The above video is today's "Nintendo Direct" featuring detials of Miiverse, officially known as the WaraWara Plaza, and the use of Wii U Chat.

Other announcement that was announced during the Japan Nintendo Direct, which is Nintendo Network ID. The Nintendo Network ID is required after starting up your Wii U console for the first time. Your Nintendo Network ID is your Wii U Friend Code and is use for eShop purchases from Nintendo hardware or other devices and access to the WaraWara Plaza.

What do you think of the online functionality of Wii U? Leave your thoughts at the comment section below.

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This will be an enjoyable aspect of the Wii U. Smile
Come on, Nintendo! Can I please receive some more specifics about Miiverse for the 3DS already?! I hope it also includes video chat, since the 3DS does have a built in camera and microphone.
I to want Miiverse 3DS more in detail... Sad
Does anybody know if the 3DS even has enough processing power to operate an application such as video chat? Question
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