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Devilish Possibility...

Rumormill: Is Devil's Third Skipping The Wii U In North America? Devils10

The man at the helm of the development of Devil's Third Charlie Scibetta was recently asked If he had any information about Devil's Third releasing in North America and he responded by saying that he doesn't have anything to share on the matter. The game releases in Japan and Europe in August and no release date has been announced in North America which has led many people to speculate that the game won't be released in the region.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in our comments below!

Rumormill: Is Devil's Third Skipping The Wii U In North America? Rukiafan7
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It had better not skip the Wii U in North America otherwise I'm going to be really p*ssed off.
Nah, there's no way. The game is pretty clearly designed with American audiences in mind more than Japanese. It's just the Nintendo is doomed crowd we all know so well.
what bros2dragons said, I doubtbit would skip NA, they might pull a Wolly World on us (sadly) but thats all.
It just might be some 'surprise' release. Somewhat like (but not really) Excitebots.
I wonder why NoA seems to have dropped this game? The head developer said that he will make sure the game releases in NA so it sounds like NoA won't be helping with the publishing side of things.
That's so weird, but I can see maybe in an August direct it being a "after this direct" situation (even if it's DL only)
Why is NoA not publishing this, yet NoE and NoJ are?! This game is clearly made mostly for Western audiences so why would the game's most likely to be successful region be left out?! WTF #ReggieFailsAmech
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