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Amazing, But What Happened To Paper Mario?!


Review: Paper Mario: Color Splash ( Wii U Retail ) Wiiu_s24

Developed and published by Nintendo, Paper Mario: Color Splash is an amazing 3-D platformer?! with JRPG and adventure genre gameplay elements, but does it live up to its true roots as a standout JRPG series? Not quite, but the game is still superb in its own rights and here's why!

Review: Paper Mario: Color Splash ( Wii U Retail ) Large10

The story in Paper Mario Color Splash for the Wii U is pretty funny albeit relatively non-existent which is the first of several disappointing aspects of the game, but in spite of these flaws the game is still absolutely superb! The gameplay in Color Splash is fairly straightforward, restore color to the world with you paint hammer, defeat enemies with cards, explore the various courses, and save the day. The battles are a blast to play unlike those in Sticker Star, with much more depth and strategy involved.

The world itself is separated into individual levels and there are dozens of courses in the game. Despite not being heavily story-driven, the game is still well over 25 hours in length which is pretty sizable. The controls are also silky smooth and easy to learn which is always a good thing! The game is well-balanced for the most part so don't expect any radical difficulty spikes. And lastly the Gamepad features include some touchscreen controls as well as off-TV play which is always welcome in our opinions!

Review: Paper Mario: Color Splash ( Wii U Retail ) 900x_210

There's one more gameplay aspect we're dying to talk about and that is the boss battles which are an absolute blast to play and typically have some sort of gimmick associated with them. Usually gimmicks are not a positive when it comes to core gameplay elements, but the boss battles handle these very well in Color Splash! There is one thing that has left us scratching our heads though and that is the complete lack of unique characters and enemies in the game which has always been a staple of the franchise.

Review: Paper Mario: Color Splash ( Wii U Retail ) 900x_111

The audio-visual of in Paper Mario Color Splash is absolutely breathtaking with gorgeous character designs and unique and vibrant locations that look like they were taken straight from a gorgeous work of art or a vibrant picture book. The soundtrack is equally amazing with many iconic songs beautifully remixed in this game! Overall the audio-visual presentation is complete perfection!

Review: Paper Mario: Color Splash ( Wii U Retail ) 900x_310

Bottom-Line: With a simple yet funny story, excellent gameplay, intuitive controls, and an amazing audio-visual presentation, Paper Mario Color Splash for the Wii U is a superb game for the console that is only marred by the fact that it continues to be too different from its roots as a top-notch RPG series, but regardless we give the game a great level of recommendation to all Wii U owners!


Score: ★★★★★★★★★¼ 9.25/10



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Review: Paper Mario: Color Splash ( Wii U Retail ) Rukiafan7

Funniest WiiWareQuote of August 2020!

GeekyGamerJack wrote:The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV... saur?

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Great review! It is a great game despite its flaws!
Aqua Cherry Blossom
on January 13th 2020, 2:39 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Nice review lol. Smile
on January 13th 2020, 7:10 pmAmufungal
What a nice review @Towafan7! I love this game! Smile
on January 13th 2020, 10:30 pmKrazyredd
This review is Krazy good or my name's not Krazy Redd! lol!
on January 20th 2020, 11:25 pmStaroceancrazy
Awesome review @Towafan7 Exclamation
on January 21st 2020, 3:10 pmBlueWaverJack32
Okay, you've managed to pique my interest in this title, @Towafan7, after my um-ing and ah-ing over getting it for months. Razz

And now, the obligatory random bit of dialogue disguised as a "comedy sketch":
Skit Takes: Roy G. Who?:
Hugh: Huh...

Kalla: What's up?

Hugh: I'm reading a book on colour theory, and there's a word I don't recognise.

Kalla: Wait...you're reading a book? An actual, physical, non-ebook book? Did you drop yet another iPad over your balcony trying to find a better light source?

Hugh: That's SO not the point I'm trying to make...

Kalla: Sigh...so what's this weird word you've noticed?

Hugh: Roweeguhbyve.

Kalla: Gesundheit.

Hugh: No, that's the word. It's supposed to make it easier to remember the colours of the rainbow.

