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by KeAfan7
on February 12th 2024, 12:51 pm
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Topic: Review: Octopath Traveler (Switch Retail)
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Review: Octopath Traveler (Switch Retail)


Eight Paths One Exciting Journey!


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Developed by Acquire Corp on behalf of Square Enix and published in the Western hemisphere by Nintendo, Octopath Traveller is an open-ended sandbox JRPG with 2D-HD visuals that has you play as one of eight protagonists and experience the game's world through their point of view with all eight stories intersecting at various points in the game in any order you desire! Is this enough to make this title a timeless classic? No, but it's a very fun game in its own right and here's why:

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The story in Octopath Traveler may not be the most thrilling as a game like Final Fantasy, but the interconnected storylines of all 8 main cast members is still quite enjoyable to watch unfold and will definitely make you love each and every one of the protagonists! The gameplay is excellent with a similar battle system to Bravely Default's except a bit more simplistic.

Octopath Traveler's open-endedness is one of its greatest strengths though seeing the prologue and ending of every story requires 8 playthroughs which is a bit much and left a bit of a sour taste in our mouths, but otherwise the 100+ hours we spent with this game was an absolute blast! The controls are unsurprisingly intuitive and easy to learn, and the game's difficulty is fairly balanced, but does see a difficulty spike in the final chapter of each protagonist's story.

Topics tagged under xbone on  Large_84

The audiovisual-presentation in Octopath Traveler is absolutely breathtaking with gorgeous character and enemy designs, beautiful backgrounds in the world's many locations that pop in HD, and superb weather, lighting, and spell effects that look simply amazing on an HDTV!

The voice acting is also pretty enjoyable and the sound effects are quite nicely done as well, while the music is quite varied and fits the mood of the game like a glove! Overall we think this is by FAR the game's strongest point!

Topics tagged under xbone on  Octopa11

Bottom-Line: With an enjoyable interwoven story, excellent gameplay, intuitive controls, and a top-notch audiovisual-presentation, Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch is an amazing JRPG that is not to be missed, however having to play the game 8 times to experience everything is a bit too much work and as such we did dock the score a tiny bit, but overall we highly recommend the game to all fans of the genre!





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by unrealgamergirl
on July 25th 2016, 9:48 pm
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Topic: News: PS4 and Xbox One online together?
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News: PS4 and Xbox One online together?


Together At-Last!


Topics tagged under xbone on  630x14

Hey there PlayStation gamers, Bre here with one last update for you today. The last one involves two of the well known up and coming systems and their makers. The Xbox One and the PS4 made by Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft or Xbox recently changed its standings on co-op play between two systems, saying now that they are all for it. In fact they put Sony on the spot themselves, by calling them out saying that they were all prepared to work together. This feature is to debut soon with a game called “Rocket League”.

Computer and gaming with Sony have always been a thing, but now they are taking it the next level pairing two big gaming systems together via one game. Though we somewhat think that maybe Sony is having their hand twisted a bit, by a certain other game company but we can’t confirm this either. I guess we just got to wait and see how this one works out, and what will come of this with time.

Source: Pushsquare.


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