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A Videogame Disscusion: A message to Operation Rainfall Operation-Rainfall-logo

Over the early years of my gaming childhood, I was enjoying and having fun with the videogames that I had, even though I was limited to the amount of games that I could have due to my nationality, one of the game that I enjoy to play were the platformers, the First Person Shooters and finally the Role Playing Games, sure it took me a long time in order to understand and get to enjoy them as they were supposed to be, but luckily to me, I was playing through the games that every gamer who I know called them one of the best of the genre, in which are Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI (III), and so on, so you could say that I was lucky to be introduced to these games in order to experience the genre for the first time, and since then I still can enjoy an RPG every once in a while, I've even found some games that were my personal favorites such as Tales of Legendia, .Hack G.U., Paper Mario, and more.

But enough about my boring tales that no one cares about, the point that I want to talk about here is that as of this time, I want to play more of the RPG genre, be it from Japan or from the west, that I still need to catch up on playing them, but I can still wait for some RPGs to come out. But... one of the main problems I have with RPGs this day and age (aside from the fact that I need to get money first...), is that there are these two games that I've noticed them for quite some while in their respective dates that they were announced, in which were Monado: Beginning of the World (before it was called Xenoblade Chronicles), and The Last Story.

At first when Monado: Beginning of the World (Xenoblade Chronicles) was announced and showed at E3 2009, I wasn't interested in this game the first I laid my eyes upon it and then I've decided to skip this game, The Last Story however was the opposite, when I've looked at the concept art when this game was in the works (when, correct me if I’m wrong, there wasn't any gameplay footage of it yet), and I thought they looked amazing, they were really beautiful ! and when I saw some of the screenshots, I was even interested in it more ! it was like in this third person view and it looked like something that I would enjoy !

But then... this happened.

When I heard about this, I felt sad for the people who were going to bought this game, and I was also sad since this looks like it might happen to the last story as well, a game that I was really looking for... but then I've moved on to my other stuff since things like this happen every once in a while (remember Mother 3, Disaster day of crisis, Captain rainbow, etc. anyone ?), and while I think this is bad, I guess it's still their decision so I shouldn't be surprised...

But then later... I saw this.

Now... when some type of people do something like this, I don't mind, since I would rather have people who do something in order to get what they want (but with a good manner and reason) rather than having people who do nothing but rant, complain and bash their mouths off because they didn't get what they wanted. So just because of curiosity, I kept an eye on them since this is more different than just posting a petition, since while they did had one, they were also planning on this campaign for writing a letter to Nintendo of America's headquarters, and I wanted to know if they could do it.

But then... Nintendo posted this on their facebook: "Hey fans, we appreciate your enthusiasm. Look for more updates to come soon!"

That is where I was surprised that Nintendo, of all people, just listened to this campaign ! and yes even though this followed a disappointing response, but still, I was very surprised on how a lot of people worked a lot in this campaign in order to get what they want and what they got was not only a response but also an official confirmation that everyone was waiting for. And because of this, my respect and support for Operation Rainfall has increased greatly and now I’m hoping for those guys to succeed.

Now, I saw a lot of people saying that Nintendo of America had always planned to release these games and that Operation Rainfall are wasting their time and that they should get a life, well... if that's true, then how come Nintendo of Europe said that "they didn't show the game at E3 2011 because Nintendo of America were not planning to sell the product locally" ? since if it's true to what you are saying, then how come the game has been ignored for the last two years ever since it was announced ? and also, did Mother 3, Disaster day of crisis, Captain rainbow or any other game that anyone wanted to be released internationally ?

... But I guess I shouldn't speak like that, since no one other than the ones working for Nintendo know about their plans for releasing games internationally, so those guys might be right or operation rainfall is right, but one thing that is true, no one is right or wrong of anyone doesn't know...

But back to Operation Rainfall, I want to give them thanks for not only for raising my curiosity and changing my opinion for Xenoblade Chronicles since in the beginning I wasn't even interested, but because they are working on trying to get The Last Story, a game that I wanted it more to be localized to where I live, to get localized by giving feedback and such to raise awareness that there are other people who want this game, myself included.

And so, finally, here's my message to Operation Rainfall themselves:

"Dear Operation Rainfall

I want to say thank you for supporting a game that I always wanted to get localized and for all of your hard work, since in the beginning while I wasn't supporting you guys, I at least gave you respect on what you were doing, but now, let me just say that you now have a supporter from Mexico !

But one thing that I want to tell you guys is this: you see, as I've said before, I live in Mexico and I know that Xenoblade Chronicles is going to be released in all Latin American countries... but the problem is, from where I live, no one knows about this game not even one tidbit, and the bigger problem is that if they even knew about this game, they wouldn't be interested in it at all, since the majority of gamers that I know of from where I live:

A) Don't have Wiis

B) Only are interested in Sports games and First Person Shooters

C) Don't like these types of games

But other than that, I know that there are people from where I live that really want the game, but yet another problem, which is a big one, is that if the game gets released in Latin America, the game would cost the double the price than in North America due to import (like, let's say about 80-100 dollars) and most of the people in my country don't have that amount of money to buy it, so sadly while I'm happy that this game is also being released here in my country, I don't think it's going to sell well from where I live.

So my question to you is this: What do you think I should do when confronting to this type of situation if I want to support your campaign ?

Other than that, I'll try to support this game in order to support The Last Story as well and I will also post news stories relating to your campaign to also raise awareness for the website that I am currently working on, so thank you for having the time to read this and I wish for a great day for your campaign.


Videogame reviewer from www.wiiwarewave.com"

"Sir, do you need an umbrella ?..."
"No, it's ok... I love the rain..."

A quote that came up in my mind at one point, and I think it fits to this article nicely.

If you only have these two choices, which one will you choose ? to have a game with no story ? or to have a game with the most ridiculous, boring, cliché-filled and horrible story ever ?
Do games need to be epic ?... or fun ?...
Wii #: 0018 2269 1524 9019 (codename Jnes)
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I hope that despite the odds Xenoblade Chronicles does well in your country mate :-)
So will you be getting this game now that the price is confirmed at $59.99 in Mexico?
Rukiafan wrote:So will you be getting this game now that the price is confirmed at $59.99 in Mexico?

Well, I don't know, since there's confusion about the release of this game in Latin America...

Oh, and it's not 60 dollars in here, it's still around 80-90 dollars... yep... Neutral
February 9th 2012, 2:34 amStaroceancrazy
I'm glad I live in a country that is definitely getting Xenoblade Chronicles Very Happy
"Sir, do you need an umbrella ?..."
"No, it's ok... I love the rain..."
That is a great quote Jnes5 Very Happy

I was extremely interested in Last Story, but.... I've since been informed by unofficial sources that the JRPG will only consist of 20 hours of gameplay. What a disappointment.
[NL] Fishing Resort
February 9th 2012, 3:18 pm[NL] Fishing Resort
It's because it will be primarily an MMO =)
It has 100s of hours of online gameplay from what I've heard =)
Are you serious BobbyCarrot4ever? I've only seen the arena style co-operative gameplay footage. I had no idea the online gameplay also included an actual MMO experience as well.
I have heard the same thing so dont you go giving up on The Last Story just yet Cool
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