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The One Where Zeddy Explains His Avatar Empty The One Where Zeddy Explains His Avatar

August 28th 2022, 1:14 am
Some of you have shown an interest in my current forum avatar (here’s a refresher, for those who haven’t seen it yet):
The One Where Zeddy Explains His Avatar 03b5ed10
I figured now’s a good time to share some deets about this image, as it’s used in pretty much all my original creative works to some extent (as in ones not based on and/or derived from pre-existing properties, which are instead categorised as “fan works”).

”What’s it called?”
This is the Trioctave, and its purpose kinda depends on the setting, though it can be considered as the elements, magic system, laws of reality, etc. in whichever of my projects you’re reading, viewing, and/or playing.

”The coloured circles are pretty!”
Thank you! I like colourful things.

”How do they work?”
Well, each circle has its own special properties that not only set it apart from the others, but also determine the results of combining them with other circles in different ways.

”Like mixing green and cyan to make teal, or pink and red to make magenta?”
Got it in one!

”Yes! Nailed it!”
Each one has its own special name, which determines the key elemental themes associated with it, and also has a digit between 1 and 8 to serve as something of an easy-to-track catalogue.

”Oh… just like the Periodic Table!”

”But why only eight? What happened to 9?”
Pretty sure 7 ate 9…

HA! I get it!”
In all seriousness, though, the system works much better and more efficiently with eight core elements than nine… and this is after more than fifteen years of tweaking, refinement, and experimentation.

”Fifteen years?! Holy f-
-errous and non-ferrous compounds?

”Uh… yeah, heheh…”
Well, I’ve been working at this on-and-off since high school, though my first major breakthrough occurred in 2004, at which point I shoehorned in a ninth element and made things a bit too complex…

”Ah… I gotcha. Keep it simple, right?”
Simple and versatile. Works every time.

”So what are their names and properties?”
I suppose a brief rundown is in order… the pink one is called Vront, and its elemental properties are of thunder, lightning, energy… basically the spark of all things, hence why its numerical value is 1.

”Isn’t yellow usually the colour of lightning?”
Yes, and it kinda bugs me a little, because lightning isn’t yellow; more often than not, it’s a purplish-pink hue, hence why I’ve chosen pink as the electricity-based elemental.

”Oh yeah… and it’s just like those plasma balls!”
Yep! In terms of pairing with other elementals, Vront syncs best with Spor and Ouran.

”I assume those’ll be explained soon?”
You assume correctly, my friend.

”Awesome… please continue, Master Sensei!”
Aw, shucks, heheh… *clears throat* … the red one is called Pyr, and its elemental properties are of fire, heat, and emotion… since it’s one of two elementals in the middle of the “warm” side of the spectrum, it’s also the one associated with partnership, hence why its numerical value is 2.

”And also why it sounds like ‘peer,’ right?”
Actually, that one’s a happy coincidence, due to the translation… speaking of pairing, Pyr syncs best with Ner and Kryos.

”Not sure what Ner symbolises, but I have my suspicions about ‘Kree-os,’ and how it can align with the Fire element…”
Just wait, ‘cos it’s a doozy.

”So orange is next right?”

”Your hair is orange… is it the hair element?”
Actually, you’re closer than you think…

”Wait… seriously?”
Eh, kinda, but not exactly… the orange one is called Orykt, and its elemental properties are of crystal, stone, and other mineral ores.

”Makes sense… so it’s the earth element?”
It’s actually the interim between the fire and earth elementals, sort of a hybrid of the two, though it has enough of its own unique traits that set it apart to make it its own thing, and as such has a numerical value of 3.

”You said the numbers are important… does this mean orange is pink plus red?”
The numbers are more a cataloguing system than the core feature of the elemental… I mean hydrogen plus helium doesn’t equal oxygen, right?

”Uh… I suppose I’ll take your word for it?”
Anyway, Orykt syncs best with Kryos and Ner.

