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WiiWareWave News: We Mourn The Passing of Our Longtime Moderator Clαππαd. 189-7110

It's always sad to hear that the Corona Virus pandemic is costing many thousands of lives globally, but when it causes someone whom you know to pass away, it is by far more impactful. That said it pains me to say it, but our longtime moderator, @Clαππαd has passed away today at the age of 29. She and her husband who live in the Cleveland Ohio area noticed that they had both developed symptoms back in early March and both of them eventually were hospitalized in late March along with their then four year old child who has since turned five. Her husband and child both recovered, however she didn't and after a three day medically induced coma she passed away this morning. Natalia Yong a.k.a. @Clαππαd will be missed.

Be sure to leave your condolences and memories of her time here at WiiWareWave in our comments section below.


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WiiWareWave News: We Mourn The Passing of Our Longtime Moderator Clαππαd. Rukiafan7
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on April 24th 2020, 6:39 pmStaroceancrazy
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Oh no! She was so friendly and a truly amazing moderator. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with her husband and child. Sad
on April 24th 2020, 9:17 pmGeekyGamerJack
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il-mementi del amorum,
il-alacriti del metegis.


In loving memory,
Always and forever in our hearts.


For those who have Super Mario Maker 2:
In our deep respect for our dear Clannad

She is a wonderful woman who show her joyous love to her family and her friends on Wii Ware Wave, as me and GeekGamerJack first chat with her when we play our forum role-playing years ago, with her joining into the fun.

She was a sweet dear friend that we all knew just so well, wishing for the very best that good dear companions are to be.

May her joy of enjoying her favorite manga show of Clannad guide her heart towards a more happier and enjoyable place. Sweet dango dreams my dear Clannad.
How awful. My condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.
Thanks for the comments you guys. Wink
May her soul Rest In Peace. Sad
She was so dedicated to the site, and sweet girl. Her comments lit up the place, and it's hard to believe she is gone. Please to anyone take this virus seriously, stay home if you can and if not mask up and glove up! You may be able to survive this, but not everyone can. RIP @clannad we will miss you very much! fly high in those skies till we meet again<3
This is awful. Rest in peace Clannad. Sad
RIP Clannad. Hate losing members of the wiiwarewave family.
This is awful news... I know I haven't been here lately but I remember Clannad from my old writing days, she was a big part of us. I hope her family is doing ok, she'll be missed Crying or Very sad
Kenshin A-Go-Go
Rest in peace Clannad. I hope you get to meet the folks from Kyoto Studio in the afterlife. Crying or Very sad
May her soul eternally rest in peace. My condolences to her friends and family. @Towafan7 I can moderate WiiWareWave if you need an active user to manage the blogs and forums.
Oh no that’s awful she was so nice
Oh no! Such sorrow for loss. Sad
Sakura chan
This is awful news. I hope her family pulls through this tragedy. Sad
@Amufungal That would be helpful! Thanks! Wink
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