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    Here are our updated forum rules so read them carefully


    #1 Be nice don't flame,bash other people or troll on the forums

    #2 Don't post any videos,pics or links to illegal sites that show porn,nudity,drugs,or criminal behavior!

    #3 Don't spam a topic that has already been created,if you can find it on the first two pages the topic will be locked and a link to the previously posted topic will be posted


    #1 No discussion about Homebrew or any other illegal devices being used to cheat will be tolerated posting...
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  • 20200226


    Bubbles of a Cluster Flock Together!


    Headline News Stories Bb4f0410

    Bubble Bobble 4 Friends' release date for Americas has been announced at last and you won't have to wait much longer as the game is releasing physically and digitally as a Switch exclusive in the region on March 31st 2020!

    Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is the latest game in the popular Bubble Bobble series and includes a 4-player co-op mode for some fun with your...
  • 20200226


    A Sisterly Battle Royale!


    Headline News Stories Sister11

    The challenging vertical shooter, Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire is being released physically by Stuttgart-based publisher Strictly Limited Games. The physical edition of Sisters Royale is limited in supply with 1,500 copies for the Nintendo Switch Collector’s edition and 2,500 copies for the Nintendo Switch Limited Edition. As for PS4 the Collector’s Edition...
  • 20200215


    An Old-School Challenge That Sabotages The PS4!


    Headline News Stories 900x_410

    Developed by Clive Townsend and published by SimFabric Games, Saboteur is a re-release of a 1980's Commodore 64 action-platformer with additional content. The game was exceptionally fun at the time of its original release, but does it still provide a fun experience in 2020? We think so, even if the game hasn't well it is still an enjoyable experience and here's...
  • 20200116


    Luigi's Funsion!


    Headline News Stories Luigi210

    Hey there gamers, Bre here with another fun packed game review! Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a fun filled game that brings back the story of our friends Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad but giving the story a twist while also featuring the location of our favorite haunted mansion! Our friends this time have found themselves invited onto a fun packed vacation at a resort, but little do they know trouble...
  • 20200113


    Amazing, But What Happened To Paper Mario?!


    Headline News Stories Wiiu_s24

    Developed and published by Nintendo, Paper Mario: Color Splash is an amazing 3-D platformer?! with JRPG and adventure genre gameplay elements, but does it live up to its true roots as a standout JRPG series? Not quite, but the game is still superb in its own rights and here's why!

    Headline News Stories Large10
  • 20200111


    Overlord of The Century!


    Headline News Stories Large_12
    Developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software, Disgaea 4+ Complete is a collection that compiles Disgaea 4 and all of its DLC into a single bundle and to be honest it is an absolutely amazing deal! Continue reading our review to find out more about this fantastic title!

  • 20191209


    A Demonic Adventure To Restore The World!


    Headline News Stories The-al10

    Developed by  Cattle Call Games and published by NIS America, Alliance Alive HD is a remaster of the 3DS JRPG of the same name which was met with a somewhat mixed reception from critics, but we rather enjoyed the game and this version is a great game as well in our opinions! Continue reading our review to find out why we think this game is worth a purchase!
  • 20191202


    Ratchet Clause And His Trusty Steed Clank Are Spreading The Holiday Cheer This Year!


    Headline News Stories Eoy-sa10

    Sony is spreading the love of the holiday season this year in a big way with a rather impressive sale on many PS4 games and a decent selection of PS3 and Vita titles as well! These are a few examples of quality titles that are on-sale right now! On the ps4 side of things, .hack G.U. Last Recode is $12.49, A Hat In Time is $14.99,...
  • 20191202

    We're Getting Fired Up Now!


    The release date of the upcoming PS4 and Switch JRPG Fairy Tail has been announced by PlayStation's European YouTube channel! The game will be releasing in the already packed month of March which seems like very bad timing with the likes of Final Fantasy...
  • 20191123

    The horror game that lacks enough horror...


    Headline News Stories 900x29

    So in this game the main character is for some reason strapped and chained to a wheel chair and he can’t speak, the only way he communicates is by using a button on his hand that turn on a laser on his head, he is accompanied by a little girl who speaks a fictitious language and the game has no subtitles, it seems the developers wanted to make this game a puzzle were you...
  • 20191117


    The Greatest Manwitch?