”Just like Pyr… ooh, meesa senses moy-moy competition, betcha-betcha!”
Well, it’s both quintessential heat elements syncing with the two signature cool elements, though in somewhat different ways.

”Huh… cool.”
Just wait, ’cos the next descriptions are fire.

”I… thought you said the next one is ‘Earth,’ and you already did the fire one, right?”
Funny, hahaha… the yellow one is called Petr, and-

”It’s ‘betr’ than all the rest?”
And who are you? Tina Turner?

”Heheheh… in your wildest dreams.”
Well, this ‘golden eye’ has elemental properties of earth, exploration, and experiences.

”Amazingly and astonishingly alliterative.”
Haha! Its other attributes include prosperity and following the many potential pathways and crossroads of life. Due to its focus on such ideals as the cycle of the seasons and the four cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West, it’s no wonder Petr has a numerical value of 4.

”Unlucky for some…”
And yet it’s also the result of two pairs coming together as another pair, like the children of two couples coming together and having children of their own, making it a symbol of new beginnings and wondrous discoveries.

”Fair point…”
Speaking of pairs, Petr syncs best with Ouran and Spor.

”You mentioned Spor at the start, and it has me kinda curious… any chance of skipping to it?”
It… actually, Spor is the next in sequence.

”Ooh, green… I take it that Spor is the colour of nature?”
Yep! Nature, plants, the mana that flows through this and every other world… in essence, Spor is the colour of the natural order.

”’Go green or go home’ no longer applies…”
…because every home is green!

”Vegan la Truffluçion!”
Yep! It’s also associated with nurture, tenderness, and abundance. Spor’s numerical value is 5, the pivot point of all single digits, which also makes it the elemental associated with great change.

”Oof… now that’s a trigger for some.”
And yet without change, there’d be no progress, and thus life would have no meaning; think of a caterpillar spinning a cocoon and becoming a butterfly, or a tiny seed sprouting and flourishing into a beautiful plant.

”Yeah… until a vegan tears it to shreds!”
Now, now… no need to be so melon-dramatic.

”Sorry… HA! I get it!”
As it happens, Spor syncs best with its opposite, Vront, and its adjacent, Petr.

”Ah… so Petr and Spor are the neutral ones?”
Not… exactly.

”But… they’re between hot and cold, right?”
Yes, but Petr is warm, and Spor is cool.

”Oh… then why no neutral element?”
I’ll explain later.

”Aight, what’s next?”
The cyan one, Ner.

”Oh, is it the air element?”
Because it rhymes with air?

”And because it’s the colour of the sky…?”
You’re so close…

”Oh… OH! Water! It’s water!”
Yep! Rivers, lakes, the human body… all these and more are largely comprised of water.

”Well… schmobviously!”
It’s also the elemental associated with wisdom, knowledge, and healing, as well as the ebb and flow between tempestuousness and tranquillity. Ner has a numerical value of 6, and syncs best with its opposite, Pyr, and its parallel, Orykt.

”And it’s cool, right?”
Not as cool as the next one…

”Oh, I called it, didn’t I?”
Yes, you certainly “cauld” it… the blue one is called Kryos, and its elemental properties include snow, ice, frost… basically, it’s the colour associated with-

Och aye, th’ noo!

”Wave th’ banner o’ St. Andrew’s, ma laddie!”
Kryos is also associated with uniqueness, creativity, and embodiment of one’s personal truths, kinda like how each snowflake has an intricate and beautiful design all its own.

”Everyone is beautiful in their own way…”
Yep. Also, its numerical value is 7, and it syncs best with its opposite, Orykt, and its parallel, Pyr.

”One colour left… is it fair to assume it’s air?”
Yes, unless it’s a howling gale.

”I… don’t get it.”
Fair…? Gale…?

”Is it a pun on Gael…? Are we still doing Scottish quips?”
No, they’re weather puns…

”Oh… now I get it! So I was right?”
Yep! The purple one is called Ouran, and-

”Oooooooooh… Raaaaaaaaan…”
Heheh… anyway, its elemental properties include air, wind-

”And gas?”
Um… yes.

