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Mario Approves!

 photo EnjoyUpenjoyupgamesonTwitter_zpscc15a076.png

Enjoy Up Games has announced that their upcoming Wii U eshop RPG/Platforming title UnEpic has been approved for release on the eshop by Nintendo of America! The game looks to be similar to some of the Dungeons And Dragons arcade titles, but with more emphasis on some of its RPG elements!

We will let you know when a release date is confirmed, but for now let us know what you think of UnEpic and are you considering downloading this title? Let us know in our comments below!

UnEpic Has Been Approved By Nintendo of America, Should Be Released On The Wii U eshop Soon! Rukiafan7
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Finally a new eshop game! Surprised
After all this waiting this comes out exactly at a date I don't have time for it (I'm escaping for a week with a ninjagirl).

I will get as soon as possible into it though, some time in February.
This is looking like it will be a very fun eshop game. Smile
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