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Pokémon SV Booster Randomiser Let’s Play lite (YouTube series) Empty Pokémon SV Booster Randomiser Let’s Play lite (YouTube series)

May 25th 2023, 9:52 pm
Hi all! I’m looking to officially launch my gaming sub-channel very soon, with the first project being a Booster Randomiser LPL (“Let’s Play lite”) of one of the main series Generation IX Pokémon games.

What is an LPL? Basically, it’s a sequence of assorted gameplay clips posted online that forms a rough chronology of events, a handy tool for someone who wants to do proper live-streams and/or pre-recorded and edited runs, yet only has access to the Nintendo Switch’s capture feature for now.

What is a Booster Randomiser? It’s essentially a playthrough variant that uses Pokémon TCG Booster Packs to determine which species may be added to a player’s team and/or rotation, with only Pokémon found in them being valid.

As for ground rules, it’s pretty simple:

1. Up to three boosters opened at the start of the playthrough; this becomes the player’s “Pokélog,” with only the Pokémon found in it being valid inclusions in the party

2. Any number of each species may be added to the player’s rotation; eg. if a Lechonk card is pulled, the player may have one Lechonk, five Lechonk, or even 30 Lechonk in party rotation

3a. If an evolved Pokémon is opened, each of that species’ previous stages is also valid to catch and use in regular wild and Trainer battles, though only the evolutionary stage on the card is usable in most story events and battles (the first three Gyms, the first Titan Pokémon, and the first Team Star Base being the only exceptions to the rule)

3b. Similarly, if a not-fully-evolved Pokémon is pulled, it may only reach that stage in the party, and methods to prevent its evolution must be maintained from that point onward, such as giving an Everstone to hold

4. If one or more of the nine possible starter evolutionary stages is opened, they are included as the player’s available partner choices, and cap off at the highest available stage found; if no starter is included in the Pokélog, it may remain in the party until a valid species is found and successfully captured, at which point it must be included in a special “Free Range” PC box, along with any other disallowed Pokémon caught or received

5. If Koraidon or Miraidon is opened, it is a valid choice once the ability to use it in battle is unlocked; if neither is opened (or if the version chosen does not include the one opened), then Koraidon or Miraidon is valid only as a trusty Ride Pokémon and picnic buddy

Oh, and this isn’t a Nuzlocke, meaning Pokémon Centers are 100% valid. Pokémon SV Booster Randomiser Let’s Play lite (YouTube series) 631737971
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