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  • 20110502
    Defeat Dr. Eggman once and for all in the final chapter of Sonics' epic Sega Genesis series.

    The gameplay is almost unchanged from Sonic 3 but this game does have a lock-on feature that allows you to gain access to bonus features on Sonic 2/Sonic 3 such as playing as Knuckles (Sonic 2/Sonic 3) or combining the games into one massive adventure (Sonic 3). This game is also quite large as it dwarfs Sonic 3 with 7 Zones and 3 levels in each zone as well as a different ending depending on your character choice.

    The graphics in this game are highly...
  • 20110624
    Sonic The Hedgehog is back along with his new friend tails in this second installment of the series and must once again stop dr. eggman "aka dr. robotnik" from trying to conquer the world using his robot army!

    Wii Virtual Console Reviews Sonic2


    STH2 adds alot to the original formula such as new items,and much faster platforming action and the wii vc version's emulation of this game is nearly perfect as there is nearly no slowdown while going at fast speeds,or any audio issues at all!
    This game is actually...
  • 20110502
    Sonic The Hedgehog is back for a 3rd time and is ready to stop Dr. Eggman and his death egg scheme once and for all!

    As is the case with most Sonic games,you play as Sonic going through several acts in many zones destroying badnicks and defeating the boss at the end of each zone. You should also collect as many rings as you can so you don't die if you run into an enemy or land on spikes. Players can collect the 7 chaos emeralds to dominate the opposition as Super Sonic!

    There are 5 varied zones and about 15 acts in this game making it a bit shorter than Sonic The Hedgehog...
  • 20110829
    Andross has declared war on the whole Lylat System ! and it's up to the Star Fox team, consisting of members Fox Mcloud, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi and Slippy Toad, to stop him !

    Believe it or not, the story in this game is really good ! ok fine, the game actually focuses more on the gameplay, but sometimes the story mixes with the gameplay in some sections of the game and, to be honest, it does an amazing job while doing so ! however, you will not get the "true" story in a first playthrough, since you must do certain things in the game in order for the game to tell you the...
  • 20110502
    Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser and hidden in one of the many paintings brought to life by the power stars in Bowsers' possession. It's up to Mario to gather the power stars hidden in each of the paintings and face off against the koopa king to save the day!

    Super Mario 64 was not only Marios' first 3D adventure but also one of the very first 3D games released for a home console! The game has more than 16 worlds and over 100 challenges as well as secret challenges hidden throughout the castle. Each world is completely unique and has multiple missions to accomplish such as...
  • 20110502
    SMB 2 for the NES is a great game that is quite different from the other NES Mario platformers!

    In this game you play as either Mario, Luigi, Toadstool or Princess Peach, each having different strengths and weaknesses. The gameplay differs from the traditional Mario platformers as you defeat enemies by tossing vegetables or even other enemies at them! This game has 7 different worlds with 4 levels each.

    Graphics and Sound
    The levels and enemies are colorful and much more detailed then those seen in the first SMB game.

    The sounds in SMB 2 are pretty...
  • 20110502
    Any fan of the 3D Super Mario franchise will agree that Super Mario Galaxy and it's sequel are the best 3D Mario games since Super Mario 64 (N64). But when it comes to his 2D adventures the title that sticks out is Super Mario Bros. 3.

    It's story is simple, Bowser kidnaps Peach & Mario saves her just like most other Mario games. This is the first game in the series to introduce the minigames seen in most of the games in the series. It also introduced the famous mid-world fortresses and air fortress levels seen in some of the future games in the series e.g. New Super Mario Bros. Wii....
  • 20110609
    Race for the gold against the Cpu's or your friends in this classic arcade style racing game!


    Choose between 8 different mario characters and race across 20 tracks in 4 cups!
    The tracks in this game are quite detailed and varied for an snes racing game and thier designs are clever and challenging!
    Pick up many unique power ups such as oil slick,green shells,and the powerful homing red shells to get the edge against your opponents!
    Multiplayer mode is where you'll enjoy this game the most as you,and up to 3 friends can race against each other,and let's...
  • 20110502
    The Super Bros. Return!

    Wii Virtual Console Reviews 250px-10


    The gameplay in Super Mario World is very polished and Nintendo added many new gameplay elements to the formula in Mario's first SNES game! This was the first Mario platformer to feature the now famous character Yoshi who can eat enemies or use koopa shells and Hammer bros. hammer by grabbing them with his tongue and spitting them at enemies!

    The game also introduced Ghost Houses and Star Road and has many secret paths and levels...
  • 20110502
    The Shelled heroes must fight many enemies and foot soldiers to save April, Master Splinter and even Manhatten itself!

    The game has a combination of sidescrolling, platforming and adventure segments and is hard......WAY TOO HARD! This game is fun for about the first level, but after that it's difficulty ramps up to mind-blowing levels and becomes so frustrating and maddening that it becomes very difficult to enjoy.

    Graphics & Sound
    The graphics in this game are passible not good but it works. The sound is also pretty bad as the music and sound effects are...
  • 20110502
    The Dynastic Hero is essentially the same game as Wonder Boy in Monster World, except it has CD quality sound and graphics!

    The gameplay in this title has a very unique combination of Sidescrolling platforming and action rpg elements that blend together nicely! The game is fairly long as it should take gamers more than 10 hours to beat!

    Graphics and Music
    The graphics are very vibrant and colorful,and the character and enemy models are detailed and varied! The music is catchy and cute but is not one of the games strengths.

    Bottom line:...
  • 20110502
    The Legend of Zelda is not only the first game in the legendary series but is also one of the first Adventure/RPGs released outside of Japan and to this day sets the standard of what a great adventure game should be.

    The story might not seem epic in todays' time but was unheard of in the mid-80s. This game not only has a massive world filled with dungeons and secrets but also has a good deal of enemies on screen which at a given time at points and amazingly seldom causes any major slowdowns.

    The sound and music are also top notch and fit the game nicely. But what would a...
  • 20110514
    The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time and plays virtually the same,however it has a dark story and much less linear gameplay!


    Majora's Mask is set in a alternate reality from hyrule called termina where link must stop a young boy from destroying termina,but there's a catch you only have 3 days to do it!

    Luckily for link he has his trusty ocarina of time with him,so time isn't much of an issue,however progress in dungeons and puzzles/sidequests reset when you travel back in time,so finish a dungeon when you start it...
  • 20110502
    An evil wizard is making young maidens vanish and the princess of Hyrule is in danger of facing the same fate. A young hero named Link must rise to face this evil wizard or Hyrule will fall to the darkness!

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past was one of the most expansive adventure games of its time as it easily takes 15-20 hours to complete and has two massive worlds that are interwoven together. This game plays similarly to the original title, but has new elements such as magic as well as the ability to switch between a light world and a dark world (after obtaining a certain item).
  • 20110502
    You were the only forest spirit in a village protected by a guardian tree who didn't have a fairy partner. That is until one fateful morning when a fairy partner was sent to you so you could save the forest from a dreadful fate!

    Story and Gameplay
    The story is pretty good and actually seems quite similar to Twilight Princess. Though the game can be beat in under 30 hours, it will likely take over 50 hours to get everything out of the game!

    The gameplay itself is quite simple press one button to attack, a second to defend and the equipment you have can be mapped to 4...

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