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Nintendo's Account System Is Now Live!


Breaking News: You Can Now Register Your Nintendo Account ID! (Update) Ninten10

Nintendo's user account system has just launched in North America and Europe! There's not much to do at this point other than to register an account, but this is certainly exciting news! Be sure to checkout the source link and leave us a comment below!

Update: The website appears to be experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment so you might not be able to register right until the activity on Nintendo's servers let up a bit...

Source: Nintendo.


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Breaking News: You Can Now Register Your Nintendo Account ID! (Update) Rukiafan7

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Thanks for letting us know about this! I just created my very own Nintendo Account! Very Happy
im confused? Do I log in with my current NNID? or do i have to make a new account?
You can link your account by choosing the sign in using method for NNID, Facebook, and Twitter. It doesn't really explain on the website but I wouldn't choose to create a new account.
Just choose sign in with NNID leave your info alone and accept the terms and conditions. You'll then be sent an email with a verification code to the email address that you created your NNID with, use that verification code and you're set! Btw a few retail 3DS and Wii U first party titles are at a discounted price right now if you register an account with Nintendo Account. Wink
It's about time we got a proper account system. Also I'm thinking there's going to be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow or on Thursday.
Yusei Fudo
Just linked my NNID. I didn't feel comfortable linking to my social media accounts.
I guess I'll need to register two accounts, since I have two NNIDs...
ok so I tried linking it and it gave me a 4 digit code that didnt work at first and so i went to change password and it told mento enter an 8 character password.... im not reseting my account am I?
The verification code needs to be used on the verification page that should have come up after linking the NNID with Nintendo Account. Wink
Just registered.
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