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Epic Mickey 2 has been officially confirmed ! 96feacd4-6049-4d30-bb12-6899892bd609

It looks like a lot of rumors (kind of) were true ! But this game is going to be... different according to these details...

Warren Spector has announced at the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the sequel to Disney's most well known Wii game, Epic Mickey, and it looks like it's going to be called
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, details state:

Game details

- The sequel is going to be a "musical"
- Original music from Jim Dooley and Mike Himelstein
- It looks like the game will include voice acting this time
- Oswald will be voiced by Frank Welker.
- Fixing the camera issues from the first game

Epic Mickey 2 has been officially confirmed ! 2286bed5-61ad-40eb-969f-2a7d13a04fbf

Gameplay details

- Drop in, Drop out co-op confirmed
- Play as Oswald in co-op
- Once again Mickey uses magical paint and thinner
- Oswald has a remote control that has the power to command electricity
- Work together to solve puzzles and progress
- "Oswald's not just a multiplayer character. He's a helper"
- Choices will affect what happens
- Songs and music will change based on whether gamers prompt Mickey to be well-mannered or mischievous

Story details

- Mickey will be returning to the Wasteland
- Revisit some areas, but they've been changed by earthquakes and other disasters
- Visit new Wasteland realms as well

Epic Mickey 2 has been officially confirmed ! A24c5162-8e81-4ac3-a767-26bd3b5d59c9

Release and Other details

- Original sold 1.3 million copies in North America
- Due for release this fall
- Coming to the Wii, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3

Sadly, it looks like the rumor of this game coming to the 3DS might not be true...

But what do you guys think ? is this a great announcement ? what do you think of these new details ?

Source: GoNintendo & SFGate

If you only have these two choices, which one will you choose ? to have a game with no story ? or to have a game with the most ridiculous, boring, cliché-filled and horrible story ever ?
Do games need to be epic ?... or fun ?...
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March 21st 2012, 3:12 pmKingreX32
So looks like this wont be a WiiU release after all.
March 22nd 2012, 1:39 pmAmufungal
I wonder how a game with such a dark story can be turned into a musical confused
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