”Heheheh…” *razzes*
Haha! It’s also the one associated with clarity, the psychic senses, and the unknown, as well as imagination and the fulfilling of goals we set ourselves to seek in this eternal cosmic dance. Ouran’s numerical value is 8, as in the Infinity symbol turned on its side, and it syncs best with its opposite, Petr, and its adjacent, Vront.

”Okay, I’m noticing a pattern here…”
You are?

”All this mention of opposites and things…”
Well, it makes sense for each element to have a counterpart, right? Vront and Spor, Pyr and Ner, Orykt and Kryos, Petr and Ouran…

”Then opposites really do attract?”
Yep! Lightning and Nature overlap as Chi, Fire and Water as Steam, Rock and Ice as Quartz, Earth and Air as Horizon… alliteratively speaking, clashing and contradictory contrasts coalesce on the canvas of creation in convivially concordant certainty.

”Just like magnets!”

”So what’s with parallels and… adjacents? Also, what really did happen to 9? Sorry for all these questions, by the way, heheh…
No problem; in fact, I love questions, both asking and being asked. It’s the simplest means of learning.

”Simple and versatile!”
Yuss! As it happens, both questions lead to the same answer.

”No sh-
-ame in asking anyway?

”Uh… y-yeah, heheh…”
Each of those alignments is associated with one of the spheres, or layers, of a world or realm.

”As in land, sea, and sky?”
Yeah! Water and Rock overlap as the Hydrosphere, Nature and Earth as the Geosphere, Air and Lightning as the Atmosphere, and Ice and Fire as-

”The Thronesphere?”
Actually, the Aethersphere.

Basically the layer beyond the Atmosphere, where metaphysical beings and entities are said to dwell.

”That is so cool…”
And warm, technically speaking… oh, and the numerical values of those overlaps each add together to make 9.

”So that’s what happened to 9!”
Yep! It’s the result of all those building blocks coming together into something amazing.

”Nice! So about that triangle in the middle…”
What would you like to ask?

”Is it the neutral element?”
Actually, it’s neither neutral nor elemental.

”Wait… then what is it?”
I’ll let you work it out on your own for a bit…

”Hm… well… uh… I got nothin’.”
Well… it’s a trifecta.

Of things that are like the elements.

But not technically elements.

”Oh… they’re different versions of them?”
Exactly! The dark-hued one at the lower left vertex-

”Lemme guess… Dark?”
Sorta, but not as black-and-white in principle. Shall I elaborate further?

”By all means.”
Anyway, it’s called Lau’nal-

It’s more of a soft, faint, barely audible F sound in the middle, but yeah. Anyway, its core theme is Space, and its other attributes include the feminine, the night, and the dark.

”Does that make it evil?”
There’s a verse associated with this triad, and the first part goes like this:

”The Dark is not always maligned…”

”Ooh… sounds very Yin-Yang.”
There’s a strong Taoist influence in this triple theme, yes. Each elemental has variants of this trifecta, as each person has multiple facets. Oh, and the symbolic letter of Lau’nal is X.

”So… not a number?”
These three use symbolic letters based on genetics and the directional axes.

”Oh, neat… so X, Y, and Z?”
You got it! Speaking of which, the light-hued one at the lower-right vertex is called Sol’eos, and its core theme is Time.

”Making it the mirror to Lauffeysylph?”
Yeah… I think… and its other attributes are the masculine, the day, and the light, and its symbolic letter Y.

”Neat. So what’s its verse?”
The verse of Sol’eos goes like this:

”The Light is not always faultless…”

”Ooh… that gives me goosebumps. Wait… are you R.L. Stine?”
Nope, just Banksy.

”Hahah… wait… for eel?!”
No-one knows, not even Banksy

Heh… gotcha.

