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Only slightly biased

Here in this video I (Gamergy) thought up of 5 Super Smash Bros DLC characters I wanted. It's just a personal want list, it's not what's popular or what a lot of people want, I just listed what I would like.

Filled with more attempts at comedy, I hope you enjoy this video!

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I would like Sora from Kingdom Hearts. That would make me purchase the game right away! Wink
Krazy Redd is the only character KRAZY enough for me! Happy
1 Bayonetta 2 Inkling 3 King K. Rool 4 Monster Hunter 5 Phoenix Write (I'm surprised we have no MH or AA representation yet)
Nice list, @Gamergy! I agree with your choice of Paper Mario. I'm positive he'd be one of my favourite fighters if he became DLC! Actually, I meant to vote for him in the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot months ago... Video: A personal top 5 most wanted Super Smash Bros DLC characters 631737971

Speaking of the Fighter Ballot, I've only voted for three characters so far, but...ooh, would you believe I just thought of another character to vote for as I was writing this post? I guess that makes my Top 5 list pretty much ready:

1. Paper Mario (Paper Mario series)
2. Isaac (Golden Sun series)
3. Tetra (The Legend of Zelda series)
4. Andy (Advance Wars series)
5. Bandana Waddle Dee (Kirby series)
@Zack I forgot about Issac... I don't know where I'd place him...
@GamerZack87 I would probably add a Golden Sun character if it was a top 10, but I would probably choose Felix because I played Golden Sun: The Lost Age before the original (which I just started recently) so I have more bias towards Felix than Issac.

Thanks to all who watched the video!
i never knew you had a youtube account dude. Subbed.
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