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Hello WiiWare Wave,

It's been around three years since I've been here and your Admin paid me a visit on Facebook about a Mario Kart 8 idea however I turned it down based on a number of reasons and that Nintendo Ninja News is not ready to do doing cross promotion with others sites - specially with non Partership Network sites. Some people will remember me from back than but I will outline what happened in the past to bring people up to speed.  So what has been changed in the past three years with Nintendo Ninja News and why has it become much stronger than it did in 2012 when the project was on ice over the years.

In 2012....

Nintendo Ninja News made the mistake of focusing the content on articles and reviews. Something that WiiWareWave could be doing the same here too. The problem is there's hundreds of web sites doing the same thing and are doing a better job than us. The other issues was my own network of Nintendo fans was weak and that my own staff is low in numbers.

Nintendo Ninja News suffered from having it's own policy outline and motto. There was never a real clear outline with what we really did and what we stood for. During 2012 we tried to figure out what we were but soon discovered what we were doing was the same as others, too much work was involved creating articles and reviews and I decided to hide the Ninjas away so to speak until the time came for them to return.

Now in 2015...

Nintendo Ninja News returned with a much stronger network, specially when you are a admin of a local 3DS Streepass Group with nearly 400 members. What's different about this is that this is real people that you met in the real world. Face to face networking at it's best.

We returned with the idea of not doing articles and reviews because as I have said everyone else is doing the same thing. We need to stand out from the crowd. We started out with a audio podcast and soon decided that wasn't enough. We changed direction to now a Youtube Show with a webcam news in Full 1080p HD in a special room of mine which you can call it "The Ninja News Room".

The Youtube Show has been quite successful and we have extended the show with a game capture card that runs Full HD in 60FPS - the best you can buy. We play certain games for people to watch with tips, tricks or for entertainment.

We have our own Facebook Group as we feel that forum boards don't deliver the membership as it did in the past unless there are hundreds of active members on it.

We have a active staff group and actual staff roles as I am the Chief Director. We have two Community advisers, Online Events Manager, and a Marketing Manager in Reshane who is member at this forum. Our staff can be found here: http://nintendoninjanews.com/our-staff/

On top of having a local staff where we can meet in person to discuss issues and challenges. We also have a Partnership Network of five strong Facebook Groups with over 10 000 members to help share our video content and future content related to their group subjects. Our network is split into three areas:1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Support.It's a language that people who are into games understands at first sight. Information on that can be found here: http://nintendoninjanews.com/our-network-parterships/

So what about WiiWareWave?

In the past we tried to do a partnership but it didn't gel for both sides. Nintendo Ninja News has pushed ahead in terms of finding areas that other sites don't do and that's our motto: "Play, News & Networking' - Providing Play, Presenting News and Networking with Fans worldwide. We are about presenting major news updates on Nintendo and creating a community where people can discuss and have online game sessions with each other during the week too. We have a strong policy, strong staff and a clear vision for what we stand for now.

My concerns for WiiWareWave hasn't changed and so was the thoughts of The Admin Zone review this site got from about a year ago. Too many empty boards, colors are matching up, too many staff members and my own concerns of doing this all on free hosting where you don't actually own the content there. Even the software here is quite outdated. Even the name of site is borrowed from a nearly ten year old era where Nintendo is now in the position to dump the Wii name because it now carries a negative reaction from fans and the public.

I wish to do a form of partnership with WiiWareWave but I don't know what area the admin are willing to agree on and if I can anything to transform this forum and really think about it's future. I warned three years ago that this site that in the future it might just be too late and it be too late now to modernize it because it's stuck on Forumotion. I took plenty of steps when I discovered that Nintendo Ninja News wasn't doing well and put it on ice for two years waiting for the right time and drumming up ideas and policy that would last a long long time. We are also flexible with our future which helps too.

Tell us what you think, it's a long read but it's worth it.


Chris Ticehurst
Chief Director - Nintendo Ninja News

Nintendo Ninja News - www.nintendoninjanews.com
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September 24th 2015, 11:49 amGuest
Well WiiWareWave has a close-knit community with many loyal members and many social media followers.
I think the only thing holding this site back is the absence of full-time staff members.
October 13th 2015, 8:46 amKingreX32
Kushina wrote:Well WiiWareWave has a close-knit community with many loyal members and many social media followers.
I think the only thing holding this site back is the absence of full-time staff members.

Apologies for that. Ive been very busy.
December 11th 2015, 12:51 amKeAfan7
Thanks for the advice, yeah it's apparent that we need to convert more of our visitors into members.
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