”Well, either way, it sounds very Yin-within-the-Yang, and vice versa.”
There are three sides to every story…

”Uh… isn’t it two sides…?”
Not my version, bud. *wink* *wink* *wink*

”And… you overdid it with the third wink.”
My bad… *snicker*

”So the top one is the middle ground, right?”
Kinda, but it’s also a third pillar to the other two.

”So it’s Wuji, the absence of both?”
Actually, all three balance each other out; if there were only two, they’d be in a perpetual conflict, with one always on top, and neither gaining any true dominance or harmony.

”Three sides, every story?”
Yep! There’s a reason why the equilateral triangle is the most sturdy shape in nature.

”Because everything comes in threes?”
Yep! The Golden Trifecta!

”But it isn’t neutral, correct?”
Yep! It’s equivalent to the other two, and stabilises the foundation of the whole Trioctave.

”So what’s it called, and what’s its theme?”
Yru’urs, also known as Matter.

”Hold on… the core themes are all different directions or dimensions of the universe, right?”
Yeah. Lau’nal is Space, Sol’eos is Time-

”Yeah, I get that, but… Space and Time are places that can be travelled through.”

”So how is Matter a ‘place’ in the same sense? Isn’t it just stuff like animals, vegetables, and minerals that are found in a Space-Time universe?”
Well, that’s the purpose of the elementals. Those are the building blocks of reality that coalesce into all those things that can be seen, heard, and sensed in many ways.

”Then why is there a separate force from the elementals called Matter?”
Think of it like this: Space is the field in which all possible things exist.

Time is the field in which all possible things happen.

Matter is the field in which all possible things form.

”Oh… so Space is the stage, Time is the plot, and Matter is the actors!”
Basically, yeah.

”That is awesome, dude!”
Well, heheh… uh… a-anyway, its other attributes include the youthful, the present, and the mirror, and its symbolic letter is Z.

”I like it… now make with the verse already!”
Alrighty then, here’s the verse of Yru’urs:

”The Mirror is not always obvious…”

”Hm… seems more like it should be, ’The Answer is not always obvious…’
Exactly… *wink* *wink* *wink*

”Yeah… enough with the triple-winks, please.”
Heheh, sorry…

”So what’s with the names you picked?”
As stated earlier, they have meanings that apply to each bit of the Trioctave.

”I get that, but they sound… uncommon, I guess?”
Well, I try to be at least a little unconventional when it comes to naming things in my works. Originality is one thing I emphasise as and when possible.

”You mentioned how the elementals’ names are Greek derivatives… any chance of their meanings and why you picked them?”
Sure thing. Vront is derived from the Greek word for “thunder.”

”Oh, yeah… just like Brontosaurus!”
Yep! Just like the mythical dinosaur you mentioned!

”Hang on… ‘mythical’…? Y-You’re kidding, right? Everyone’s heard of Brontosaurus!”
Everyone’s heard of Mickey Mouse. Doesn’t mean he exists, right?

”The f###’s a ‘micky mouse’…?”
Funny… I know you’re making that up. It’s written all over your face.

If you like, you can look up Brontosaurus later and find out the slightly hilarious truth.

”Whoa… it was a mix-up of Apatosaurus and Camarasaurus fossils?!”
Told ya. Also, no phones during class.

”Sorry, ‘Mr. Zed’…” *wink* *wink* *wink*
Haha! Anyway, moving on… Pyr is-

Y-Yeah… I suppose that one’s obvious, right?

”Well… yeah.”
Orykt is derived from the Greek word for ‘mineral.’

”Fairly straightforward…”
Petr is-

“Stone,” actually.

”Close enough…”
True… Spor is-

Actually, no.

”But… funguses reproduce with spores…”

”Yeah, I suppose you’re mildly entertaining…”
*Sigh*… anyway, Spor is actually derived from the Greek word for “seed.”

”Oh… that makes much more sense!”
Yep! Ner is-

”Oh! Is it ‘Nereid’…?”
Actually, you’re pretty close.