Kalla: Wait...you mean Roy G. Biv?

Hugh: Roy G. Who?

Kalla: You know, the first letter of each colour arranged in a way to make it easier to remember the correct order? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. R-O-Y-G-B-I-V. "Roy G. Biv".

Hugh: That's ridiculous.

Kalla: Actually, it's an effective strategy that can be applied to-

Hugh: I mean the fact that someone ACTUALLY thought that the spectrum contains a mere SEVEN colours. AND the names are wrong!

Kalla: They are...?

Hugh: Of course! Simply using those seven colours, it SHOULD be Roy G. Sebup. Or Roy G. Kebup.

Kalla: Um...

Hugh: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Purple. But then pink is left out, so it SHOULD be EIGHT colours, which would make it Roy G. Sebupup. Or perhaps Roy G. Chebupup, to give it a slight Latin-inspired...thingy.

Kalla: Going a LITTLE overboard now...

Hugh: And we both know that the spectrum is comprised of THREE base colours, so it would be far simpler to make that word with just Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Magenta: Ry G. Chebum. Even better, using the entire Base 12 spectrum turns it into Royal G.T. Chabupumup. Because why leave out the tertiary hues of Orange, Lime, Teal, Azure, Purple and Pink when they're just as important as-

Kalla: Enough! Ugh...you ALWAYS overcomplicate every little detail, Hugh.

Hugh: More like other PEOPLE oversimplify something which is already simple to understand.

Kalla: Right, right...and how's that Labo R.C. Car you were going to build three months ago?

Hugh: ...shut up.

Kalla: Just because Roy G. Biv exists, that doesn't mean you need to use it as a reference. If you'd rather memorise Royal G.T. Chabupumup, that's entirely your decision to make.

Hugh: Actually, that's still too simple. I prefer Revoayselevidgemetackesachebipigamifeper*.

Kalla: ...are you from another planet?

Hugh: Huh?! Wh-Who told you that?!

Kalla: No-one. Just a hunch.

Kalla pats Hugh twice on the shoulder, before slowly walking away. We hear a "ding" sound. Hugh looks at his smartwatch.

Hugh: Ooh, my replacement iPad is available to obtain from the nearest Apple Store!

Kalla: I KNEW it! Some superintelligent genius YOU are!

Hugh: I...shut up!

*Translation: Red, Vermilion, Orange, Amber, Yellow, Chartreuse, Lime, Viridian, Green, Moss, Teal, Aqua, Cyan, Sky, Azure, Cerulean, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Grape, Magenta, Fuchsia, Pink and Rose. Needlessly complicated even by my own standards. Personally, I prefer the Base 12 model, as in Royal G.T. Chabupumup. Razz

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Nice review!
on January 31st 2020, 11:03 amAnime_Gurl
I loved this game! Nice review as always @Towafan7!
on February 5th 2020, 11:15 amTowafan7
Thanks for the comments as always!
on February 6th 2020, 11:10 amMouser
I prefer the old-school Paper Mario, but I digress. Excellent review @Towafan7!
Mario fan of the 80s
on February 10th 2020, 10:50 pmMario fan of the 80s
I haven't play this game yet, but I should rectify that!
on February 13th 2020, 1:16 pmKIBAxHINATA
Awesome review as always man!
on February 13th 2020, 1:22 pmTowafan7
Thanks for commenting! You guys rock! king
on February 19th 2020, 7:53 pmZatchbell
Great review!
on February 20th 2020, 2:48 amToughGamer
Good review @Towafan7.
on February 20th 2020, 2:55 amTowafan7
Thanks for commenting you guys! king
on February 23rd 2020, 5:28 pmKrazyredd
Anytime krazy admin dude!
on February 23rd 2020, 11:08 pmTalesfanatic
Awesome review rukks!
Sakura chan
on February 24th 2020, 7:50 amSakura chan
What a lovely review. Smile
Himawari Chan
on February 25th 2020, 2:09 pmHimawari Chan
I miss the old-school Paper Mario. Nice review though!
Nice review @Towafan7!
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