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Super Dragonfly Chronicles Switch Review

Ok this game hmmmm how do I begin, let’s start with my first impression of it, it was like a mixture of ninja gaiden difficulty with the terrible controls of teenage mutant ninja turtle from NES. First of all the game provides no tutorial at all so I had to figure out the control as I went.  The game starts you off with 3 skills that uses energy and on top of your hp you have 3 circles that are like attachment you get in the dungeon however if you die you will lose those attachments, I’ve only seen 2 attachments which again no indication of how to use them. One of them is like a shockwave that’s added to your normal attack and the second one is like a dash you do forward that can go through some enemies and damage them, I wasn’t able to find the third one. The controls I find them pretty bad, while you can run fast, due to the short range of your punches you can’t really move that fast because you end up getting hit and whenever you are hit your character gets pushed back quite a bit and if you’re in a part where there are holes on the ground your almost guaranteed to die. The reach of your punches is only good with the shockwave attachment.

Ok so here a little more info about the game. It is a 2D Action-Adventure, single-player game with high difficulty. You play as Mark West in his journey to find the truth behind his father´s death and he uses some kind of red alien armor. The game gives you 3 lives and there is some check point in each stage which helps a little bit. There are also item drops for recovering health and energy for the skills however they are so scarce that you really cannot afford to get hit many times, the game also has many insta-kills like a laser or spikes so the difficulty is really high which might not be so bad if the controls weren’t so terrible. The game also has a boss rush mode if you only care about fighting the bosses.

Personally I do not recommend this game even if it is cheap priced, I made it to second stage after many many tries, I was able to beat the boss or bosses I’m not entirely sure one of them counted as a boss, because somehow when he jumped and got glitched and I killed him with ease but yea still don’t recommend the game.

I give this game a 4.5 out of 10


1. Visually it looks nice.

2. Has a boss rush mode.

3. The art style for cutscene is like a comic which is a nice touch.


1.   Terrible controls.

2.   No tutorial to show you how the game works.

3.   Poor reach for attacks.
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@armerocks Great review dude! Review: Super Dragonfly Chronicles (Switch eShop) 631737971
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