”Why only close…?”
Because both words are derived from a word for “water” in Greek.

”Yep… makes sense…”
Kryos is-

”I’m gonna guess… plastic?”
Why “plastic”…?

”Because paper is filed under “Spor,” obviously!”

”But seriously, it’s clearly ice.”
“Cold,” actually.

”Really…? I always thought it was the term for freezing things, as in cryogenics…”
But that’s what cold does.

”Right… this is what I get for staying up late watching baby penguin videos…” *yawn*
Ouran is derived from the Greek word for “sky.”

”As in the Primordial deity [OO-ruh-nuss].”
Wait… did you just pronounce his name correctly?!

”Please, that joke is so overused…”
You’re not wrong…

”And besides, I want to try and avoid making fart jokes while you’re giving a thorough and professional description of this image.”
Just don’t allude to the fact that “Air” is often substituted for “Wind,” and we’re all good.

”Fair… ah, I see what you did there!”

”So what about the three not-elementals?”
Ah, yes… the aspects.

”What’s the inspo for their names?”
Well, I got a bit more creative with these ones.

”They don’t look entirely Greek.”
That’s the idea. Lau’nal is inspired by a variety of words, including ones for “moon,” “platinum,” “lake,” “river,” “space,” and “wolf,” with a feminine lettering and structure.

”So it’s female, then?”
Not exactly, no… even males have traits and characteristics that are considered feminine, and vice versa for females and masculine;  essentially, this rules out the idea of gender as a dualistic principle, as there is a little bit of each aspect in everything that exists.

”Yet more Tao philosophy?”
Right! Like Lau’nal, Sol’eos is inspired by a number of words, including ones for “sun,” “golden,” “meadow,” “sand,” “time,” and “lion,” with a masculine lettering and structure.

Rounding out the aspect triad is Yru’urs.

”Now, this one is cool…”
No, that’s Kryos, remember?

”Hilarious. You know what I mean!”
Just teasing, haha… anyway, Yru’urs is inspired by a selection of words, including ones for “illusion,” “knowledge,” “diamond,” “mirror,” “youth,” and “page,” as well as a lettering and structure that mimics Horus the Elder.

”As in the Egyptian deity?”
Yeah. Ancient mythology is one of my key interests and inspirations, not just in my creative works, but in everyday life.

”Knowledge is Power, right?”
Among other things, yes. Oh, and those aren’t the only words that inspired the aspect names.

”I guess it’s so each person can infer their own interpretation, right?”
Of course. The elementals’ names are direct translations of Greek words, whereas those of the aspects are multi-layered mixes of different words that can mean different things.

”A bit like the modern English language.”

”So that’s eleven different things…”
Twelve, actually.

”But… eight plus three is eleven…?”
Hence the term “Trioctave” for it.

”And there are eleven circles…?”
Technically, yes.

”So… what’s the twelfth thing?”
Well… technically it’s the “zeroth” thing.

”Then… there is a neutral one!”

”I thought you said there wasn’t neutral!”
Actually, what I said was that the aspects aren’t neutral.

”Right, because they’re not elementals.”

”So what’s neutrality?”

”Wait… that’s it? No description?”
It’s neutral.

It has no signature colour or hue.

Its symbol is 0.

And… it’s the most basic part of the whole Trioctave. The blank canvas. The song unsung. The idea waiting to be inspired, the dream waiting to come true, the vision waiting to spring to full bloom…

”So it’s… potential?”

”Huh… that’s surprisingly deep…”
And that’s why it’s called Zen.

”Cool. So it’s the big, bright circle of light that fills most of the canvas?”
That’s one perspective, yes.

”Right… because it can take any shape.”
That’s another perspective.

”Or another of the same perspective, mayhaps?”
And that’s a third perspective.

”Maybe we’re all third perspectives…”
Oookay, I think we may be delving a little too deeply into the intricacies of pure anything…

”Yeah, it’s kinda making my head spin…”
Might I suggest a bit of fresh Ner?

