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The Hunt of The Generations!


Breaking News: Monster Hunter Generations Has Been Announced For The West! Large10

Localization of Monster Hunter X has been announced for the West, during this afternoon's Nintendo Direct broadcast! The game will be getting a name change as well, with the new title being called Monster Hunter Generations. For those of you who don't know already Monster Hunter Generations is the latest title in the world-famous Monster Hunter franchise and boasts monsters and equipment from every generation of the Monster Hunter series! The game also features multiple towns and the most hunting locations ever available in a Monster Hunter title!

Other unique features are the weapon-based skill system and ultra powerful monster arts that monsters in the game possess which can absolutely devastate hunters who let their guard down. Monster Hunter Generations will be hitting the 3DS in North America this Summer!

What do you think of this announcement? Be sure to checkout the trailer and leave us a comment below!

Source: Nintendo Life.


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Breaking News: Monster Hunter Generations Has Been Announced For The West! Rukiafan7

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This is awesome news! Very Happy
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