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SMB 2 for the NES is a great game that is quite different from the other NES Mario platformers!

In this game you play as either Mario, Luigi, Toadstool or Princess Peach, each having different strengths and weaknesses. The gameplay differs from the traditional Mario platformers as you defeat enemies by tossing vegetables or even other enemies at them! This game has 7 different worlds with 4 levels each.

Graphics and Sound
The levels and enemies are colorful and much more detailed then those seen in the first SMB game.

The sounds in SMB 2 are pretty basic, however the music is cheerful and fairly memorable.

Bottom Line: SMB 2 is an above average platformer with decent gameplay, nice music and fairly cheerful graphics. It's a good purchase at 500 points for those who enjoy Mario games or platformers in general!

Score: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 8/10

8- Great This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a game we highly recommend!
Super Mario Bros. 2 (nes) by Digidestined Attachment
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Pit: Why do we have to fight?
Dark Pit: I dunno because I don't like you.
Link: Now Now don't be that way clones can get along just ask Dark Link!
Dark Link: No I hate you too $#!%&$!
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on July 5th 2011, 2:44 pmShounenMania
This is a great game that is underrated due to its game play being different than the other 2d mario games,it's not my favorite,but it's good nevertheless Exclamation
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