”Good idea… just point me in the direction of the Ner Kryos-er…”
Right over there.

”’kay, I’ll be back after a quick break…”
No prob. Take your Sol’eos.

”I’m back!”
That was quick.

”I was only grabbing a glass of water…”
Fair enough.

”So where were we…?”
Exactly the same place as we are now.

”You know what I mean, Smarty Vronts!”
Hey, you’re mastering the terminology!

”Quick study.”
In that case, I don’t need to explain trivectors.

Actually, watts have little to do with it.

”Um… what?”
No, I said watts don’t-

”Either drop the confusing puns or I’m leaving.”
Alright, alright… sheesh… in simplest terms, a trivector is typically three elementals as one.

”So they’re kinda like… compounds?”

”That’s pretty neat. So is there a limit on which elementals mix together, like how it’s impossible to mix oil and water?”
Apart from oil not being its own elemental?

”Obviously, Mr. Funny Guy…”
There is a certain… dampener, yes. There are combinations that work seamlessly, and others that only fit because of the third component.

”So adding Earth or Air stabilises the diametrically opposed Fire and Water, for example?”
Exactly! In fact, it’s the simplest way to combine and stabilise the polar opposite elementals.

”Just how many combinations are there?”
192, though only 108 are recorded as stable.

”And the other 84?”
Infrequent at best, with such combinations deemed speculate in most settings.

”Makes sense, given the risk involved.”
Not to mention they typically don’t naturally occur in those worlds’ Laws of Existence.

”’Laws of Existence’…?”
Remember the verses associated with the aspects?

”Those are the laws?”
Well… three of them, at least.

”How many are there?”
How many grains of sand are in every piece of swimwear you’ve ever worn to a beach, and will ever wear in this lifetime?

”Fair point… and also kinda funny.”
Humour can be an effective teaching tool. I mean it worked for my Year 4 teacher, at least…

”Oh, an inspiration, were they?”
Yep! Moving back to the topic at hand, there are 24 trivectors that are considered the “foundation” of a given reality, more so than the elementals from which they form.

”That’s three for each elemental, then?”
You got it!

”Well, you started with the basics, so…”
For each elemental, the other seven are each symbolic of a different musical note.

”Ah… another meaning for ‘octave,’ eh?”
Yep! Naturally, this means seven interpretations for each elemental, depending on its resonance with the central one.

”Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, and Ti, right?”
Right! Each elemental is the ‘heart’ of three super-stable combinations, which are known as the “Do-Ti,” “Re-La,” and “Mi-So” trivectors.

”But no Fa, because it’s too far?”
Keep guessing right, and you’ll go far.

The next sets of trivectors are comprised of elemental pairs with one of the three aspects as their binding agent.

”Those are the ones you mentioned as the ‘perfect pairing’ for each, right?”

”I assume they don’t use the note names?”
You assume correctly.

”Even with the Fa pairings?”
Fa-Fa sounds a little odd. Besides, the resonance is in three elementals, and two Fas don’t make a near.

”That… doesn’t make sense.
It sounded better in my head, yes…

”Where it should’ve stayed.”
You’ve chimed your point… now, shall we?

”Sing it on!”
Okay! This time, the pairs are the polar opposites and the warm-cool parallels whose numerals add together to make 9.

”So eight for each of three aspects, as an inversion of three for each of eight elementals?”
Actually, that’s a bit of a happy coincidence, but it’s nice when the numbers work out like that.

”Ay-men to that, bro!”
Those first aspect-centred trivectors are known as the “Essentials,” due to their pairings.

”Implying they get a whole other set?”
Surprisingly, yes.

”Really? You’re surprised?”
Hey, I’m a budding actor. Sometimes I go for a bit of theatrics as a form of practice, ‘kay?

”Alas, poor Orick… ion… uh…” *sigh*
Not bad. You have potential.

*beams with delight*
The second set is comprised of the other eight possible warm-cool pairings, known as the “Hybridean” trivectors.

