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Freeze for this trailer!


While FreezeME has been released for PC recently, the Wii U port was still not out yet. You'll only wait a little bit longer though, as the developer has said on Twitter than FreezeME has been "Approved for release" and has released a new trailer for the Wii U version, check it out above!

Are you getting FreezeME? Does it look interesting? Join the discussion below!

Source from Nintendo Everything


#WiiU #eShop #FreezeMe #3D #Platformer #Nindie

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Thanks for covering this news story! Wink
This game looks super cool! Is it just me or does it seam like this takes more cues from Super Mario Galaxy than Super Mario 64? Smile
This game looks great!
Um...this game looks fun. Smile
Um...I can't wait till it releases on the Wii U. Smile
Day one download. Smile
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