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All For U And Nothing For 3DS...


NA ~ Nintendo Weekly Downloads: April 21st ~ April 27th 2016! 885x19

This week's North American eShop releases have been confirmed and though the Wii U will be getting an average number of eShop games, a retail title and one Virtual Console game, the 3DS will be getting zilch this week, perhaps save for a single demo of the upcoming Pocket Jockey title which still hasn't been listed on Nintendo of America's official website, but was scheduled to release tomorrow. This is definitely the first time in a longtime "if ever" that the 3DS eShop won't be receiving a single new title...

Here's the entire list of eShop releases for this week:


Wii U Retail Releases:

Star Fox Zero ~ Platinum Games / Nintendo ~ On-The-Rails Shooter ~ $49.99


Wii U eShop Releases:

Star Fox Guard ~ Platinum Games / Nintendo ~ Tower Defense / Strategy ~ $14.99

Blockara ~ Haunted Bees Productions ~ Puzzle ~ $6.99

Dreamals ~ XINESS Co. Ltd ~ Puzzle / Strategy ~ $4.99

The Pinball Arcade ~ FarSight Studios ~ Pinball / Arcade ~ Free-To-Start


Wii U Virtual Console Releases:

Mario Party DS (DS) ~ Nintendo ~ Party ~ $9.99


What do you think of this week's confirmed eShop releases for North America? Also what do you make of the total lack of new content for the 3DS eShop this week in the region? As always be sure to let us know your thoughts in our comment section below!


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NA ~ Nintendo Weekly Downloads: April 21st ~ April 27th 2016! Rukiafan7

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@ichigo I believe 3DS has Pocket Jockey demo and WiiU also has Mario Party DS
I'm not done. xD
What a lame week, besides Starfox that is.
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