A portmanteau of hybrid and Hebridean.

”Oh… Hebridean…?”
I’m of Scottish ancestry. Look it up.

”The Hebrides are a group of islands located in th-”
Not during class! *snicker*

”Sorry, Mr. Zed…”
Since these pairings are neither opposite nor parallel, it makes them a bit lopsided, hence the unique name all their own.

”It works… I dig it. So what about 73-through-108? What’s their schtick?”
Ah, those are the transitional groupings, or “Zen vectors,” as they’re known.

”As in… neutral? Diluted? Teenage?”
Well, the first sixteen are similar to the aspect trivectors, with Zen as the middle ground. Eight are Essential, and eight are Hybridean.

”So… half-formed?”
More like “semi-formed,” kinda like a cocoon.

”Or pupa… ‘poop-a’…” *giggle*
Yes… and the other twelve use the warm-warm and cool-cool “Thermetic” pairings.

”Whoa, whoa, whoa… I thought all the elemental pairs were warm-cool, because pairing Pyr and Orykt is dangerous!”
In these vectors, Zen acts as a neutralising agent, thus stabilising their integrity.

”Oh… okay, makes sense. But what about the other eight still unaccounted for?”
Those are the “first-stage” vectors, as it were.

”So… the eight elementals?”
Yes, all paired with Zen.

”If Zen is neutral, why pair it with an elemental in the first place?”
I’m glad you asked. Basically, it-

”And what about the other 84 trivectors?”
I’ll get to those in a mo-

”And why 108 main ones? Why not do half-half at 96 each? Is there symbolism in-”
Too many questions at once… I think it’s my turn for the water cooler now…

”You mean ‘water cool-cooler,’ right?”
Sure… definitely shouldn’t skip breakfast…

To be Continued…

Everyone, please feel free to comment at anytime, as this post will be updated whenever new information is added, so no need to worry about cluttering. I welcome all conversation! victory

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Supertimbros wrote: @OrionJZed Your wish is granted by the great Malimute Penguin in the sky. Razz

OrionJZed wrote:@Supertimbros Oily Fronk!!!1! Shocked

(Trust me to sorta kinda howda predict the future again… and for my next trick- Razz)

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August 29th 2022, 3:29 am
@Pyrafan7 So no-one told you Ice could overlap with Flame? Razz

(Oh, and your joke, y’know… I laughed, mi compadre! lol!)

🎶^Sung to the first bit of the Friends theme…

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August 31st 2022, 4:32 am
Added details on Yru’urs. The One Where Zeddy Explains His Avatar 631737971

You can find my stories right here on Vocal: https://vocal.media/authors/orion-j-zed

And here you can find my YouTube channel:

Autocorrect Misquote of the Week
Supertimbros wrote:@Onion Jazzhead Your wish is granted by the great Malimute Penguin in the sky. Razz

OrionJZed wrote:@Supertitles Oily Frank!!!1! Shocked

(Trust me to sorta kinda howdy predict the future again… and for my next trick- Razz)

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September 6th 2022, 10:52 pm
Added details on the meanings, as well as the “twelfth thing”… so how are you finding the description so far, @Everyone? Wink

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September 9th 2022, 1:04 am
It's awesome @OrionJZed Exclamation

"If you want to understand, words are never a problem."
Rena Lanford, Star Ocean: The Second Story

The One Where Zeddy Explains His Avatar Star_o10

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September 11th 2022, 3:40 am
@Staroceancrazy Thanks, heheh… I’ve put so much effort into it that restoring it to factory settings (ie. how it was in 2004 before making it way too bonkers complex) feels kinda surreal. Happy

Next step: Finding an optimal way to use it as a foundation for my startup business, because it’s time to stop dawdling (aka “procrastinating”) and start putting my skills to good use. Shocked

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September 18th 2022, 12:07 am
Added info on note symbolism and vectors (the myriad combinations of elementals and aspects). busy
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