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Feels like forever since I did one of these… anyway, I thought I’d stop past with an extra-special treat: the full name of Crystals of Silveria’s self-declared “Fourth-Wall Demolitions Expert”, Brocc Farshot!

Are you ready…? (“No!”)

Well, too bad, Bryn. (“Aw…”)

‘Cos here we go!

Broccoli Choy Verdann Svetlana Asparagustus Anchovius Wheatcream Bucknoodle Hairy Squirty Windy Drooly Sweaty Carrot Bobobob Fredbert Sven Anabelle Chiptoon Udon Soba Onigiri Omnomnom Nom Angusteventhalliusimmonatticusius Ed Bryn Sven Gobhoblip Chocolate Strawberry Banana Sven Pharrschott

(Snicker)… “cos”… veggie pun…

’til next time, “STAAAY FRESH!” LoveNeutral

Heh… “till”… “fresh”… more veggie punz… lol!

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November 22nd 2021, 1:53 amNintendoPuristForever
FUN FACT: There are subtle hints of Brocc's middle names in various parts of the story, such as...

- Bryn directly states in one scene that Brocc's seventeenth middle name is Anabelle; this also happens to be the name of one of his younger octuplet siblings, though it isn't the only one, with Svetlana and Sven appearing at least once each.

- Brocc mentions in a Super-Short how Mak very nearly said every single one of his middle names in the right order, until he accidentally said Ed before Angustev... Angustepha... Angustebeefal... that really long one before it.

- The character who currently holds the record for "Most of Brocc's Middle Names Spoken in One Scene" is... the butler of Emily's parents, Lord and Lady Summershire, with a whopping TEN middle names uttered before being prompted to continue; this also happens to be the total number of Pharrschott siblings, including Brocc, who himself is the third child and eldest of the octuplets, with twins Katalina and Norbert being the first and second children, respectively... but who are their parents?

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