    Headline News Stories Giant-10

    Developed by Galapagos RPG and published by Idea Factory International, Dragon Star Varnir is a fun RPG that has quite a few unique gameplay features and elements, but is this enough to cement the game as a standout title? We think so and here's why!

    Headline News Stories Dragon10

    The story is actually quite unique and...
  • 20191102


    Let’s turn up the heat in these dark woods or something?


    Headline News Stories Bonfir10

    Bonfire is a very short virtual reality game made by “Baobab”, it starts off in space where the main character has awoken from hyper sleep because he is a scout meant to look for other planets that can be inhabited by the human race because humanity made earth uninhabitable with their destruction and use of the planet's resources, so you crash-land...
  • 20191027


    An Amazing Robot Shinobi Smackdown!


    Headline News Stories 900x28

    Developed by Taito Games, a subsidiary of Square Enix and published by PR Hound, Taito's The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors is a remake of a classic Taito arcade-style beat 'em up released decades ago during the golden age of arcades! How does this game stack-up to the competition of that era? Really well actually, continue reading our review to find out why!
  • 20191021


    An Off-The-Rails Epic Adventure With Class VII!


    Headline News Stories 900x24

    Developed by Nihon Falcom Games, the developer best-known in the western hemisphere for its Ys series. We have recently fallen in absolute love with the Trails series which is one of the most well thought out series we've ever experienced! Does the third entry in the Trails of Cold Steel arc of the series live up to the previous two games? We think so and here's...
  • 20190926
    TechnicalIssues8Comments: 31Views: 578
    Headline News Stories Image114

    The past few months have been rather eventful for Exe-Create and Kemco Games.  Releasing Illusion of L’Phalcia on all platforms was quite the undertaking, but did their gamble pay off?

    With multiple release dates on various systems and areas of the world, Illusion of L’Phalcia has been received with little or no fanfare.  When the game was given to me, I had no clue what adventure the code held. I was given the explanation of it’s a JRPG. That was a large bonus...
  • 20190922
    One big gamer all-day party for a good cause!
    TechnicalIssues8Comments: 4Views: 390
    Never heard of Extra Life?  I've got you covered:

    Headline News Stories Impact10

    I think this is pretty self-explanatory.  Extra-Life came together in 2008 to help a little girl raise enough money for her cancer treatment. Sadly, the child didn't overcome the disease, but however the organizers continued to it this day, making it a multi-million dollar charity that benefits The Children Miracle Networks in America and Canada.

    What day is it, Tech?  This year it is being held on Saturday, November 2 and...
  • 20190920
    My Time at Portia, developed by Pathea and published by Team 17, has been struggling since its release.  From infinite loading bugs to slow updates, the game has been a struggle to play for some but will it be enough to draw the masses back?

    Headline News Stories Image112

    I wrote earlier this year about the joy that is My Time at Portia, but it had its flaws then. I personally knew several gamers that were blocked out of the game due to the infinite loading bug, and a few of them never returned...
  • 20190909


    Totally Atohkable!


    Headline News Stories Da-1-d10

    Developed by Compile Heart and Sting Entertainment and published by Idea Factory, the latest title by the masterminds responsible for the Neptunia series, Date Alive: Rio Reincarnation for the PS4 brings all three currently released Date Alive titles in one package including the two previously Japanese exclusive PS3 titles! How do these visual novels stack-up to their competition? Continue...
  • 20190810
    TechnicalIssues8Comments: 5Views: 504
    Here at WiiWareWave, we want to provide you, the gamer, every possible bit of information as we possibly can.  Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite titles from PSN’s Celebrate Summer sale going on now until August 20.  Here’s a little disclaimer to start us out: All pricing is in US Dollars.  As with many PSN extended sales, it is assumed that titles will change each Tuesday of the sale.

    Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection

    Headline News Stories Ac-ezi10

    This is a beloved game...
  • 20190722

    ~~~Down in the dungeon~~~

    Headline News Stories Ap_f3910

    Developed by Midipixel and published by Ratalaika, Warlock’s Tower is a retro-styled dungeon crawler that is heavily math-based.  While the concept is good, the game missed the mark entirely.  Here’s why we think so.

    Headline News Stories Ap_fc710

    While graphics are rudimentary, the game feels completely in its own genre in the beginning.  It’s exciting, and one holds...

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