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Get ready to game like its 1999!


Ackk Studios YIIK Title Coming To Wii U At The Same Time As Other Platforms YIIK%20banner_zpshrhkoakn

Ackk Studios interesting looking game YIIK (Y2K) is coming soon to a WiiU Console near you.  This news comes from twitter where Wiiwarewave asked the studio whether or not the studios' new title would be hitting the console at the same time as the other platforms.

Ackk Studios YIIK Title Coming To Wii U At The Same Time As Other Platforms AcKK%20Stuioud%20Yes%20to%20YIIK_zpspkujo2ff

As you can see the answer was a Yes. It’s nice to see a Multiplatform title released on the WiiU at the same time as the other consoles. Games like, Assassins Creed 3, Watch Dogs, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Deus Ex Human Revolutions are all examples of games that came to the console long after they were originally released.

YIIK so far is looking like a great title and the story seems interesting. We are not sure yet if the game will be a retail or Digitally Downloadable title as of yet so stay tuned for more information. YIIK is scheduled for release in February of 2016. Visit the website for more information on this title.


Ackk Studios Blog



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Ackk Studios YIIK Title Coming To Wii U At The Same Time As Other Platforms Captaincanucksigcopy
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Thanks for publishing this article dude! Also checkout our staff update article! We finally got full-timers! Surprised
I saw it. Yeah its good. If you really really need an article done im here, but im good looking after the social networks
This game looks fantastic and will be a day one download for me and my husband. Smile
The art-direction reminds me of how Mother 64 was going to look before it got cancelled and was later released as Mother 3 on the Gameboy Advance in Japan. Smile
it does look like a cool title. The story seems very deep.
Absolutely. Smile
This is one of my most anticipated upcoming Q1 2016 Wii U releases! Wink
I can't wait! Very Happy
And to think this'll be available within the next two and a half months! Surprised
This game looks totally groovy! I will download the Wii U version on launch day. Smile
This is what I imagine Mother 64 would have looked like had it not been cancelled!
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